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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


4.1. Vlasnost yak ekonomіchna category

Sutnost moisture. Sub'єkti and ob'єkti moisture. Signs of moisture. Economical zmіst і legal form of moisture.

4.1.1. Saturation of moisture.

Vlasnost є one with the most fundamental and fundamental economic categories. At the same time, this is one of the best categories, more so in my own way, I will manifest the forms and systems of functions.

Ludstvo with a stretch of thousands of hours of daily life of moisture, but I’m up to one hour, the problem of moisture before the end is not viral. The reason for this is, in fact,, those who are power є singing evil of a given economic system of suspensibility. As the very suspension of intercourse in the singing Russia, the know-it-all, the isnu in the transitional forms of development, so is the power of their own type, form and system. To that one of the uninterrupted vlasnik of the minds of the virology with the uncontrolled virozniks of the rose, the most familiar, the basis of the whole fret fret is shoved.

The skin is historically identified by the socially-economic age, the low power and your look at it. At the found hour, power was seen as naturally the law of volodinnya objects of nature chi products pracі. Tse zrozumіlo, bo lyudina, extravagant objects of nature for one's self-recognition, automatically entered into the presence of them, but here it wasn’t a vain idea of ​​economical design. It’s stinky that’s what’s happening, with the winnings of an economical separate collection of laws (virobnitsva). Here, fixation of a suspension-economically vidnosini is fixed.

The development of human suspension and the winnings of the Powers magnified the need for suspension regulation of vidnosin addiction. Naybilshogo rozkvіtu tsey process of access to the roman age and know yours ugozagalneniya in Roman law. At that very time, the economical vidnosin is more exhilarated than the other one, which is described in the sovereign acts in science treaties of philosophies, politicians, poets, and people who have come to practice. That’s why it’s not marvelous that power for a quiet hour looked like the right to power, turned around three attributes: right volodynnya, ordering and koristuvannya.

It’s economically thoughtful of the highest age category of power, even without any problems with economic identity, although Proudhon didn’t leave her right to overshadow her “theft”.

It’s important to have a good understanding of the economics of the world. Zrozumіlo, what is the best way to beat the singing function of the category of power.

I don’t have to summarize, I understand the power wines in people from the result of viral material goods and their benefits. Understanding the winery’s moisture there and de, if the winery’s decile is self-reliant, independent, economically independent, if they’re blaming them with the drive to drive their own products.

From now on, power is not a matter of principle, but one of two people with a drive and an introduction to speeches — products in practice. The price is a one-to-one іvіdivіnno іх відпідінії іх vіdnoshennya to the material, znaryad і product і prratsі.

Vlasnіst іsnuє takozh there, de іsnuє th sukupna Prace - suspіlne virobnitstvo, bo th here at єdinomu protsesі suspіlnoї pratsі people vstupayut in vіdnosini mіzh themselves of the drive virobnitstva yak, so i prisvoєnnya rezultatіv spіlnoї pratsі. It’s important to be aware of the fact that power is the only way to drive the virobility, and then we’ve got the desired results, since creatures also have to live by nature, but I don’t know the power. For the sake of emphasis on the primacy of the factor of virobnosis, it is important that the principle of virobnosti and addiction can not be taken advantage of by its scale, sub-objects, so that one can be viral, but it is possible to prevail, live.

Thus, in the most abstract form, the post power is the same as that of the other — the result of the dyalnosti chi її results. Naybilsh virazno power as an economical way to manifest itself, if one is individ, vidchuzhuyuchi, tidy up to the hands of dyalnosti inshogo. Also, we can give you better results, we will give the results for equivalent results with the results, so for the unprofitable parts of the results that will result in the loss of value.

So, for a simple commodity distribution with a healthy equivalent, T = G = T is the maximum number of people: the result of one of the most important things is that you need to be able to do it better. As long as the product of the prazis (whose part) of the uncontrolled virobnik is violated, it’s free of charge on the corridor of Volodar (slave, feudal lord, and the common bald man of virobiotic), then this is also a second-hand socialist. From the first to enter, the process of introduction is based on the principle of moisture.