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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

3. Pracі K. Marx and F. Engels 70-90's pp.

After seeing the vinicle of the consumer’s first to that “Capital”, further development of economic theory, adaptation to consumer cha-si is continued. We are polemicizing with economists, social scientists, revolutionaries, Marx and Engels, commenting on their theoretical outrages, drowning out the interpretation of deyak problems.

Selling to a robot over Kapital, 1871 p. Marx publ. Praciu “Gromadyanska vіyna u Franzii”, de pidssumovов dosvid Paris Paris commune. Winning an appreciation is not less than a revolution, but an economical access to grace, which means a historical perspective of revolutionary rebuilding. On the other hand, at the “ National Land ” (1872), in order to celebrate the basics of the suspension of social services.

At the Critique of the Gotha Programs (1875), Karl Marx formulated his fuss of laws to develop the Maybut communist suspension.

A scholarship about the essence of capitalistic virology, encouraged to operate hired vehicles, and blatantly hide on those who want to show their historical hopelessness. For the signatures of Marx, capitalism itself is ready for its own destruction and for the return of winter, prompting for suspension of moisture. Ale Marx and Engels, although they wanted to be unmistakable in the inevitability of the revolutionary servant of the unquestioning fret, they did not ban the universally primed theory of socialism.

Kritikuyuchi Proudhon, Marx d_ishov visnovka, whichever way virobnitztva v_dpovіdaє its own form of moisture, and more precisely, the very same viznachaє suspension ий way. Socialism, at first thought, is absolutely inconsistent with private power. At the first “Capital” Marx show, as between the boundaries of the capitalistic view, you can see the parts of the suspended power - the process of successful completion of the special offer is concentrated, concentration is increased. From the side, the need for visual moisture, it could help to strengthen the capital super-cuts, the head of the big ones-the extra-strong and the more basic character of the preferential form.

Suspension of power in the place of virobility and plan - two basic rice, which, to Marx’s thought, is the essence of Maybut suspension. At the Nationalization Land (1872) there is a better idea of ​​power for the socially disposed mother and daughter, not a group, but an outrageous form, which is compatible with the centralization of the law. Less than that, you can become the national basis for slavery, but if you add up to the most important and the same way, then you will have to deal with the suspension for the rest and the national plan ”* 6.

* 6: {Marx K., Engels F. Create. - T. 18. - S. 55.}

At the Critique of the Gotsky Programs, Marx dwells in more detail on the characteristics of the whole suspension, though nowadays, the primary role is violated. Its principle is to analyze the issue of protest against the lack of understanding of the members of the May communist suspension, as well as the fair distribution of the rules, all the goods are in good standing and are identical.

Critically, I appreciate the thesis, Marx viznacha principle to distribute a suspension product. The main reasons for this are those who have a Maybut communal suspension of their own development, are known for two phases, first and foremost are socialism, moreover, they are more committed, more independent, more productive. Vіdtak suspension product in a different way is differentiated on skin with two phases.

Marx’s rozroblyaє model of expanded vіdtvorennya for socialism. Vin znachenaє, scho on the first this way, I gave the form to the fund for the replacement of the living interests of the bank, the fund for the expansion of the bank (fund for the provision) and reserve, or insurance, the fund. Їx form є economically necessary. From the ignorant income of virah, go to the same level of vitality for management, but not є unceremoniously viral. Utility of unprincipled іnshі form of living together (schools, sickly) will be taken care of for a rag of koshtіv suspension von-dіv living. Fondi of individual maturity formvatimutsya pislya vseh tsikh vidrahuvan. Chastina, which has been designated for indivisible living, is in the first phase to support the role of the prince, to play the role of the stimulus, and at the other stage - for need. Zreshtoyu, the whole product for communism will be subject to the fact that someone has adjusted, bits of vikoristovimitsya in the interests of the utmost suspension.

Marx having criticized the “law of pay”, the payment of salary is governed by the law of population and wait until the minimum payment is granted. Win the way I am the thesis of Lasalians, flailing around to prove, wedged in the first volume "Kapitalu".

The problem of the role of the state on the skin of the three phases of the development of communist suspicion was also addressed in these countries. Marx p_dkresliv klasov essence of the be-and-power power and having said, that the power of the transition to communism period є viraznikom of the interests of the proletariat, to the ranks of the yogh dictatorship.

The book of Fredrikh Engels' Anti-Dyuring "became also important for the scientific achievements of this period; two problems were dedicated to the problems of political economy. Engels points out that the method is victorious by Marx at Kapitali, so that it is the same as the dialectical material and the historical method.

At the «Political Economy’ branch, Engels signifies the very subject of science: ек The Political Economy, the widest range of economics, the science of the law, which measures the law of liberation and the sharing of material benefits for people *. Engels pіdkreslyuє, shchot the law to preserve historical character, stink characterize the environment of epoch. The stink is not a manifestation of the sub-active will of the state, as if it were a Djurring.

* 7: {Marx K., Engels F. Create. - T. 20. - S. 136.}

Düring’s criticism about violence and his role in historical education is critically important, Engels didn’t worry about it, he’d raised suspicion in the classroom by historical process, by some way it’s called out by the lawfulness, it’s a good idea that Violence is deprived of the seizure of exploitation, and not of being targeted. Odnak Engels, however, is a sign of violent violence, which, in all eyes, may be important for the role of a new, new suspension.

For special respect, the merits of these fragments of the book, de Engels, have given me the most important political categories: Wartost, Dodat wartost, capital, land rent and the last. Engels is an additional position of Marx, an oracle in Kapitali, a view of the interpretation of the main super-transcendence of capitalism: I will show the sign of a specific form, with them the anarchy of virology and crisis, clearly seen in Engels,

If I look economically, I’ll manifest one of the most basic super-differences in capital forms, Engels will let the characteristics of all phases of the capital cycle disappear, and I will show that I am more successful when I have major problems. Ale Engels is not aware of the need to provide a wide range of ideas about the social nature of the active and sovereign forms of moisture, respect for the necessary advanced political intelligence - the dictatorship of the proletariat.

One of pіdrozdіlіv price books written by Karl Marx. Win the critical critique of economic theories, repairing it from Plato and Aristotel to the classic political economy, becoming a Marx to the sound of Petty and the school.

Ostanny, third distribution of "Anti-Dyuringa" є the cycle of the Marxist rosumnosti sotnosti sotsialisticheskogo fret, the basic principles of the organization. Engels on occasion of the possibility of planned development of suspension virology based on the knowledge of the active nature of the laws and that knowledge. Virshalnoy umuyu for the whole є suspension of moisture on the side of virobnitztva.

Engels respects, with a plan, organization, suspension of their most economical processes, we would like to protect yourself from crisis-free development, as well as protect yourself from commodity distribution, own the product above the virobnik. Socialism is characterized, on the thought of Engels, and on the basis of the suspension of class and state power. We have a critical book of critical views of utopian ideas of socialism, historical development, and in your knowledge you can see the image in Engels’s upcoming book "Social Development 18 (80) before science."

Without looking back at those who, in fact, encourage Maybut suspension to be imbued with all the praxis of Marx and Engels, they won’t do anything wrong with the theoretical theory about socialism. The provisions about the Fundamentals sotsіalіstichnogo arrange suspіlstva: suspіlna vlasnіst on zasobi virobnitstva (Cooperative її form at tіm chislі) bezposeredno suspіlny character pratsі that rozpodіlu, vіdmirannya commodity virobnitstva that planomіrna organіzatsіya suspіlnogo vіdtvorennya scho umozhlivlyuє zabezpechennya Yogo stabіlnostі, sformulovanі in їhnіh Prace, Zgoda boule dogmatized by іхніми followers.

Yak vidomo, after the death of Marx to a robot with the vision of a theoretical decline in the vision of a complete economic doctrine, having completed Engels. Vin too often having acted at a presidium, vidpovidayuchi on criticism, are captivated by that ros'yasnuyuchi main idea of ​​"Kapitalu". It is especially worthwhile to keep the “Dodatka up to the third Kapitalu”, de Engels to bring to mind, but not the most superfluous theories, the more important and the third volumes. Explained the essence of capitalism through the Dodatka’s idea is not to overshadow the whole process of the process from the basics of value creation. Winnings, the third volume isn’t the only one of the European evolutions of Marx, they were completely lost in the economic life, and, moreover, the manifestations will reveal more economic forms.

The zagist of labor theory worsened due to the slowdown, the development of the productive forces of suspension, the increase in productivity and the growth of productivity, even though there are lower levels of problems, the most important problems are This hour is marked by the beginning of a new campaign in economics, which is based on classic approaches, and the explanation is clarified in the opening positions - theories of border corridor. Engels, flirting with the method of victoriousness by Marx, having seized the category of vartosti, I was historically tied up with the commodity form of virobnitz and the power of you all the way to the end. The water hour of Engels at its best-known conditions was reckoned with urrahuvati and serpentine, which were then issued at suspension.

The “Before the criticism of the social-democratic programs of 1891 fate” project has a note on the shvidka on the design of the cartels and trusts, a description of their economic nature, reasons for their concurrence, as well as the need for competition. Functions of this economical newsletter є regulation of virobnitsv through visual identification of obligations and other benefits, as well as regulation of the price.

Engels means that, due to the culprits of a new economic manifestation, which is fraught with the development of the productive forces of suspensibility, there is a greater need for freedom in the world, and again for the first time there is a problem of international protection.

Strengths of appearance, by the day, blasphemed the classic doctrines in jeopardy, however, Engels, who can clearly see the nature, without having quailing a share of the main categories for new minds - in the process of monopolization capital. At first thought, the monopolistic objection is to enter into a competitive struggle for the very laws, which is the non-monopolistic nature of the law, since the very struggle of the unbroken character is that between the monopolistic principles of the new law.

All right, meaning, now that Engels has already transmitted “genetic” power to the transition of monopolistic control of virobility to the sovereign-monopolistic form. However, the theory of revolutionary rebuilding of suspensions (to look at the fundamentally new manifestations by Engels) did not recognize the old people.