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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

3.4.3. Zagalniy ekonomіchny law development of the economy.

Rosette and up-to-date virobnitsva needs to create new technologies and new organisation of virobnitsva, new management systems. All the same, I zoom in on the winnings of the new virological vidnosin, the fragments of the so-called winter warehouses; social, technical, and organizational and economic vidnosini. Protein virodnichi vidnosini may have specific power for an hour v_dstavati vid r_vnya development of productive forces, hereby with such a rank of galvanic energy for rest. In such a situation of viral business, we are reforming with the help of mind building for fake progressive development of productive forces. Reforming vidnosini moisture, rozpodilu, rinkov_ vidnosini skinny.

The dialectic of the interconnection of productive forces and viralities of the legal order is subject to the zagonal economical law of developing economically and so formally and economically formative systems. Call your law the most irreplaceable economic law . Behind it, the structural elements of economic vidnosin for the most important parameters and their own likelihood to be able to adequately achieve the development and nature of productive forces.

The Danish law has not been damaged in the case of formal, so in the case of civilized approaches to the introduction of economical systems and regularities of their development. Win regulation of economical systems and economical formations, assimilating super-differences between productive forces and viral and other economical ones, keeping the rest of the productiveness up to the nature of productiveness.

A skin new wreck of technological development given to the type of productive forces vіdpovіdaє svіy sabel modifіkatsіі virobnichih t іshih ekonomіchnih vіdnosin. The skin is a new type of productive force, the new, the new type of viral product is new, the economy is new, and the system is new.

Necessity in economic vidnosyny solve the problem of them oskhosonalenny. It is possible to rozvyati її, spiraling into the legal form of the manifestation of virobiotic, rosodilnyh and the same economically vidnosin, and itself: formulate a new state mechanism, in a certain thorough way, they have to give them more control effective productive power. Itself zavdyaki constructing a new chi to the side of the іsnuyuchy gospodarskogo mehanіzmu to reach out vіdpovіdnіst ekonomіchnih vіdnosin need development of productive forces. On the basis of this, it is formulated to achieve equal importance (economical vidnosini vidogam productive forces) and dynamic system. For such rivovagi shvidko razv'yutsya ekonomichnichny super-hypersnosti, scho ry to dynamic and effective development of suspension virobnostva, itself for such rivnovagi virobnostvo the product can be secured between the virobiotic.

Terminologichny vocabulary

Virobnicha funktsiya - vzamezvozv'azok between the maximum product liability, yaku can virobity, and vitrativ factors virobnitstva, need for an oath.

Economic formation - a way of violating the principle of unity and interaction of productive forces and given type of suspension -viral lesions.

Economic vidnosini - vidnosini and zvyazki between people, who are to blame for the processes of suspension virobnitsva, rozpodilu, swapping and living.

The most important economic law of the world is the principle of structural elements of economic elements for their most explicit parameters, the development of the nature of the productive forces.

Podil praci - the process of raising the number of views of the viral performance, depending on the group of the viral groups, closing the trials for singing types of viral performance.

Productive force is a system of factors of virology, in order to save the re-creation of the words of nature, I will always meet the needs of people to do material and spiritual goods and to signify the growth of productivity of suspension.

Productivity - effectiveness, productivity of the human factor as the main productive force.

How virobnitzva - Unity and interconnection of productive forces, who will try to sing on singular development, and this type of virobodnichny vidnosin.

Technological method of virology - the latest standard for materials, technology, energy, information and organization of virology.

Control and power supply

What is also the economy and the role of life in suspension?

Explain the role of productive forces in an economical system.

Call it the development of productive forces.

What is productive prac?

What is the main function and main warehouses?

Describe the diurnality of economic vidnosin and name their basic pidssistemi.

Prepare the materials for such a meal: Chi є reznitsya mіzh categories of "economical vidnosini" and "virobnich vidnosini"?

What is the reason for the irregular economical law of business?

Name the main types of economical systems beyond the formal input.

Name the main types of economic systems for civilian income.