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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


Topic 1. Subject and method of political economy

1.1. The subject of political economy

Viznazhennya subject of political economy. Laws and categories of political economy. Zarodzhennya and the development of political economy; її directly and schools.

1.1.1. Viznazhennya subject of political economy.

The political economy of law, history, social sciences and the mainstream sciences should be laid down to the system of suspension sciences, the skin of certain kinds, and the higher degree of regularity, of which there are different kinds of authority Political economy vivcha, such suspension і vidnosini і laws, so as to keep up to the basics of living suspension, oskilki stink є storage suspension virobnitzva (economy).

Suspension is the main system of sounding and reporting among people, which can be stored in the process of living life. It’s all about creating and developing material and spiritual culture, a system of the most important social values. Strengthen the sides of suspension of life for yourself, in such an order, which is the basis of economic life, because of the wide range of material goods and the service for satisfying the social needs of people. Live a living, people’s life, clothes, life and without material goods and services. Neobkhіdnі hassle before the confession of guilty viroblyat: sіyat grain, dobuvati wugіll, melt steel, robotic machines, vipіkati hlіb, drukuvati newspapers.

The region has a political economy of suspension, that is, of the economy, and the economy is of a greater importance.

The name “ekonomika” of the winicle is one of two words of the Greek “ojkos” - Budinok, statehood and “nomos” - the law. Farther, terminus stiffened Aristotel (ІІІ Art. BC). Bagatoaspektnіst zmіstu Economy zumovlyuє rіznomanіtnіst napryamіv i spheres vivchennya ekonomіchnogo Zhittya suspіlstva: domogospodarstvo, pіdpriєmstvo, Galuzo, ekonomіka Kraina in tsіlomu, svіtove Gospodarstwa, ekonomіchnі vіdnosini, ekonomіchnі vіdnosini in vzaєmozv'yazku of productive forces etc. i Sogodnі ekonomіku suspіlstva vivchayut Hope 50.. okremich of economic sciences, in addition, there are political economy, economy, macroeconomics, macroeconomics, history of economic studies.

The skin is of the most economical disciplines, the subject is up to a special one. So, the subject of macroeconomics is the mechanism of function and economy, and the subject of macroeconomics is the behavior of the environment, such as housekeeping, food, price, income.

Political economy as well as a subject. At the time of the following memory, the word "polytheia" in the translation from Greek means a suspension device. The title of science “political economy”, having spoken about the representative of the theoretical school of mercantilism at France Antoine Montcretin de Watteville at the book “Laws of Suspended Statehood (Treatise on Political Economy)”. Vikoristany nim termin "political economy" in the course of time became the name of the whole science.

With the wide range of material benefits, people interact with nature, victoriously increase the number of vehicles (machines, equip, be careful), and provide people with the opportunity to bring new products and services to them. In the process of virobnitstva people striving for benefits is not only one kind of one, but one in a singing order, one in one and one in one. From now on, in the process of virology, people enter into vidnosini not only with nature, but only by themselves, so that they enter into economical vidnosini.

People are the most economical water hour with the system of the most advanced economics: national, national, ideological, ideological and interim. Political economy and economic vidnosini obov'yazkovo in their zvyazku and interconnection with the most vidlosinnymi vidnosiny and institutes.

Thus, the subject of political economy and economic integration of people in the economy and interaction with the productive forces and political, ideological, social and institutes of suspensions. (Below you will be expanded by us.)

Vivchayuchi topic, follow the desire to develop respect for those who are in economical theoretical practice of singing in the interpretation of the subject of political economy. So, A. Smith respecting the subject of the science of nature and the reasons for the tragedy of the people, asking for the name of the classic "Report on nature and the reason for the tragedy of the people" (Smith A. Research on the nature and cause of the wealth of peoples. - M. : Sotsekgiz, 1961).

Vidatny Ukrainskiy polіtekonom M. І. Tugan-Baranovsky writing, right now I have the right to economize, you can familiarize yourself with the science of more and less people at the intersection of the state donors, as well as in the middle of the political economy. ROSSPEN, 1998 .-- S. 34). At the home of the cherished fellow with economic theory (Fundamentals of economic theory: the political aspect: Pidruchnik / As amended by G. N. Klimka, V. P. Nesterenka. - K .: Vishka school: Znannya, 1997. - P. 16) , which is the subject of political cooperation є в в ив ив ив ив ив ив ив оном оном оном оном оном оном оном оном оном оном оном в в в в в в в в в в в в ...

I also understand the interpretation of the subject of political economy. Look at the zooms that scho schia science is developing and differentiating at different political schools directly.