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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

2.5.3. Economical superechnost dzherelo socially-economical progress.

Consume, as I did, є non-contiguous. At that very hour of viral resources, which are necessary for viral products and services, by consuming the customer, please wait and see once. From now on, it’s really sub-active that there is more than less intrinsic human needs and more powerful abilities, and it’s really okay. Schematically qiu sukupnіst demonstratorє rice. 2.4.

“Sub-active” sub-emphasis on the lack of interpersonal needs and viral abilities

Fig. 2.4. Obively-sub-active superelevation between the non-existent needs of people and the power of virobnitz

The main problem is the political economy of science, in the ways we can find the most important thing for people to satisfy their non-consuming needs and to be separated by their real needs.

The very same way, it’s politically economical to solve the problems of “why, how, for whom do you care?”, To reassure you to theoretically (because of the main function) and to give them practical support.

The progressive development of the economy of the economy is extremely new to the new ones, which are popular in the Russian system, the old, and even the old. It’s new and old in economizing with the transition of a single camp until the last one in the process of development. Pid new rozumіyut not just those who want to win, but the top rank, those who are my maybut, what’s for the singing and historical furnishings of the ruhє and the direct economic development. Stvorenі in the 1930s The kolgospi appeared as a new phenomenon in the system of agricultural enterprises. The protégé of z'yasuvalos, which does not require a progressive form of organization of vidnosin of moisture and virobnitz. The stench came out in nefektivnimi, but unprogressive forms of state giving. As a result of one of the reasons for the chronic state support of the state donation in the central part of the Soviet Socialist Republic, I was tempered by the development of food problems.

Older - those who have a shameful retirement, obmezhuє admission. At our time before the “old” move to bring the monopoly of power to all the interests of the government, to the power of the people, the directive plan, the system is planned and divided, so the titles are the principle of democratic centrality, the main thing is little. Our minds are constantly updating the principles of the current social and social economy: regulation of the state gratitude, the formation of private, collective and state power, goodwill, competition, commerce,

The emergence of the new v_dbuvaє to be a hat of the censure of the old, through the struggle against it. To fight it, I will need an hour, necessary for the development of a special super-hype. As a matter of fact, the development of the singing and economic super-hype is delayed, but you can turn into antagonistic. Appearance of a new one is foreseen by a singing Yakisnim fungus, an element of the development of the old old superlative and the ear of new ones.

A newer economy is characterized by special rice: there’s a fair amount of lawful advancement; newer take all the bugginess, all positive from the old; I will mimic the recession of the old vpovdno to the mind, scho zmіnilsya; nabuvaє such power, element zv'yazku, like a healthy way ahead.

Nova, schiko wiklos, - the power of further progressive development is not lost. The usability of the features is new in the economy, the progression of its development. Look forward to the memory, which is the establishment of a new system in the system of interchange in the organic sound of people and people. Self-willed self-interest in being able to take care of the appearance of a new, new formation of abo, napak, galmuvatis processes.

The economy of Ukraine (such as all suspension) is interchange in the cross station. From one side, you bear in mind the old and old ones, that which is characteristic of obsessed socialism, and from the other - that the active process of becoming fundamentally new for the post-social, non-economic, is important. An important indicator of the approval of the new держ support of the main part of the sovereign power on economic resources and land, the proceeds of privatization.

The assertion of a new meaning is the progressive ruch of suspension virobnitz, that is, progress, the essence of a kind of pitch in the upstream Rus and the lower to the upper, the smaller and more thoroughly found.

The basis of the social and economic progress of the suspension is : 1) to increase the level of organization, as a rule, in the development of suspension formations to self-organization, self-regulation, self-regulation; 2) the size of the scale of the virology, the increase in productivity, the positive structural power of the productive forces are not high; 3) the progressive development of the technological method of work, and with the help of science, technology and the cultural and technical work of workers; 4) everything is more and more satisfied with the material and cultural needs of the skin and people.