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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

Revolutionary people

The revolutionary populists became aware of three different trends, and P. Lavrov, P. Tkachov, and M. Bakunin conceived of them.

Petro Lavrovich Lavrov (1823-1900) - one of the leading ideologists of the people, philosopher, sociologist, economist, mathematician. Winning graduation from the St. Petersburg Artillery College and graduating from mathematics at higher mortgages. 1868 fate for its suspension of activity due to Vologda governorate.

Writing the famous “Historical Leaves” (1868–1869) to the very laurels Lavrov, they became friends with the “Week” and became the program document of the revolutionaries of the 70s pp. For the support of G. Lopatina Lavrov utіk іz deserved and viihav for the cordon, de cognizing Marx and Engels. Behind the cordon, having distributed a vision to the Vperyod magazine, a certain role was important for the propaganda of socialist ideas in Russia.

Lavrov and the last followers (the so-called Lavristi) blamed the henchmen of the Socialist Revolution, as a rule to understand the people, the village, the Kerovans of the Revolutionary Intellectuals. The preparation of the revolution handed over to the trial propaganda of ideals of socialism in the people.

Significantly, a few men in Lavrov’s praises are dedicated to economical nourishment, and to yaklyoplyuyut all sides of the suspension-economical life of that Russia. Before the reform, Lavrov wrote about the grief, the inappropriateness of the village settlement, and just look at the problem of the village boulevard boulevard. Having seen the criticism of the reform, yak, as I have seen, “didn’t ring the villagers up”. Lavrov Gostro criticizing the autocracy and economic policy.

At the pitanni about the role of the community, look at Lavrov’s not blamelessly. In the 70's pp. having looked at the community as I think of the transition to socialism, as the basis for stirring up the Maybuty socialist slavery. Thanks to the process of distribution to the community and the emergence of capitalist business, Lavrov is characterized as a cob for the preparation of a social revolution. In the month of capitalistic harmony, having written wine, come robotic socialism * 13. Robotic socialism, beyond Lavrov, is appreciated through the transfer of land to peasant communities, and industrial enterprises to robots. Tim ourselves will be privately owned and operated by people and people. Ozhe, the main vimoyu Lavrov vvavav vzamina privatnogo osnovnosti sluspilnoy.

* 13: {Div .: Journal. "Forward". - 1876. - No. 27. - S. 65.}

At prazakh 90 rr. Lavrov doslіdzhuє reznі etapi development of Maybuty social and social suspension. First, Karl Marx’s analysis of the category of “high hour” to socialism, as well as the redundancy of the “long period”. Prote is a project of social revolution, the fragmentation of Lavrov, oblivious to the more vicious moguls of the revolutionary bourgeois-democratic.

Mikhaylo Oleksandrovich Bakunіn (1814-1876) - from time to time from the noble family. 1840 rooku vihav for the cordon, de joining the revolution dyalіnіst. In the history of the revolutionary ruin of Western Europe, the anarchist. Anarchism and nationality are close to ideology, not protean.

The Bakunin’s participation in the neglect of the social revolution, in his response to the young people “to go to the people” and to seduce the villagers’ revolts, were they sprouted by a part of the Narodniks, who called themselves anarchists. In the history of the Narodnik Rukh, Tsei was directly called bakunism.

Bakunin, having honored, scho rosіysky people - "rebellion of nature." Revolution of the people, and the same minority of the social revolution, waking up in the evil camp, having changed the people in a certain way, as well as turning into the right to land. Bakunin Buv an implacable opponent of Ukraine.

Reform 1861 p. I wasn’t pleased with it, it was called cheating, so I didn’t give people the right to freedom, and I encouraged them to pay great vacancies.

Having acted Bakunin and with criticism of capitalism. Win the apologetics of capitalism in the bourgeois literature and language of art with advanced operating methods. Capitalism Bakunіn rozglyadє as a new form of exploitation, as if I will lose my name more undisturbed with the advanced forms - slavery and crime. Criticism of capitalism, Bakunin, I bow to the bestial respect for criticizing the "bourgeois order", and not for the nature of economic vidnosin.

He called Robitnik Vin “pure socialists” and vvav, who politically wrestled with them, not only, but rather, they should serve less than the interests of the bourgeois. Robotniks will be able to fight on the soil of "economic interests". Prote Bakunіn having expressed his lack of reconciliation with the class superelations of capitalism and the affection of the bourgeoisie.

Bakunin and his followers acted against these powers and promoted the idea of ​​a strong federal association of civil society, basically freedom of an individual lay (as far as the right to immorality, parasitism, and freedom) were. In order to economize, the basis of the Maybutyan social associations was uploaded to the transfer of all land to the earthmoving communities and all community services to robotic communities.

1876 ​​p. Vinikla Narodnitsa Organizatsiya "Earth and Freedom", the program of the Yakun Bula Bakunistsky. The agrarian nutrition hung on the first plan with the whole program, on the view of the western Europe, the factory nutrition was dear.

"Hodіnnya to the people", in which I won both i Lavristi, I bakunіsti, I recognized the failure. The villagers did not sprinkle the Narodnik ideas, they praised the problems of landlessness and high incomes. For these minds, the “Earth and Will” rose to “People’s Will” and “Chorny Peredil”. Chornoperediltsi at the party of Plekhanov promoted the tradition of “Land and Freedom”, and the people of the people began to wear the hats of terror.

Petro Mikitovich Tkachov (1844–1885) and his elders praised by means of struggle to reach the “people's ideas”, that is, the “village socialism”. Virishiti qiu is the problem of the Mali revolutionaries themselves, having knocked down the royal detachment and having scooped up water. Russia, at the thought of Tkachov, is ready before the socialist revolution, fragments of no capital and the bourgeoisie. That’s why the winnings came from the theory of the unrighteous seizure of the political power of the “revolutionary menchut” with a whip * 14.

* 14: {Div .: Tkachev P.N. Tasks of revolutionary propaganda in Russia. - London, 1874. - S. 16.}

Tkachov bagato respect respect came to the economic problems of Russia. The articles “Productive Power of Russia”, “Statistical Russia” and those of Weavers at the Great Statistical Material Analysis and Economy of the Country, a quick decision, a relatively low level of productivity of land and land It’s a must, to rob a visnivok, є a proof of the inability of an ісnuyucho system. In view of the current situation, the settlement of the Weavers of Tkach is viable, having transformed the villager from the “digger” to the “digger”. From now on, one of the fourth program vimogs succumbed to landlords and landowners to the villagers.

Having recognized Tkachov and the need for industrial development of the country, without which the state gift is necessary, not only the percentage of prosperity, but the first one is needed. Winning with guest criticism of capitalism and bourgeois political economy, yak, for the sake of words, captures of interest to capital. Having weakened Tkachov, try to make a new economic science, once in a while, “justice and morality”. On vidmina vid Bakunina, winnings without barring the necessary powers in the Maybuty socialist suspension.

The state of Tkachov, having examined the power as a self-independence, is not called upon to operate classes. Winning up to нег ї нег нег пов пов ален ален ален за за за за за за за за за за за за за за за за за за за за за за за за нег нег нег нег нег нег нег зак зак зак зак зак зак зак зак. At this position stood and was closed 1879 p. party "Narodnaya Volya". Volunteer people respected that economic and political slavery to the people in Russia was not zoomed in in an economic fashion, but by the will of the state. The revolutionary coup, the downfall of the power of the people of freedom, were brought together by the forces of the Wikipedia Committee. Proteus of all зhinnі zusilla got married with the drive of the tsar Oleksandr II (1881 p.).

After writing to the People’s Will rogue, the people began to re-establish liberal tendencies.