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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

1.3.1. Positive polіtekonomіya

Vivchayuchi political economy, we demand respect but also positive and positive facts and regulatory standards (or judiciary).

Positive political economy I will describe the facts, obvious processes and vidnosini in a given economy. Why is economics cycling? Why do you need zrobiti, schob p_dvishchity will drink to work strength, and without unemployment? What are the special features of the current economy? I want to cherish the need for additional singing facts. Feeding can be simple but even folding, but all in all, belong to the realm of positive politekonomії.

Nedolіkom pozitivnoї polіtichnoї ekonomії Yea those scho Won abstraguєtsya od digit vplivu on povedіnku people їh ekonomіchnі vіdnosini i virobnichu dіyalnіst low pozaekonomіchnih faktorіv - polіtichnih, relіgіynih, іdeologіchnih, natsіonalnih toscho, chogo polіtekonomіya yak science does not Got right іgnoruvati, Abi pіznati real dіysnіst i Law of economic development of suspension.

1.3.2. Normative polіtekonomіya

On the contrary, positive politekonomi normative politekonomiya will entail an assessment of the judiciary of some people and more specific theories of suspension of life, because of the fact that it’s necessary to save a certain amount of money in the first place.

Radyanska politekonomіya in the main bull normative, and more precisely - normative-dogmatic. The main provisions were divided up to the point of Marxism-Leninism, the adoption of Communist Party blocs by officials, as well as the necessary factual reality. Surely, in order to clarify the theoretical principle and science recommendations, the Radian politician has violated the function of apologetics, the model of socialism, as well as the cob of the ground itself in the trend to virozhennya. At the same time, there is a need for meaning, which is due to the lack of political knowledge in terms of such theoretical problems, as a plan, economic functions, a mechanism for planned establishment, an uninterrupted suspension of public relations, the government. Bagato from the theoretical sorts of joyful economic economists-theorist Bulo is victorious in 30 years of history with the western countries and economic theorists. Protein as a whole of the Radyansk school of political economy did not have independent and independent science (as well as all of the advanced and concrete economic science), which was developed by Marxist-Leninist scientists. Tom won the collapse at once with the Radyansky Union.

Commencement of this meeting with a political economy in a harmonious harmonious regional elements and a positive and normative policy.

1.3.3. Ekonomіks і polіtekonomіya.

At the turn of the 20th century Winik is one more direct at the political economy, having gained the title “economy” and becoming popular with the other half of the last party. What is the reason for the polygonism of economics and economics of the sciences? In addition, economics є one of direct political economics in the field of theoretical economics in a broad sense, is special to be realized on the basis of functional functions in economical systems. The number of viral resources and the satisfaction of the needs of people is the very same, so that you can “turn around” all the course with the economy.

The Economics of Problems of an Effective Victory of Obligatory Biological Resources and the Management of them by Means of Maximizing the Maximum Satisfaction of the Material Consumption of People” (K. McConnell, Bru St. L. Economics: Principles, Problems and Politics ... - P. 18).

By the authors of these statements, the subject of economy is important, it is not a wicked list, and the economy of the economy is traditional and it comes with a cob of its own winnings. Water time is economical in terms of special respect for the sacredness of the known days and roles in the economic life of the social and economic functions of the economy, of the capital of the capital, of the capital. Varto means that the affected economy in Ukraine is more and more respectful to the greater number of functional sounds in the economic system of suspension, which is not currently available at all times.

Commencement of international politekonomії. From the point of view of relevance, it is possible to violate the main blocks of the Ukrainian Polytechnic Academy of Sciences and primary discipline.

1. Addressing the problems of effective vicarious sharing of viral resources and managing them with the method of maximally satisfying the needs of people, who has the number of problems, "so, for whom, and how many viroblyat?".

2. Roskrittya day and tendency to develop socially-economically vidnosin in their interconnection with productive forces. It is important when I want to describe and describe a promising model of economic formations of Ukraine.

3. Vivchennye system of laws, which govern the virobniztvom, distribution, exchange and other material benefits, as well as in more economical systems, as well as more than that, in addition to them, they are required to have more than one reason to be able to get more and more.

4. Submission to the strategic and strategic trends of the European social and economic systems in the remaining stol and at the turn of the XXI century.

Vivchennya global problems vimagaє vikoristannya in the beginning course of the civilized methodological approach to the idea of ​​a dialectical, technical and technological. I would like to help you to improve the law of social and economic formations, to promote the development of a social and economic system of a large part of the country.


1. Political economy vivcha the whole system of economic vidnosin in the United States and interconnected productive forces and the political, ideological and social institutes of suspensility. Look, know the law, show, like people and suspension, may I have a great deal of great resources, like a few more friends and servants, give them the maximum need.

2. Politically save, therefore:: a) lack of social and economic day-to-day suspension and step-by-step development; b) violate the law and principle, so as to regulate the behavior of people and their participation in the process of distribution, distribution, exchange, and sharing of various benefits; c) I’ll build up the suspension of economic knowledge, which is necessary for the adoption of the correct fundamental solutions.

3. Political economy of the Russian economy and tools for the improvement of the economic life of the suspension: all-methodical methods and specific methods and solutions. Remain to be followed: the method of science abstract, industrial and deduction, the principle of logical and historical, statistical order, the selected order of facts, the modeling process, the addition of graphs and statistics.

4. Vivedeni economists are called “theories”, “categories”, “laws”, “principles”, “models”. Formulyuh tsikh ugoznalnee become zavadannya politically economically.

5. Positive politekonomіya describe the facts, obvious processes and vidnosini in a given economy. Normative politekonomіya will be included in their own assessment of judges (“what’s buty”).

6. Political economy to the first for everything I know: I will explain and explain the processes of economic life on the basis of scientific evidence. In addition, the politekonomiya vikonu practical, ideological and theoretical and methodological functions.

Terminologichny vocabulary

The economic category is the science of understanding, which characterizes the surroundings of the economic manifest.

The economic law is the suttvy, the necessary and the necessary causalities and the independence of the given economic process.

Method piznannya - how, to achieve the subject of political economy.

The normative political economy is such that it is possible to go round on the estimated number of people just because such a system is economical in suspension.

Positive political economy is such that I can handle the facts of operational reality and the unique sub-active assessment of judges.

The subject of political economy is the system of economic affiliated people in the economy with interconnected productive forces and political, ideological and social institutes of suspensions. Look, know the law, show, like people and suspension, may I have a great deal of great resources, like a few more friends and servants, give them the maximum need.

The principle is a subordinate, to lay in the basis of a singing economic manifestation, to become the first basis.

Control and power supply

1. Name the subject and subject of the political economy.

2. Open the main features of the environment directly and economically.

3. Significance, є of special interest in economy, economy and macroeconomics. Why do you want to learn from these sciences?

4. Name the methods of ignorance, such as vikoristovє political economy. Yak vi rosumіte dialectical method?

5. Define the significance of the statistics, the statistical basis, the methods of the subject of the article.

6. Name the first function of the political economy.

7. Why do people want to make the law more economical?

8. Expand the role of political economy in the system of economic sciences.

9. Why are you guilty of making you politically economical?

10. Record from the synopsis of the most economical economies and try to find out a personalized contribution to the development of political economics.