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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

Another volume of Kapitalu

Another volume is Kapitalu . Another third volume, “Kapitalu”, was published by the owners of Frederick Engels, who, by the way, would marx Marx, having completed the manuscript and having protected it from view. The stink of boolean is logically enhanced and that with the idea of ​​the first.

Another volume of “Kapitalu” is the headline “The process of obigu kapitalu”.

Having taken a look at the problems of virological capital, Karl Marx, of course, is the essence of the matter, indicating that you were guilty of a vinik in obigu and that pose of obigom immediately. Obig zumovlyuyutsya virobniztvom and typing quiet forms, like vіdpovіdayut vimogam virobnitstva.

The problem is that the Marx of Russia is to be credited with another volume of Capital, because of the role of the secondary forms of capital and the capital, as well as the higher odds of capital.

Viznachayuchi sphere obigu kapitalu, Marx initiative, analysis and analysis of the abstract abstract capital, a kind of rozglyadka yak bag іndivіdualnyh capіtalіv.

Tsey kapital zaznaє pid hour obigu low overcrowding. At the first stage of winnings in a groshy form. The nature of working strength and the need to interrupt the market for the right to goods and goods in the commodity form. The capitalist buy the work that forces the virobnitsva, overturning the capital from the penny to the commodity and mortgage the change of mind for the development of the working force and the need for the development of productive capital.

Another stage є Timing in the rush hours, the process of turning around, the transition of commodity capital from virobnichu, productive form. The hour of the first stage is two different kinds of commodity form - working force and concern, and the need for understanding the process of work. The frequency of the meeting is the same as the previous month, the first place, the lower part, the warting, the fragments in the process of working out before the start of working and the second part of the work. Vlasne, please, the growth of the capital.

The third stage is the process of updating the process of sales and sales by the capitalist and the merchant of goods, as well as the overwhelming process of redesigning the capital of the groshova, and now we have the capital in my order.

Persha and the third stage of capital to lay down to the sphere of love, friend, de vidbuvaєtsya is a real winter of forms, - up to virobnitstva. Capital has three forms: penny, productive, productive, interchangeable, special function, and Marx has funded capitalization, , which the successors didn’t kill, and the theory of Smyth and Rikardo sobbed logically.

Marx is shy of the gown, which is the most obscure ruh capital. The one-and-a-half motive of the capitalistic virobility is the order of the day. This meta is directly reflected in the process of exchange, while the essence of the message is expressed in the process of violating the law. Єdnіst the process of virobnitstva and the process of obigu zabpepechuє zrostannya vartostі.

Dali Marx reports on the analysis of the functional designation of cutaneous forms. Vin rozmezhovu understanding of pennies and penniless capitals, explaining the whole of their new designations and the functions of vikonuvanim. Groshovy capital realizuє the main function - self-reliance and transfer с free delivery of goods, as well as a penny - the market of goods. In addition, it’s worthless to have func- tions, and I’ve called one less.

Another functional form is a productive capital, on the other hand there is a penny and a trading capital, you need to change the sphere of business, the main one is the main form, and the most important forms are through the delivery of money.

Commodity capital is vіdrіznyaetsya vіd pennies and productive capital †‹вЂ‹ yak for the form, so for the wart. The product has become a commodity capital, independent of the fact that it includes additional sales, as it serves as a base for expanded business, having completed the functionality of the advanced sales in the process of realizing.

Promislovy kapital in the process of their rukhu perebuvaє immediately in one form and all stages. Particularly valuable is the suspension of capital, the fragments of theindividual capital can be lifted up in hours and hours, for example, if the goods are not sold and there are several additional orders for the most important reasons.

The last note of the forms is groshovo through the commodity and the productive back to the commodity and the penny Marx is called the round-robin capital.

The cream of the last forms, the Marx of the eye, the circle of the skin of them, the first hand to the size, as well as the inclusion of the add-on. Vin is the visitor of the special features of the skin for them and the fact that they are troubled.

So, for example, an analysis of the circle of commodity capital, it’s possible to explain the problems and the realizations. Marx to rob the gown, which is uninterruptedly circling capital to lie in the middle of the viral and the dual living.

I looked more and more like an uninterrupted ruch of the war , as a result I got a bit of an opportunity, Marx added more mercantile goods, I recognized more than a free merchandise, and I got more information about the product. Є unity of three forms, at the thought of Marx, the signifier of the initial capital.

The sphere doesn’t miss one another’s lack of winter forms of capital, and the first role is played by the grown-up vartost. Tom Marks analizu vitrati obgu, rozpodіlyayuchi ikh at pure and that dodatkov, scho zbіlshuyut vartіst goods.

In addition to the problems that have been identified, Karl Marx’s other volume, Capt. Karl Marx, has increased the number of officials for the sake of capital forms and capital. Vin visnacha кап category of capital turnover: a circular capital, not only okremiy act acts, but a periodic process. An hour, for some advance payments, has to go through the sphere of virobnitz and obigu and turn around with the pre-admission wart, calling the hour the turnover of capital. Tobto, the hour of turnover, beyond the viznesnennyam Marx, including the hour of the liberation and that hour obigu. Shvidkost turnover vimіryuєsya kіlkіstyu turnovers for singing promіzhok hour.

The particularity of the turnover of the private parts in the process of violating Marx’s sound characteristics: we mainly want to know the capital, take care of the viral assets, and transfer your warting to the goods by parts; a werewolf - that one’s ability to be transferred for one revolution and turn around until the hairline is closed for the viral cycle. The material noses of the working capital є, as a rule, are items of working strength, and the main thing is to pick up the virobnitz.

The problem of moral and physical zaposuvannya capital in detail in the process of virobnitztva is examined in detail, having added these officials to the premium and the process. Representatives of the neoclassical political respect respected the theory of moral old capital є naylіpshoy іyustratsіyu law of the decline of one of the factors virobnitstva.

At the first and third stage of the capital, I have relocated to the sphere of obigu, which means the development of the second sphere of virology. Marx nazi-va yogo capital obigu (obigovy capital). From now on, one can take a look at capital, its structure can be seen more and more, but the whole thing is scattered by Marx completely. I filed capital for the main one and the werewolf for the sphere of business, giving a better opportunity to better understand the func tional parts of the functional forms of suspension capital. Marx pidkreslyuє, but also due to the structure of capital, I don’t have to give the last and last, but the mask is the problem of the class nature of virobnitz. Vin zvertaє respect for the whole situation and meaning, because through the neo-classical political economy, she was not able to discredit the essence of the different forms of income.
The increase in the capital (the average value of the turnover of the warehouse) and the real (on the other hand) capital allowed the Marx to gouge the bells and whites, because the main reason for the economic crisis is to reduce the cost of the main bargains. Tsey vnovnovok є relevant and happy. Vin umozlivlyu є razmezhuvannya cyclical crises overhead and structural and industrial crises. You can recognize all schools and political economy.

The analysis of the category of sphere of business ends at Marx's vivchennyam time for trivial hours of virobnostva, hour hour of working out for the period of growth, which gave me the opportunity to increase the cost of business, the duration of business and leisure.

Doslidzhuyuchi rukh іndivіdualnoy kapitalu Marx zrobiv low adherents, including those who think that іvdvorennya іndivіdualnoy capital і do not overlook metamorphoses of forms of capital іn suspension. However, it is more important for a person who is encouraged to have a private interest to have a higher value for all the available prices, as well as a behavioral rate for all markets. Tom Marx will once again turn to the problem of the ruin of all suspension capital.

Win shipping, the normal process of suspending capital may be less expensive, if the commodity capital is used on a groovy form. The main problem is whether there is a commodity virobnitztva - that is, re-creating goods for a penny. The main reason for this is the realization of suspension of capital - the problems of realizing a full suspension of the product, the magnificent masters of various goods.

For the safety of these minds, it’s necessary that the supply of the goods is exactly the right way to ensure that the goods are guaranteed, and that the supply will be displayed in the necessary proportions. For capitalism, as long as panarchy is anarchy, the inculcation of such minds is no longer possible, Ale Marx may appear to be deserted, since goods are leathery for the market to find their own buyer.

Of important allowances that are necessary for a theoretical analysis of minds to create a suspended product, you can also call: file a suspension product with two great steps - add up the items (I) and the last thing; vіdpovіdnіst price and news; Is it better to have two classes in capital suspension? - capitalization and renting robots; post_yna value normi per side; non-official organization of capital and capital; Abstraction of business and loans with the main and reverse capital and credit of pennies, international bargaining, non-legal sphere, rent-out, land rent.

In addition, Marx wants to analyze and understand the realization of a suspension product for a simple presentation and I will be able to exchange a scheme for an expanded presentation.

Win, to bring, by the grace of Adam Smyth, the whole suspension of the product to a new level was reduced to a new goal (a pure product, whose national income), the scho called up to ignore the factor of viral living. To Marx’s thought, the very same kind of living vіdіgraє virіshalnu role in the formulated proportional suspension of vіdtvorennya. Therefore, the distribution of virobnosis at the frontier between the eyes of the visitor does not deprive another part of the process, and the zoom structure is the same structure as before. J. M. Keynes is arguing about the use of the Duma’s thought for himself, setting out his theory of “effective food”.

The main objectives of the theory of realization of Marx are respecting the establishment of proportions between the two main principles of suspension of the process by which I sign the nobility of crisis-free development of suspension. Having indicated, what about the effective proportionality for capitalism, to earn a hat through the imbalances.

Marx formulate the idea of ​​realizing a suspension product for a simple and widespread solution, providing quick and easy products with a wide range of products and a full range of high-quality products. For a simple vіdtvorennya all obmіnyuvanі partinayut buti the same. For more extensive performance, as much as possible through pace, capitalization of the parts of pre-match rates, higher rates of mathematics can be mathematically varied, there is little need for more room for improvement. Riznitsya become known as rozmіramy of paganism, yogo norm.

Having analyzed the laws of process of creation, Marx showed theoretically the feasibility of realizing the whole suspension product for the minds of proportional proportionality. However, at the thought of Marx, the idea is theoretically possible, the fragments of super-hypersensitive capitalism є with the constant dzherel of virobiotic crises.

The destruction of economic rivovagi in suspension should be brought to the level not less than economic, but of social social adversity.