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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

Third volume of Kapitalu

The third volume of Kapitalu . The process of capitalism, which can be seen by Marx as one, is the process of virobnitz and obigu, we cannot explicitly declare about all forms of capital, which is important to protect suspension. Tom Marx will turn to analyze the process of capitalistic virology, taken from the All-Russian side. Winning to know to show and to show how to blame for the process of capital, to manifest themselves on the surface of economic opportunities for the enjoyment of the competition and the competition between them. The III volume “Kapital” is dedicated to the problems themselves. The title is “The process of capitalistic virology, understanding in whole”.

A wide range of front-end analysis of capitalistic activity was observed on average, in the middle of all prices, as well as realizable, more expensive openings. It was hoarse, that the capitalist was guilty of refusing to give a lift, the skladki had a dodat wartost. However, the practice showed that the masa didn’t make a direct difference in the amount of fixed capital (most of the classes at the university), but to lay the ground for the advanced advance capital of that organic business. In addition, on the other hand, there is low economic and non-economic officials.

Marx, approaching ourselves to neoclassics, we see the price of the product as I’ve reconfigured the form of the first page, the basis of which is not to be pratsya, but the whole capital, which will be used for violating the goods.

“Those whose goods are capital goods, - write to Marx - vimiryutsya vitrats capital”; those whose goods are just varty, - with vitrats ”* 5. I will take a look at the capitalist attitude of respect for Vitrati virobnitsva, Oskіlki herself stink to zoom in on the rip-off. As a matter of fact, at the thought of Marx, price is the price of the valuation of the product, then the change is manifested in the implementation of the pre-sale value, and the vitality of the product is the sum of the constant and significant capital.

* 5: {Marx K., Engels F. Create. - T. 25. - Part II. - S. 37.}

The side street is a bit of a pre-shaped form of pre-adolescence, by method and motive of dyalnosti of capitalism, an indicator of efficiency of development of capitalistic virology. Presentation of a gain to the vitro virology rate (norm of a gain) signalization of the benefit of the necessary services, the provision of the same capital and the step-by-step rate, the reference is made to the market of goods, often, to the market of goods.

The factors to recognize the rate of return are, to Marx’s thought, the rate of pre-advances, the speed of capital turnover, the organisation of capital and income. I especially respect all of you for analyzing the amount of capital needed to earn a living allowance, which means that there is a great deal of time to keep up to date. Vinikaє Conflict between the broader virology and self-development. This process allows you to supervise the increased number of vacancies, to change the vacancies, as well as the pre-paid rates. Schopravda, існує ціла low protidіyuchih officials.

We have a clear understanding of the reasons for the fact that, if a comrade is sold for a new wartime, for a different organic work, there is a constant difference in the number of open rates, but they are always the same.

In the third volume, “Kapitalu” shows the mechanical virivnyuvanny norms, a surplus of the main official - competition. At a theoretical application, Marx showed that as a result of small competition there was a change in capital to a small galaxy, a guarantee of a greater margin. It’s important to ensure that there is a proportion in the case of retail capital with a few galleys, which is independent of the type of organic business and speed, but the same amount of time is required.

Alya, all of the transfer перед the establishment of a singing show price for dermal appearance of goods, price, which is not required from the start. Prior to that, the average price is set for the comrade, Marx is called the price of the guarantee and the guarantee is the same for the same capital. Tobto for mid-competition competitive participation in the recruitment of a well-formed form of appreciation of virobnitz.

Mizhgaluzev’s competition did not allow the summer surrenders to capital with a high or low organ budget. The main process for achieving the scientific and technological progress in the field of technology is through increased productivity and internal competition. Here, for the form of the price, the goods of greater importance are to be reckoned with, and the most important thing is to acquire the indivisible vitrats.

The product is more productive in terms of variability in sales, the price is lower and the product is less expensive, for which the product is sold for the average market price more. Ale vishcha productivity is reached, smut, for the molluscs of the pre-adolescent vitrates for the permanent capital. I mean, to join the capital market also to compete for the protection of goods, and for the old ones, the price is lower.

Scientists about tsіnu virobnitstva Marx takozh vikoristav for obgruntuvannya teorії klasovoї Borotba: vіn stverdzhuvav scho ekspluatatsіya robіtnichogo Klas zdіysnyuєtsya not Dermal okremo take kapіtalіstom and vsіma them again, oskіlki stink spіlno pererozpodіlyayut dodatkovu vartіst i zaіnteresovanі in zrostan-ni її masi.

As the second form of the industrial capital of Marx’s look is in the third volume, there is a trading and posichkovy capital, which may change its specifics. Vin pіdkreslyu іzіznitsyu mіzh commodity and trading capital and showing the mechanism of the transition of one in the nth, which is zoomed in with the development of virobnitztva and specialization.

Trading capital will take care of the function of realizing goods that we need to accelerate the turnover of industrial capital, and later, the higher rate in the higher sphere and the higher rate. To that, the industrial capitalist, for Marx’s theory, is to give a part of his profit to the merchandise of the commercial capital, which is why a part of the average investment rate for capital investments. It’s not worth mentioning here about the redistribution of pre-paid news by representatives of two kinds of capital, because the theory of a trading profit cannot be overlooked by the theory of business.

Marx will show the process of approving the average profit and the price of the sale and the func-

The specialty of the trading capital of the country is in the middle, but on the other hand the industrial turnover is not up to the normal profit margin. The cost of capital is to bring (and to bring) the average income.

I have a problem with the problems of trading Marx up to the next payroll form of trading is penniless: penny-trading capital.

Particular respect was given to the analysis of the “fetishized” form of capital, which was recognized as a promisional capital — posichkovo. Historically, the form takes the ear of the Likhvarskiy Kapitalu, which does not have uninterrupted rankings with virobnitz. The winners of the industrial virology program are to be given away by the representative of the postal capital, which will have to perform the virology service.

Marx, having assigned to another volume, a part of the penniless interests, so much hourly moved out of the law, ceased to give a little capital, and later, ceased to be capital. That’s why you’re penniless for a productive victory. The whole process of selling pennies is like a special product, and the price of pennies is the percentage, the payment for the pennies is pennies.

To pay a fee to stay in favor and offer and to lodge between the average norms for a little extra. The nature of the percentage of income in this year, which includes capitalization, is to be partly part of their own profit (preoccupied with their pre-admission wartosti) on the corrugation of posichichny capital. Thus, there is a percentage increase in income and income.

Marx doslidzhuє chotiri form a capital, which give percentages: posichkovy, bankіvsky, actual and lihvarsky.

Banking capital analysis is based on the loan form of the credit card account, which is especially important for a commercial loan and a bank loan. Banks - for capital goods, trading in penniless tricks at the sight of a loan for credit and through participating participants in the process of suspension. Stink to accelerate virobnitztva, concentration and centralization of capital, and so you can become a major contributor to the economy.

Logically, for the first time, the development of a loan to Marx in vazhaє viniknennya share capital, which is about the last capitals. For the participation in the joint stock company - the share - the share, the right to a part of the income, proportional to the capital invested. At the moment the price is right, so most of the bills, the region, the initiative of the independence of the new capital, the price of the market, the stock exchange. So winnings ’active capital, do not take part in virology, aly vіdіgra, an active role in the income distribution is active.

Marx analysis and credit об об я я я я ре ре ре ре ре ре ре о ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре ре є є є є є є є є є є. One of the manifestations of the whole ля ф проц й ф ф проц проц проц проц проц проц проц проц проц проц проц проц проц проц проц проц проц ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф проц, н, at the thought of Marx, also bring to the edge of social social adder.

Subsequent translations of pre-Datatka wartosts will end with an analysis of land rents. Marx showed that the development of capitalism in land surveying is due to the increase in land and the headache of the virologic viral hairline.

It is economically vlaznіst on the earth to be realized through rent vidnosini. Marx viznachaє two see rents, but two types of rentals: two types of rentals: a hairline and a coristuvach — absolute and differential rent.

Prior to Marx, there was no need to give a clear view of the labor theory and wisdom of the day. Marx, having earnestly venerated himself, is censured by the categorized price list of virobnost, through all the peculiarities of the consecration to the state thanks.

Marx zvilniv the theory of differential rent Rikardo vid primar "to the law of decline of the family soil." Vіn showing scho for minds konkurentsії virobnikіv in sіlskomu gospodarstvі Price on sіlskogospodarskі produkti vstanovlyuєtsya yak serednya Price virobnitstva on gіrshih land scho zabezpechuє obrobіtok usіh vidіv Statewide ugіd, zabezpechuє Prybutok usіm koristuvacham i, okrіm of diferentsіynu rent (dvoh vidіv) vlasniku zemlі that capitals-to-rent.

On Dumka Marx, private vlasnіst on the ground Yak form monopolіzmu strimuє vіlnu konkurentsіyu, stvoryuє pereponi for inclusion sіlskogo Gospodarstwa (yak the Branch virobnitstva) in mіzhgaluzevu competitive Borotba, oskіlki Je Elements nekapіtalіstichnih vіdnosin in furrows kapіtalіzmu - zamknenoyu system Zi svoїmi principles tsіnoutvorennya th Especially the form pererozpodіlu dodatkovo wartosti mizh classes (zemlevlasniki - arendari - naymanі robіtniki), scho її represent.

In addition, the theory of land rents includes analysis of problems and the form of prices for land, ground prices and the internal (rent) and interest rates (interest rate, drinks and taxes) factors.

The main part of the revenge is also economical, historical, retrospective and perspective analysis of the development of capitalistic certificates from the state thanks.

The problems are completed, the third volume of “Capital” was distributed by the “Earnings of Jewels” section, de Marx deferred his work to the theory of ideology, most of the time, and the main factor was that they were profitable. Vin pidkreslyuє, which can be taken into account by dzherel income from the following three-pronged formula: land - rent, capital - income, pratsya - pay wages, have mercy, exceptions are right, I have to know that I have to know that I have the right to know Visa is proportional to the result of the (pre-match rate) vidpovidno to the rozmіrіv іnіvіvіnnosti moisture. Marx indicates historical recognition of the most specific forms of distribution, and further identification of virology.

The fourth volume of “Kapitalu” - “Theory of the Dodatovo Wartosti” —viishov with the suite in 1905-1910 pp. for the editorship of K. Kautsky, who allegedly ordered Engels to see the praxis. This volume is part of the “Economical Manuscripts of 1861-1863 pp.”, Now in the Second Marx of Wikimedia Commons, May I have two historical letters to the bourgeois bourgeois political economy. On the subject of “Critics of the Political Economy” (the title is “Capital”), I will take part in looking at the development of the theory and commentary before the test to analyze the mechanics of the main issue of knowledge.

We have looked at the economical look of James Stewart for the third systematization of the very mercantile and the beginnings of the theory of theory; Viljama Petti, who would have cluttered the classic school; Francois Kene z th "Economic table"; Adam Smith’s analysis of the overthrow and the shortage of labor theory of war.

Marx’s analysis of David Rikardo’s theory was especially reported, and so did the last Ricardo’s followers vulgarized the view, accelerating by themselves the breakdown of the classical school of political economy.

Win criticism; look at Karl Rodbertus and Thomas Malthus, James Mill and John McCoolough, who, although they wanted to, respected themselves as Rikardo’s followers, looked at the work of the theory of Wartostes.

Marx remembers the birth of economical theories of the proletariat directly, but criticizes the authors for their simplification of the explanation of the class struggle, for the unimportant significance of the theory of Ricardo.

The fourth volume of “Kapitalu” will, on a daily basis, be extended to historical ideas. During the water hours, the lowest important theoretical and economic problems were considered: food nutrition, crisis, productivity, productive and unproductive prices, absolutely different rents, rent, and price. The very same volume of declarations about the great oath of oppressed material by Marx.

From now on, fundamentally, the idea is conceived of as an economical way of revolving revolutionary theories, it has become a more arrogant economic one. Marx came to grips with problems, she was more punished in terms of politekonomia, but she didn’t know what the theory of labor wartost was. In “Capital”, we’ve imagined the dialectics of developing capitalistic suspension, having analyzed all the suttas in the economical manifestations of the form and manifesting it in a new way, pointing out the genetic decline of these forms. Marx shukav і zmіg date to identify the reasons for the collapse of the economic equality and superlatives in developing capitalism, revolving around the theoretical and economic arguments, and thereby demonstrating the possibility of economic theory.