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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

3. Economic Theory in the USA

American economic science of the 19th century There was a boom in English and classical politics, as well as little singularity, amicable specificity of capitalism in the United States: winter panning, even more so than ever. Vinicala needed to bring progressive capitalistic order, optimistically reflect on the prospect, and wake up encouraging capitalism through a prosperous method.

Henry Charles Keri (1793–1879) is involved in the liberal economics theory in the United States (1793–1879), some economic instruments are considered by the princes, which need to be ruled out that there are no more efficient laws.

Optimism Keri, as well as optimism of Bastia, based on the life of the great classical doctrines, ale support for the performance of Keri in the progressive development of boulevard specialties, with the entranced territory.

The main principles of Keri were published in the years 1835-1859, if the country had gone from the stage of flimsy development: the population was growing, the theory of Malthus wasn’t available, the land was cheap, there was a lot of land to pay, Zdіsnyuvalo budіvnitstvo dorig, channel, zalіznits. Import capital and the latest technology to complete the picture. Contrast between the young economy of America and the overwhelming economy of Europe. Keri’s bullets are all ready for optimism.

Henry Charles Keri was born in Philadelphia in the city of Ireland’s Political Wignan, who was not the same as before until Britain. Old Man was a zapomnoy for people, which gave me the power of a new synonym for good. Odnak Keri graduated from high school and became a 24-year-old rookie becoming a businessman, having become very secure in his own materially independent Maybutnі and studying at 42 rooki. Win the good of knowledge of history, social science, psychology, mathematics, philosophy, biology, chemistry and physics. The first hour of our dearness to Europe was becoming more and more obscured by prominent people of the same kind, and in the middle of them Millennium, a yak zatskaviv yog yat vidatny exercises.

Peru G. Ch. Keri to contain 13 books and nearly three thousand thousand pamphlet materials, as well as without newspaper articles. Naividisimi yogi pratsami ц “Narisi about the norm of wages” (1835) in three volumes, three volumes “Principles of Political Economy” (1837–1840), “Minule, Today, Maybutnє” (1843), “Harmoniya’ (50), ” The Foundations of Social Science ”(1858-1859),“ The Principles of Social Science ”(1865) that show how to demonstrate their accumulated suspension processes.

The Political Economy of Keri Bula according to the latest primed criticism of the most economical theories and scientific views. You won’t be able to direct Malthus and Ricardo, the system of which you must respect with your songs and those who want to be socialized, you want to give A. Smith a little more, but you haven’t been able to bother them again and again. I owe merit to the economics of merit to respect the hosts of the original approaches to the interpretation of the main economical categories, which are protected by the classical school, as well as to optimistic basics of the prospects of suspension, based on the principles.

The problem of the problems with the Keri people is one of the main, the different role of the process in the process of exchanging that and the need for privacy, which is “the reason for the lack of humanity of the idea ... the only reason is that we’re just the same” * 32. Vartіst zbіlshuєtsya chi zmenshuєtsya, if zbіlshuєtsya chi zmenshuєtsya opіr. Assessment of the support of Keri proponi orintuvati to vitrati virobnitstva.

* 32: {Carey HC The Prinsiples of Social Science. - Philadelphia, 1985. - R. 178.}

Vin viznaє idea corinosity, ale tract ль ї т т я я я кори кори кори с власт власт власт: «power:" Corinosity of speeches by the world of human dominion over nature, and the wonders of people. Vartіst of speeches from the side, the mastery of nature over humanity, and the change of mind over human beings. From now on, there are two protracted straights, so always await the proportional one to one ”* 33.

* 33: {Ibid., P.179.}

Keri vikoristovu де idea protestoyannya to explain the basics vzamoobmіnu. At first thought, the sale of goods - a lot of money on how much you need to pay for the goods: I don’t want to buy more goods, but I don’t have more for the Danish moment, but not too much, there are only a few people who have changed a lot. Two factors signify vartіst: nature and human nature.

However, the recognition of the wisdom of the Keri Uzalezhnuє vid two factors does not look at the loss of vitrat (little money is impotent for such a statement of the problem), but since the position is good, it’s safe to keep people free of charge. Naybilsh on the eve of the first те th theory of land rent.

The regulation on those that offer a wide range of products, with an hour of growth, more changes in fertile land and people who are guilty of overcoming the processing of excess crops, and after that, report more growth, Ker. Win in reliance on the fact that there are more kindly land - as such, so that you need more effort (more than that, you have more kindly, more often than not, there are more robots, for example, have failed). “Naybagatsha land є curses for the first time”, ı timchasovo, until the maturity of the viddiv vid ne ї, the vin to settle on the pure dilyants, since I can but not be indecisive * 34.

* 34: {Ibid., P. 107.}

The theory, to Keri’s thought, is not justifiable for American pioneers, but in the historical plan for old lands. Win of reconnaissance, for the purpose of land cultivation, people need to reinforce their own efforts and transfer them to the handsets, even after they have been cleared. Rіznitsya polegaє more in the dark, schto vitry on old lands znetsіyunyutsya, to that vstanovlennya vartostі v_dbuvaєtsya for nowadays worlds. I want Keri to defend my theory of renting rentals, ale of my own bouquet, knowing how to develop earthquake in America, to get to know how to make my own life in England: the main trend.

Keri means, based on rents and difficulties in protection of nature (and in size), as people have a moment and moment in this suspension. For new wart - the whole evaluation of goods with the position of the most powerful suspension, so that they can be worn out with loose vitrates. But the most important thing is that it is more likely to lie at the bottom of the basis for national buggery, but just to look at the most, the result is the result of more intense suspension.

Theory of "harmony іnterestіv" . Sprinting elements of theory of rent of rent and rent of Ricardo, Keri criticism of those who basically rely on ideas of Ricardo lies in the same way as the result of economical protest, competition ’sub. On one thought, on the very rocks of the classical theory (it’s obvious that there is some kind of economy and interest, and with suspension, they’ll measure more and more laws, by and large, most of them are always wrong) Private reference. Theory of Keri is based on thought, but suspension requires the right to fully understand all the members of the suspension and not the indivisible ones, but the very prosperous interest that is necessary.

Theory of Keri є original, fragments of fact, the same kind of analysis, characteristically less for America. In general, look at the boules in the smallest world cosmopolitan, lower at the European economies, look at the win. As the laws governing the development of national statehood and the analysis of productive strength and single-mindedness have secured you the whole life of the first national school, Yak has respected the subject of the political and national statehood. Zgodom Keri vikoristaє tsі іideї.

Having learned two things: about the priority of suspension interests and the productive power of suspension, Keri formula of the theory of harmony. I’m trying to win, I want to capitalize on thinking for all-round development of suspension: virobility is expanding, productive income is growing, the market is developing. The trepidation of suspension has become the basis for the growth of the wellbeing of the dermal limb. Tom pratsya interesi dermal mayu buti pidkorenі zagalny metі - development of suspension virobnitzva.

Rospodil . By the manifestation of harmony є fair deed, a kind of urakhova’s dermal insertion in virobnitstvo. Tsey natural law pretimanny capіtalіzmovі th regulationє vidnosini obmіnu that spozhivannya.

Carefully establish the priority of the so-called law of increasing the frequency of robots in the national product, the maximum of the highest productivity of the product, the greater the strength of the power, the greater the natural There is a reappraisal of the out-of-office capitalization at the first and last part at the time of distribution. Allow me to lower the norm in terms of profit, although I don’t want to change the absolute absolute income for the owner of capital. The water hour will reach robotic engineers absolutely, so well.

Vin vikoristov his theory of "harmony іnterestіv" for evaluating the excellence of the capital and capital in suspension rosette. Keri vvazvav praciu and capital with the same pretenders to tackle them bagaty. Dbyayuchi about power, capital and social protection, know how to become a campus of a robotic class. The latest government contribution is due to the position of capital and the growth of the legal requirements. The appreciation of praxis when there is growth, in addition to the growth of growth, it is often robotic.

Of the positions themselves, Keri will explain the income of the farmer, which is like that of a new master, like a capitalist. The extravagance of the earthquake in the virobnitsvo is the whole land, the ability to make the part of the vitratum smaller is smaller, and the hour is lessened more often, the smaller the part of the earthquake in the national income.

From now on, at Keri’s thought, we’ll deny the virobnost agent that we will make a contribution to it, and that the capital distribution is fair and not set aside for social adversity, to ensure harmony in the development.

The theory of population of Malthus has recognized the most critical critics on the side of Keri: win analysis of the position of physics, biology, social science and social policy of the "absurdity" of theoretical impulses. Keri vvavav, scho land to adapt to the needs of the population as it is, like capital. Zrostannya population spriє development of virobnitztva so that schob virobnitstvo sobіvіvsіvnіvіvіvіdzhi vzprizhdal priіst population. Win is living in the country of Ukraine without resources, like at this hour, with resources, that’s why I’ve got it for optimism. Problems, such as smuly, Ricardo and Malthus, did not make Keri important.

Win the convention to conduct a thought, which is simple and beautiful law of nature, a kind of reproach to suspension and “humanity in society and the world’s best practice, it’s impossible to ... , - the law of economic growth. The winners of the harmony of economic interests, participation in the virology of all faiths of the population.

* 35: {Carey HC Op. cit., p. 194.}

International trade . Theory of harmony Keri does not suffer from the problem of internal suspension of economic interests. Keri vvazhaє, scho for progressive development it is important to vrahuvati all officials, so you can pour on the camp of national economy. One of them is the call of bargaining, a stimulus, as well as a stream of virology, fall in the middle of politics, and the state is conducting it.

The promoter of free trading on the side of fortieth rock, Keri became an advocate of protectionism in five decades. The basis of international vidnazhn vin vvazhaє attainment will become the all-harmonious national harmony of the all-world indivisible rose. That’s the principle of individualism, I’ll expand on the whole economy, but don’t spontaneously surpass the international benefit. Vin visna є competition and rivalry between the powers, for the sake of "harmony іnterestіv" for the environment national.

At first thought, the unlucky state in the international community has passed the bill of the international community to bring the national economy (specifically about the United States of America) to commercialization, and to redirect them to the next month. We are happy to follow the principle of a closed virological association, at the boundaries of which we can see all the products and we can get their own markets ready for them.

Protectionism, at Keri’s thought, on the basis of rational distribution of laws, organization centers, industrial development and state sponsorship, we can protect ourselves from the risk of losing our products. Він стерджує, що internal competition to secure the growth of pay. That main argument is that you can save for the virobnik internal market for the autonomy of the economy.

Arguments, what should Keri bring to the zahist policies of industrial and agricultural protectionism, to finish unprimed and easy to say goodbye. Obviously, by the main method of the theory of economics, before the services of some kind of unbroken naturalism, ale, I went over to the stage of formation.

Without looking back at the great number of scientific principles, the publication of Keri, and his introduction to the development of economic theory is insignificant. You need to be familiar with theories of suspension harmony, two factors of protection, protectionism, balanced development of the national economy and internal timing, which are indefinitely variable. And negatively set to the theory of rent of Ricardo, the theory of population of Malthus, allotment of land with capital, rent with a rent, as well as unproven theory of wartostych about the surface of the yoy uchennya.

Charles Henry Kerry did not have a lasting message, he didn’t finish school, and he didn’t need to know the theory of economics and pro-techism.

Otzhe, author of economic theories of the first half of the nineteenth century. completed the "reinterpretation" of the classic doctrines, the formulation of A. Smithom. Zalishayuchi indissoluble basic dogma of classics, authorization hastened with greater commitment, abi bring progressive capitalism, lack of self-regulating potential. The stench has become the key theory of the theory, the main idea has been laid at the foundation of neoclassical science, the view of the theory of economic development, the boundary corridor, the boundary efficiency factor, and the greater awareness of this.