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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

2.4.3. The Law of Decline Corinosity.

The fall of boundary corinosity in the world when people live singular singing product is accepted to be called the law of decline corinosity.

The law of declining boundary corinosity is of greater significance for the organization of viral goods of any kind, as well as in well-behaved people. A manifestation of a declining border is based on the principle of explaining the law of consumption, the key role is to ensure that, by some means, the residents should be able to distribute their own small items and get small goods and servants, so be sure to buy.

Theory of boundary corinosity . Corporeality of skin speech with reserves, as such with such evidence, as a condition. So, the effective cinnamon perliv is insignificantly uneven, for example, due to the cinnamon of the bread, prote, the cinnamon of the first is essentially the limit for the cinnamon of bread. Theory of borderline corroboration is clarified in order to give a glimpse at first glance to the fact that it is possible to speak poorly to the temple borderline, to significantly reduce the extent to which it is necessary to understand On the right is that perly, gold is thin in such a way that there is a small number of gold, which requires them to be satisfied more than a little peace and the limit of their price is very high. We want to have a better life, people, bread, salt, maple, water, and others, we have such a great deal of food, but we need to have more and more food for them. a small number of blessings given to a kind of blessings; human beings; insignificant, but a small increase in kindness.

2.4.4. Factors viznoznachennaya corinosity.

Spread the grooves of the shovels, which are the factors, the corypost of goods is clearly denoted, it is necessary to have the necessary gifts and needs for their satisfaction . As a rule, in order to regulate your presentation, you can formulate this way: what is the broadest and the most intensive consumption, what is more important and what is more important, what is more important, there is more to be desired, more some guilty zakіnchuvatisya ikh of the satisfaction, tim. First, what’s the matter of need, how much you need to be satisfied, what’s the less important, what’s more, what’s the best I am bound by the corinth of such goods.

From now on, there are many speeches and services that tend to lie in suspension, to actively dissimilarity for people: one to the other, one to the other, but insignificant. In case of marked coronary speech, the amount of skin and skin benefits should not be taken up to respect kіlkіsna, so that reserve. Zrozumіlo, for example, scho corisnost bread ten times as many as the corinosity hockey sticks.

In real life, people are more likely to be scolded by such a vowel, as the corporeality of a single good given, and, apart from that, I especially want to draw respect to the goodness (value of the stock) of the given good.

Borderline cornsnost є even more important and valuable category, won’t rukhє behavior, help people and manage the world ов н і і потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб потреб consumption and skin. Naybilsh a simple turbot about power is good, I’m kind of keen on skin, and I’m skin-conscious, lyudina, and I’m tempted to do the same thing to please my consumers. Tіlki is light-weighted lyudina can store all of your vitrotity pennies for the satisfaction of your low-value consumers, without adding anything for the satisfaction of your most important, socially significant, unresponsive needs. People and children coddle with these simple rules, if an obvious supply of goods rush for the wrap of one chi decilkokh ekzemplyarіv. Corinth is automatically grown, the blessing is to become more valuable, and at the same time, there are more people than ever before. So, as a farmer, through drought, to gain a smaller and lower planned crop of crops and crops, then you don’t have to die for starvation, I drive that part; I sleep) Zab'є chi prreche on hunger strike.

The political economy has the largest economy of the theory of border corridors for the purpose of minimizing the new value and price of goods. The whole problem of boundary corinosity will be addressed in the course of the course.

2.5. Economic interests, interchange with needs, living and virobnitsvom

Economy and interest structure. Economic super-hype, ix character and tipi. Economic superexcision yak dzherelo socially-economic progression. Conjuration - Kіntseva meta virobnitstva.

2.5.1. Economy and interest structure.

People, households, enterprises and other structures of suspensions, joining themselves at the call, to listen to other economic interests. Varto’s mother on respect, first interest, first and foremost, є the most beautiful categories of “consumer” ’, in other words, of course, I’ll show the form of more economical people.

Economic interest - the reality , the rationalization of economic vidnosiny and the principle of economic vigodi motive and incentive of social people dyodno gratification cons.

Economic Interest є First for everything related to social and social manifestations of consumption, її acknowledged. Ale realizyutsya interests through labor, gospodarsku dyalnist people, іhhnі ekonomіchnі vіdnosini.

At the beginning of literature, it is possible to develop here and there an important economical interest: “The economic interest is the key to the process, I have to go through the process of realizing the business” ( A. Gen. ., 1999. - S. 63); “Economic Interests - Sponukalnye motives gospodarskoi dyalnosti people, the clowning of men and women with the system of visual power and suspension of the pragmatic, with coveted needs” (Political Economy / V. A. Medvedev, O. I. Ogerkin, L. I. Abelkin . - M., 1990 .-- S. 87). Every now and then, from day to day economic interests, we become more dangerous, because they can be able to move by economical progress, use this power to bring about the whole economic system of suspensions. Interests are formed and realized through practical people’s activities. In order to become aware of the material minds of life, a mess, a yak stink, they sit in historical-specific viral idiosyncrasies, as well as political, moral and social factors.

Such suspensions are class. It’s in the interest of people to find their own image of class. So, the class of capitalism, interest, interest in the robust class of settlement. Kapitali с the valsniks of trade, commercial enterprises, open middle structures, advertising agencies, land resources, and transport systems are skinny. Їkh economical interest in the widespread scale of the high-ranking virobnostva, pogromadzhennі capіtalu, zrostannі special especial bugginess and resurrection. Robotnik svіy іnteres - know the robot, know how to qualify, earn money for life, mothers can use it, pay the rent for the apartment. Interests are considered to be the establishment of an individual class of social groups in suspension, and in the end result - panuvial forms of moisture.

There are important factors in view, which can be added to the essence of economic interests, and that you can rest on the basis of the most social sub-activity, social activity, social activity. For the sake of convenience, accelerate the structure of economic interests, fragments of lyudin, who are not the only representative of the singing class, but that of the indivisible person, the kind of singing of the living room, and especially the fact that they are in good condition.

In addition, in the system of economic interests, it is possible to see the individual interest. Growth in the quality of the skin, leg in a suspended virology with significant significance lies in the participation in work, training, fault management, integrity, discipline, discipline. In a particular interest there is a manifestation of a great deal of precedence and suspicion in the whole, as well as a great deal of preference for forms of participation in distribution, income distribution, and wide working hours.

Apart from special interests and interests, there are also interests of labor collectives and economic interests of the state. Interests of labor collectives are secured by the arrangement of labor agreements and are realized in the process of cooperation, participation in a profitable trip, and a poor social partnership are too small. The state can realize its economic interests, yakti for one day can be respected by the most popular: collect economic policies, distribute national income, regulate suspension of virology, conduct social security policies. The role of economic interests of the country as a form of foreign people interested in progress. A state, besides that, in order to fulfill the function of superlative language by its interests and social groups.

Varto assimilate that you can learn more about how to get people interested , for some reason they should be safe from virobnitstv. Qi ways - rіznomanіtnі. Proteins of them include є takі: 1) one-by-one primus; 2) economic interest in the interests of people; 3) moral and material preoccupied labor activity. In the last time, it is more significant to have a special honor, labor activity and bachelor’s desire to convey their prestige to business and in suspension. In practice, all the ways you can pour on the interests of people can be fulfilled, and so can be met. Prote nai_bilsh actively vikoristuyutsya system of economic primus on the interests of people: sales are robust and robust pid because of starvation, intense prratsya wittyness of being unemployed, bezbitkovy robotic business, no need to know more. The transition of Ukraine to the marketplace of vidnosin is as strong as possible, and the economy of primus is important for the interests of people.