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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

2.5.2. Economic super-hype, ix character and tipi.

Realization of economic interests is connected with different characteristic features of their super-transcendental nature. The fundamental principle of recognizing economic interests and their role in economic life of people is to explain them through the authorities of internal superexcision.

There de de_vidutny_totnost іnterestіv - існуі відмінність, from the same, the power of superechnost and conflict .

Super-transcendence, dominated by economical interests, may be sub-active, so be-main. Persha is clouded by a sub-active approach of people to interests, and a friend is based on the principles of the establishment of physical and legal features in economic minds of realizing economic interests. So, є suttva rіznitsya mіzh valsnik kapitalu - hired robotic power and hired robotic.

The real need for economic life is the attainment of economic interest and economic benefits through the implementation of cutaneous treatment based on the basis of a consensus. The interest of the owner of capital can not be realized, but we won’t be at the singing performance of the interest of the company. On the one hand, hiring staff, we are struggling for the realization of our interests, our interest in business, on our own, as well as on our own products, as well as our livelihood.

In leather and leather, there’s an organically binding situation with collective and suspension. In this way, the basis for the interest of people in the economic and economic interests of the people is constantly changing.

Tse є important mental for the development of suspension virobnitstva і bіlsh povnogo udovolennaya zrostayuchyh consumer.

The development of virology, the promotion of the role in good deed is reached by the people who are in action and are socially active. Aleschko sponuka činki people, ikhin dії? Vіdpovіd on the power supply is not є idle. I respect the bagato economy, the philosopher and the sociologists, who are important as the economical, like any other, and progress ност super-hype.

The essence of economic superechnost. Significance of super-transcendence in the development of nature and suspension to finish at the right time to see the prominent Nіmetsky philosopher Persian half of the nineteenth century G. Hegel. Vin razvinuv thought about superachnity like the principle of "lukewarm samoruha", as the internal dzherelo dyysnogo development. “Superechnost,” wrote Hegel, “the axis is rightly wrong ...” ( Hegel G. V. F. Encyclopedia of Philosophical Sciences. - M., 1974. - T. 1. - P. 280).

Be an economically vidnosini, and from here, and categories, scho bends, conclude with them protivolezhnosti. I have the title of Zim Vaughn є Superechnostyu є єdnіstyu Superechnykh. So, the product is one of simplicity - corinosity and vartosti. Be a kind of economical sound between the cloisters of the Obov'yazkovo Vistupa, as a form of superelevation and rukhuyu. Is it possible in the economic manifestation of mutual support of the parties, their struggle and their anger in a new and economical way (law, category, economy, etc.) is becoming a day of economic ruin and progress. Otzhe, superechnost - the whole struggle between the mutually protracted sides of an economical apparition.

Superechnosti, as they are in the middle of an economical system, are called economical. The stench permeate the system of suspension virobism, in all spheres and phases. Due to the nature of economic super-transcendence, in some cases it is possible to speak about active (for example, super-competitiveness of viral subordinate and productive forces), in those who are sub-active and sub-active (more important - more factor). The super-specificity of the sub-active-obstructive nature of the vistup, for example, the struggle, the struggle of nature and nature in the process of living life. Rosgortannya cієї super-transcendence є with zmistom and dzherel development of productive forces of suspension.

From a point of view to the nature of economic interests, there can be two types: non-antagonistic and antagonistic.

With the signs of antagonistic superslims є: a) the manifestation of irreconcilable interests among the hairworms and the working people; b) the impossibility of a third-party virichenny without a liquid singing economic system; c) tendency to vibration of state forms of borotbi. It should be noted that often the antagonism of winery is often antagonistic to that of which it is impossible to virushuetsya.

There are two methods for spreading economic antagonistic super-transgressions: 1) with a hat of constant violence, such as social-economic revolution (bourgeois, socialist skinny) and 2) through healthy reform.

History of the world, the revolutionary method of changing the super-transcendence should, as a rule, be reduced to the highest level of outright processes at the scale of all the wide range of events, the wide range of livelihoods of the people. In the case of sweeping outfalls, the revolution has grown into a huge world of the whole country. To those antagonistic super-hypersensitiveness of the most important changes to our quietest and most economical reforms. The increase in antagonistic superslims in economical economics is such a political organization of suspensibility, as a state, as well as legislative and vicarious organizations, as well as a large number of political organizations.

Nonantagonistic superexcience can also be characterized by the manifestation of protrusive interests of sub-objects of suspension, protec- Nonantagonistic and economical super-transmissions transmit more often such visits, such as reform, re-awakening, accelerated development, greater priority, and greater emphasis on system In the case of the increased superlatives, the more important is the increase in economic malignancy in the country.

For the most part, for the most unreasonable reasons of non-antagonistic super-hype, one cannot reach out by stretching the rooks, it stinks, as a rule, outgrow into antagonistic, manifesting some kind of overseas strikes, manifestations, blocking, lack of authority to parliament.

For the Ukrainian economy it’s a characteristic to finish the most economical super-hypers, as well as get close to the antagonist rivals behind their own serpent. By the manifestation of this super-transverse є: 1) a slight decrease in suspension virobnitz; 2) expansion between the "tinovo" economy; 3) the sutta of the lower life of the population of the region; 4) the supramirous rosary of suspension on the bahatih and b_dnih arc; 5) payment of salary, pension and scholarship is not available; 6) regional, galuseous and national strikes and manifestations of working people. The fragments of the legislative and vicarious organisms of Ukraine’s ownership didn’t mean that they were super-sensitive, then they should be kept away from them.

I wouldn’t have been bullied by my own serpent of economical super-hypers, who know noble people from their own divisions. And the success of the development of super-transcendence means knowing the re-code for economic progress, development for normal social and economic minds and factors.

In economical and economical super-transcendence. Significant part of them is looked at in this course of political economy. At the same time, there are more details of them, as in the political economy there is a special significance.

Naybіlsh through the igneous and natural basis and the rushіnnoy force to develop virobnitty єy super superfine in the interconnection with the living. Consume to create an ideal image for the product and to stimulate sensory stimulation. And tse ruhaє virobnitstvo. Creation of such a product, satisfying it with given consumption є by way of spreading the need for superlations between living and needs, from one side, and from the viral — from the first.