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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

Liberal People

From the mid-80s pp. in suspension Russia, we are ideally liberal. The whole reason for taking the development of capitalist vidnosin in the country and the settlement of differentiated settlements. Although liberal populists, like the revolution, behaved in the name of all settlement, they turned out to be actually viraznikami of the Soviet bourgeoisie. The ideologists of the liberal populist boules: V.P. Vorontsov (1847-1918), M.F. Danielson (1844-1918), M.K. Mikhailovsky (1842-1904), S.M. Krivenko (1847-1906), С M. Yuzhakov (1849–1910) and that.

On the basis of the revolution, the liberal populists imagined the struggle against the autocracy and concentrated all respect on the programs of the so-called "Malikh Del". His economical stink program was called out for the idea of ​​a non-capitalist hat to develop Rosii, a yak was primed on the occasion of S. Sismondi. Relying on the theory of realization of Sismondi, the Narodniks ignored the virology of living, the wisdom of the product was reduced to a sum of income. I’ve seen that I’ve been worried about the shortage of the internal market, the lack of realizable pre-paid rates without the random market, about the post-crisis crisis. Tse served as a guide for increasing the lack of prospects for the development of capitalism in Russia.

So, V. Vorontsov wrote, scho Rosіya, the yak literally became on the hats of capitalistic development, you can’t roam on the hats of the old market. Internal rinok, meaning win, can also speed up, because it’s more worthless to “spend all the time”, and the Russian man is “very cold”, since there is little ground in Russia to develop capital * 15.

* 15: {Div .: V.V. (pseudonym V. Vorontsova. - L.K.) The fate of capitalism in Russia. - SPb., 1882. - S. 32.}

Vorontsov is n’t a big deal, it’s not a sign of developing capitalism in the country. He said he called the facts to be “truncated more deeply in capitalism, less than the manifestation of the most vidnosin” * 16. Vozmushcheniye dealt with the development of business cards in okrimichi goluzi promyslovostі (for example, machine learning), Vorontsov explaining the fact that I’ve run through the order.

* 16: {There by itself, p. 24.}

Ozhera, Vorontsov, on one side, repeating about the marriage of soil in Russia for the development of capitalism, and on the other hand, the suggestion of a loss of business. That’s why winnings come to life for the eclipse of development of capitalism.

I have taken the analogous position of the first nutrition by S. Yuzhakov . Zvertayuchi respect for the threat of capitalism, I want to go to the sunset, declaring, declaring that it’s not possible to occupy and turn to the old patriarchal orders.

The non-capitalistic evolution of Russia was pledged by M. Danielson * 17. It means, that capitalism is obvious, it’s obviously reassigned, and it’s “... all the greater part of the virobnikov exp ...” * 18, the call of the rose and the conscience vryatuvaty and the people have revived. Zdіsniti tse vіn having joined through the community and the development of the other village peasant virobnitz.

* 17: {M. Danielson re-name “Capital” with my Russia.}

* 18: {Nikolay - he (pseudonym Danielson. - L.K.). Essays on our post-reform social economy // Slovo. - 1880. - No. 10. - P. 60.}

Vistupayuchi with criticism of capitalism, as a bagato in what is small “romantic”, other bourgeois character, the Narodniks opposed yoma to a non-bourgeois mood, representations of “popular virobnitz”, a kind of thought, panowed at Rosii. Before the “national virobnitstva”, the stench had introduced community settlement, the artisanal and artificially promoted villages.

By the ideal of the liberal populace Bulo Mitsne Selyanske statehood, the yak was resisted by the capitalist. For the sake of securing the whole gratitude of the stench, the residents of the village received an expansion of the village landowners, ordering the rented people, giving the villagers a little sign, getting together in the village, separate forms of cooperation, and keeping the village residents welcome. From now on, in fact, it was about building up the minds needed for capital development of the state gratitude. The economical program of the liberal populists is small, with such a rank, a bourgeois-democratic character.