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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

2. Theoretical problems and “Kapitalu” K. Marx

Pratsya over tsim fundamental creature trials ponad p'yateteen rokіv. Бї Bulo was conceived as a critical view of the broader scope of economical theories. A handwritten version of Kapitalu (1857–1865) (Critique of the Political Economy, Before the Critique of the Political Economy, another that third forward version of the Kapitalu) have a look at the most recent and most recent books. to give to the creator the character of vicarious, logically concluded theory. According to Marx, the main method was to “blame the law of rudimentary suspension” * 2.

* 2: {Marx K., Engels F. - Create. - T. 23. - S. 12.}

However, the vihid at the svit immediately all the volumes of Kapitalu did not spare the security: the prince tipped over, and the oaths of the opiate mothers grew. Bulo adopted rishennya about the appearance of Persian, in the whole completed part.

First volume “Kapitalu”

The first volume “Kapitalu” viišov druku 1867 p., Iomu Marx giving the title - “The process of virobnitz capital”.

The central problem of this is the problem of virology of the pre-tribal warfare, as the basis for the development of the first viraznika vidnosin and capital. The thesis, in order to enter Marx in his own analysis, is the first to play the role of violinism, which is exchange and coexistence.

Doslidzhennya to be repaired from the visual role of pennies and goods at the established capitalism. It’s easier to analyze commodity virobnitstvo, to bring Marx up to the bottom of the market for more commercial commodity trading, yak serviced for the penniless, historically zumulyuvuyu winnings capital.

Categories of goods and yogo wartosto bulo are adequately provided by representatives of the classical school and their final representatives, as well as such a well-known signpost, like Marx, the size of the wartost goods was not given.

I will forward the signifying goods, such as the product, the indications are merely for exchange, and not for lavish living, Marx has a great respect for those who have goods of great power, first and foremost, there are certain kinds of goods that are specific to the market. rich; friend (wart) - to save you the opportunity to share in your speech, to be sure to keep in touch with them, of course, of course, if you’re in a specific form, you’ll be satisfied with specific needs.

From now on, rznomany speech can be exchanged one by one, one by one, by two co-opted authorities: the need for a specific speech is the reason for the exchange, and the interest is laid down in the skin of them, I will protect you. Proportions in the process of exchanging (new wart) are signaled through more and more news.

Two authorities of the product are zoomed in on two characteristics of the product, which I am trying to make the product: a specific product, I will need special skills and result in a specific message, which should be protected by a specific color, that is an abstract word, because I can argue that rozumovih, physical) on virobnitstvo goods_v.

Analyze the process of exchanging goods on the basis of the most frequent choices, Marx in the historical retrospective showing the treasures and the winnings of pennies as a legitimate add-on of all kinds. For Marx, pennies are the same product, some kind of specific form, a lot of part in the process of exchange, part of the form, the price of the form, and the other way out.

Schob to bring the natural sound of goods and pennies, Marx analysis of the functions of pennies in the process of exchange. There are many problems with the most important problems for the most important schools, including five functions of pennies: yak mi wartosti, I want to take advantage, I want to get money (gold and money) and I owe you money, I owe you money. Recognize the development of the suspension to zoom in. Realize the realizability of these functions.

Reporting the day of the goods and the pennies to the main article of the first “Capital” - the problems of re-introducing the simple commodity distribution for capital, which is required in the range of the equivalent for the release of the goods.

I will show Marx that I’m penniless to enter into a commodity form and flock with a feather form I will show capital. However, I don’t take away the pennies and the capital, but give them more money, but for less than the minds, they’re able to understand the function.

The growth of the penny for simple commodity distribution and the penny for the minds of the capitalist lawyer, the loss of money, the loss of money, the loss of interest in the process: special virobility vidnosini, encouraged to operate.

Winning capitals are marked by the highest number of products. A new product will be consumed at the market - working power, hair-holders of a kind of powerful communion. Tsilniks є a special category of people who are amused with the interests of virobnitsva, ale vilnyh dispose of themselves.

As if it were a commodity, working strength, power and safety. Persha - all the sum of all the news, so you can live hiring a robot, so that you can live and be safe. But wartiness (yogo cinnamon for capitalism) is safe in the middle, but hiring a robbery is constantly trying to improve wisdom, without the need for self-growing pennies.

Marx has a great deal of equality on the market for the product with “working power” and power for goods, you can dictate your own knowledge, fragments of hiring your work, more power, and more than once.

Doslidzhuyuchi processes pratsі ta process zrostannya vartostі, Marx special respect for the coming role of the factor of virobnitsva. Capitalism, an organization of greater freedom, gaining strength does not hurt, and I want to take care of freedom, I can only go a little better, and I have a strong role to play, I have to have a strong Marx is called the factor of improvements in the constant capital, but I live in principle - the constant, the difference in the process of viola- tion is not the same as the vi-

Dodatkova’s wartiness is in excess - there is a surplus of wartost goods over the wartime of living interests of the virological force.

Yakisna’s characteristic of pre-date vartosti will be based on visual nature (vitrati of pre-Russian nature), and kіlkіsna - on demonstration of ways to oust the goods, as well as on visualization of the influx of skin factor on the incense of goods.

Marx, having beaten the capital, robbing the gadgets, less than a part of the working hours of recruitment, the robbery’s attorney’s office, the government’s office, and the civil society’s office.

Presentation of the pre-match rate up to the value of the high-performance power at the step of operating power. This indicator of Marx is called the norm of the pre-Darchist wartosti. Win an analysis of how to improve the pre-match age, the same standards, and the absolute standards of the absolute visibility of the living population. Pid absolutely zrostannyam masi zhivoї pratsі Marx rozumіє zbіlshennya kіlkostі zaynyatih in virobnitstvі robochem hands that zbіlshennya trivalostі robochem day and pid vіdnosnim - pіdvischennya іntensivnostі pratsі scho Mauger stimulyuvatis novimi forms organіzatsії pratsі, її mehanіzatsієyu and takozh situatsієyu pratsі at the market.

I have an analysis of the forms of pre-admission warranties and the need for absolute and complete Marx special respect for the legal nature of their forms, which makes sense of the progress of the world period.

Marx should establish a fixed capital, like wartost, scho self-growth. For all of you, it’s important to shout about the roaming days of capitalism: in the first place, the form of moisture on the list of lawsuits is closed; for the capitalist, the right to dictate the rules of law and order; in a different way, the day before working with interruptions of the law enforcement system is in good form and in the form of peace, which must be held; in the third place, for working power, you’ll be deprived of the right to do business, a part of some kind of work experience, for working work; on the contrary, while working with the strength of the frequent Victorian capital, it is more formal and real that the praxis capital; irregular comparisons between work and capital to become the cause of the constant economic and social protest.

Vidnosini between the capitalist and the robot, the Marx’s desk, I’m just looking at the front desk for a quick look. Tse bulo would be correct, yakbi pratsya entered into the process of exchanging, however, the market is less interested in selling more than one to pratsі. In the case of virology, there is no need to have more time, ya ought to be more comfortable, have more experience, have more time, but you need to have more time to do so.

Most of the time, there are often parts of the card (the necessary product) to lay the bottom on the object, on the other hand, on the other hand, and on the other hand, you can change the price of the card. That is why the necessary product is gaining pay, so that the product is “working power” of the form, price is the same as the laws themselves, which is the price of the good product.

Having analyzed the factors, it’s important to be aware of the fact that it’s not necessary to pay the wages, the form of the wage system, the national system of wages, the Marx needs to know more. at the boundaries of the zalni prices. The interval between “becoming more and more lofty with the hat of the constant struggle between capital and prace” * 3.

* 3: {Marx K., Engels F. - Create. - T. 16. - S. 351.}

The struggle for pay, Karl Marx, is only one more manifestation of that protestation, in order to become the basis of capitalist virological vidnosin. On the big high level of stability there is a manifestation of antagonism of the class, which is ruined.

The main hangar from theoretical theoretical point of view of the first “Capital” Karl Marx to rob at the sound of the process of capturing capital.

On the visual presentation of the past, the process of capital awards Marx to the uninterrupted process of the presentation and the development of the war. Violate two types of presentation for capital - simpler and wider, show in general, the basis for expanded presentation, wide range of prices, wide range of prices, and more

Capitalization of the part of the pre-paid warparty, that is, the re-implementation of capital to capital, through the process of capital congruence, a certain amount of competitive struggle against each other.

Analіz rozshirenogo virobnitstva giving mozhlivіst Marx zrobiti visnovok scho characteristic risoyu kapіtalіzmu Je peretvorennya zakonіv kapіtalіstichnogo nagromadzhennya on law privlasnennya, Aje rozshirene vіdtvorennya oznachaє postіyne vіdtvorennya on novіy osnovі right vlasnostі kapіtalіsta on dodatkovu vartіst scho zrostaє zavdyaki zrostannyu obsyagіv virobnitstva.

The factors that contribute to the process of capital pace, the performance of the robust class, the productivity of the contract, the cost of the share, the cost of the cost, the cost of the work Strengthen the factors to increase the number of viral obligations of the parties and the part of the community, which is more than necessary.

For further analysis of Marx, understanding of the organic life of the capital, for one of the two parts of the capital - of constant interest and of free time, we are fully equipped. Masa materializatsii pracі zrosta shvidsha, niz living. This means that we can bring it to the forefront of unemployment.

All in all, in the process of capitalistic construction.

The first thorough process is concentration and centralization of capital.

Concentration of capital, for the Marx’s appointments, is the process of increasing the indi- vidual capital for the rachule of pomp of competitive competition. Suspension capital, as a result of total capital as a result of the same growth.

Centralization of capital - the only number of indi-

Offense to straightforwardly increase capital expenditures to lead to the completion of the latest trends in capital expenditures - to change parts of the significant capital.

Marx has a personal analysis of the accumulation of the process of accumulating capital and becoming a place for the robotic class and the formula of the law of overpopulation for capitalism. Win write: “Robotic population, inconsistent piles of capital, we ourselves, in the growing ropes of viroblya, cobble up, as if to shame it visibly to excess populations” * 4.

* 4: {Marx K., Engels F. - Create. - T. 23. - S. 598.}

All the overpopulation is manifested in small forms, which can change all the peculiarities, that all stinks, at one thought, the birth of capitalistic awards. From now on, the inconsistency of capital accumulation is the whole law, it is clear that there is a certain amount of accumulation, the number of people living in it is reduced, and the number of people living in it is smaller. Schopravda, according to the law of the whole, as well as all of them, to the thought of Marx, can absorb the rest.

On the basis of Marx’s own statement, we draw on the first volume “Capital” to include the foundations of the principles for analyzing the principle of capitalization: 1) reduce the number of times later on, to renew on the whole, all the factors are rooted); 2) it is recognized that the pre-paid incomes are independent of the special forms: surplus, interest, land rent, etc.

Itself about the double nature of the principle (superexcience between the first and the last and the most important, with the most abstract and the particular, the more private and the private character) introduce Marx to the theory. Materially protestoyaniya vidobrazhaetsya in pre-date wartosti, as a result of the exploitation of a hired robotic worker and become a capitalist.

Until now, I can come up with a look at the neoclassical analysis of the merit of Marx, who, in the first volume of Kapital, has thoroughly ascertained the role of one of the factors of viola- Thoroughly impose the same theory of pay pay. Part of the fundamental principle has a lot of new concepts: a whole, a vision, a theory of organic capital, a choice of the whole theory, and a good idea of ​​it.

Critics marvel at the time of the day to marry Marx’s theory of capital with super-verbalism, especially in the second part, to keep nature and structure to capital, and also not to wait for the lower price of the product.