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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

1. Theoretical dzherela of the Western European utopian socialism

Utopian Ideas May Thousands History. In order to achieve a different form of stench, it is represented in Religious scholars, Plato at the “Politey” and “Zakon”, I will describe a model of an ideal power, encouraged by a suspension of interest and relativity. Idea of ​​Christian communism, founded on the principles of equality and suspension of praxis, is described in the new book “The Apostle”.

At the middle age (XVI — XVIII centuries), in the economic thought of Western Europe, there are two sundries born out of a branch of the manufacturing virobnitz. Great geographic indoctrination, colony robbery accelerated the process of capital growth, zoomed in on the social development of the suspension. I have a great deal of particular interest in creating an idea of ​​a “fair” political, economic and social and social arrangement of socialism - socialist utopia.

One of the most representative representatives of utopian socialism is Thomas More (1478–1532), a prominent humanist-thinker, an English politician and doby Tudor’s politician, who have expressed their passions for opposition to absolutism. The synonym of the judgmental judge and the lawyer himself for the blessing, Mor ob_imav in the high power plant, ale sp_vchuvav b_dnim and bachiv the incompleteness of that instant suspension arrange.

1516 roku Mor published his famous book “ Utopia ”, deactivating one of the first critical critics of capitalism. In the processes of first-rate capital investment, the first principle of all suspension super-motives, the main irregularities, and the behavior of private power were lost.

There is a way to establish a model of fair suspension, inspired by suspension of moisture, random distribution of goods for reasonable needs, planned and organized and necessary measures for all rights, suspension control, and stability. Governing in such a suspension is to protect representatives of the people.

Early ideological socialism is given by the Muslim thinker Tommaso Campanella (1568-1639);

Campanella, about 30 people who spent time in vyaznitsi, dey wrote his famous TV show "Misto Sontsya" (1623). I have a new propone project of the ideal utopian state - Mista Sontsya. The main source of power is to reign supreme power on the lane (apart from the living core) and the statehood of the natural type. Yogo suspension is the whole conglomerate of the Sylkogospodar communities, before all robots in such a way get to know the robots. Suspiciously korisna pratsya ов obov'yazkovoy for all of the masses, to take care of their high temple, without requiring additional incentives. Zavdyaki herself will be rewarded with evil. Living in such a state will also be suspended, if necessary. V_dnosini among people are grounded on the principles of friendship, mutual understanding, comradely spirituality.

NI Thomas More, NI Tommaso Campanella did not set themselves up to know the nobility until such a suspension was encouraged. The stinks were separated by the very description of a utopian state with an unprincipled order, and the utopian boules were more politically and economically less. But they didn’t stink them in the “fair” suspension for private property, while they didn’t stink in their mouths, they didn’t bother them with privacy, and they gave them more notice.

In the utopian ideas of the English Gerard Winstenley, which is located at the bottom of the “Law of Freedom” (friend half of the sixteenth century), new motives appear - to talk about the “principle of economic freedom”. The author of the graveyard is private power, respectful, and the reason for the negative appearances of the suspension is є non-equivalent exchange. Win the prophecy, take the bargain, the healthy natural exchange and the control of suspension.

The “ Code of Nature ” Morelli is prompted by the key doctrine of violence. Violence may be confined to private power, economic incentives. The one who is responsible for the privatization of private power, the very same creature. The creation of "a suspension of justice" with a tyrannical guru signifies Morelli’s renewal of the natural camp of speech.

Utility and methodology has been tried and tested, practice in Paraguay (the 16th century), about 30 rockets, the communist power was shared, because the incentive was redundant through the incentive.

“Just suspension” was reprimanded by the author in a different way, but the song “obov'yazkovі” was painted in the same way throughout the whole year, as if they were blamed for the utterance of utopias.