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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

1.3. Functions of Political Economy

Positive and regulatory policy. Ekonomіks і polіtekonomіya.

Functions of political economy . Politekonomіya vikonu us before the function. Vaughn clicked on the vivchati and explain the process and the appearance of the economic life of the suspension on the basis of scientific evidence.

Be knowledgeable, who can serve as practical until practical for suspension. To the political economy, I am not guilty of obmezhuvatsya simple statement of fact. The science of goiters is obligated to govern the laws governing economic processes, and to scour the hats of Vikhoristan. From now on, with a well-known functional economy, it is connected with a practical function.

The practical function of the political economy is practical in that we can help people to see our advantage: describe, explain and predict economic progress, for example, the need to switch to a socially oriented economy. Viddacha vid of politekonomichnyh doslіdzhen naybіlsha todі, if ekonomіchnnі knowledge is stashed in rose politiki, the yak is tamed on the basis of a short suspension. For the sake of understanding the theory of science and the fact that it is practical in practice, central to the regular politekonomії.

Political economy to the same as the ideological function. Bagato nourishment politically and economically to direct the ideology to the ideological sphere, to assimilate the ideology of the struggle of the other independent forces, the will of some supreme parties. So, in Ukraine, there are political parties (communist and socialist), political parties (liberal-democratic, the People’s Party of Ukraine, republicatively thin), centrist parties (social-democratic, democratic, etc.). The ideological function of our primary collector of the field is to set up for the Ukrainian model of a viable model, as it is to replace the social system of a happy birthday.

It’s obvious that the function is politically economical on the basis of scientific evidence, with a hat of open-mindedness of the real reality, and the harmony of the most economical and politically minded. It is necessary to bring to the system the facts, which, for example, are overpowered by the socialist economy, you can not mother Maybutny through the singing days of the shortcomings of chi wadi, characteristic of it.

Another function of politekonomії - methodological . The political economy of the country is the theoretical foundation of a whole complex of economic sciences - the Galusewi (the economy of industry, the state thanks to the government, the business, the transport and the economy), the financial, financial, economic and financial resources. In addition, the low economical sciences try to stick to the sticks of the vernacular galleries of knowledge - economical geography, management theory (management), the history of the people’s statehood that’s the basis for theoretical politics.

Vinikaє nutrition: why the theoretical and methodological basis of these economic sciences є is the political economy itself? Відповіді on the price of nutrition:

1. The political economy is obvious in the faceted economic situation not in the local distribution (financial charity), but in the systemicity. On the other hand, the most important economic sciences are the political economy, not only the functionalities, for which specific disciplines are specialized, but the first social issues and social issues. Allow you to pay attention to pennies, you need to complete the whole economic system, all the sounds, super-expressions, and strategic tendencies. You can’t make it easier for economical science, except for political economics. It’s clear that economical economies aren’t driven by any kind of functional economics, as well as you can understand the theoretical position of these areas of knowledge. It is worthwhile to rely on the fact that there are real issues, such as a science that is guilty of understanding and robust visibility (positive and negative).

2. Political economy - such a science, yak doslіdzhuє naybіlsh suttєve, naybіlsh glybinine in the openings and processes of the economic life of suspension. There’s an emphasis on respect, not on just one manifestation, but on lucid, yak є shining ones for all economical sciences, but for most of them. The first principles of the law, theories of the model, and the different polices of the economy, to create positive tombs for the whole complex of economic sciences.

3. Niyaka galuzeva chi mizhgaluzeva ekonomichny science can not replace the political economy in the current days of the social and economic system of suspensibility, the laws of public development, the dominant social systems of new types. All the same, with the direct functional function of the political economy.

Wanting political economy є science, Aleva won’t є exact science. The economic manifestations, on the basis of physical and biological characteristics, cannot be achieved in laboratory minds and precisely the size of the given quantity. Prote її uzagalnennya scho spirayutsya on facts realnoї dіysnostі often Je dosit accurately. For example, politekonomіya to finish exactly what I saw, I will appear in a capitalistic way of virobility, concrete in particular way of development. More precisely, visions about the appearance of such laws, such as the law of the first capital award, the law of competition, the law of competition, the basic law of capitalism, the law of consumer protection.