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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

2. The utopian socialism of Saint-Simon, Fur'y y Ouyen

Rosvitok kapіtalіzmu, having sworn to life after the apparition, scho were told about the incompleteness of the new economic arrangement. Capitalism and the expansion of the yogi panuvannya in these areas of suspension life of the suvoro were criticized not only by the enemies, but by the henchmen.

So, Sіsmondі ta Proudhon, the henchmen of the other commodity virobnitz, completing their political economy with social gadgets, significantly expanded the number of founding founders. Ale, I’m hanging on the roof of the street for the problem of fair distribution of bagativities, private authorities didn’t hang around, they recognized the necessary and legal.

Navpaki, communal utopias, more often from Plato and Mora і zakіnchuyuchi vіdomimimi philosophers of the XVIII century. - Mabli, Morelli, Godwin, Condorcet, Babef, based on criticism of private property. Ale author ikh put on a moral morality, not an economy, appealed to the rule of the ruling classes, called on them to be more sophisticated, to justify that we are just and humane.

Some of the first scientifically primed social doctrines were based on criticism of private power, on the concept of transformation, on the basis of social and utopianism of Saint-Simon, Four Oun .

In a new way, the image of capitalism and visibility of the Wadi, utopias, respected the problems that dominated capitalism, but, in my own possession, it required a thorough look at the methodology of political economy, so that is not legal.

The main peculiarity of utopian socialism was to blame for those who had authorized themselves to solve problems and encourage just suspension non-secretly, to revolve around the current suspension institute - power, science, morality, politics that way. Stink virili, scho sluzhstvo can be thoroughly, vplyuyachi on people svіdomіst, victorious power of the state.

Socialism-utopia shook a whirlwind in enlightenment: it’s necessary, for the sake of suspension - and for the rest in the presence of the soul, we have found the best part - it’s been easier, but the capitalist way is to overwhelm people.

Utopian socialism is manifested immediately in three forms, in three of its different types: in France - sensimonism and furism, and in England - ouinism.