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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


1. Evolution of neoclassical ideas from the twentieth century

The monopolization of the economy, the winnings of the sovereign-monopolistic form of power, the precedence of the economic crisis of the 20-30s pp. set the main sum of the postulate of orthodox neoclassicism. The neoclassical principle of principle is the principle of liberalism, which is clearly determined by the principle of income and profitability of the economy.

Keynesians were given the residual blow to the fundamental principles of neoclassicism, as they sang a new concept of economic development. Upon receipt of the recommended recommendations, the bachelors of the country virodnіst of the main tenets of the neoclassical theories were put forward.

In addition, the economical thought of the Dobi could not ignore one another - Marxism, a kind of realization of the practice of socialist centrality, centrality of the Kerow, spiraling, of course.

Take a look at the neoclassical theory of the market and the representatives of the neoclassical school were magnetized. The prominent neoclassical theorists L. Walras, A. Pigu, A. Houtri, K. Vixell and the Russians also pointed to the alternating regulation of the competitiveness of the market, especially for the new minds, and respect for the need for additional power.

However, the weakened position of neoclassicism as the basis of economic policy did not mean the vision of neoclassical methodology of the analysis of economic manifestations.

At that hour neoklasichny napryamok MAV mayzhe stolіtnyu practice ekonomіchnih doslіdzhen, zv'yazanih іz vikoristannyam nayrіz-nomanіtnіshih metodіv i pіdhodіv scho, pochinayuchi of teorіy poslі-dovnikіv rіkardіanskoї school that kontseptsії zagalnoї i chastkovoї rіvnovagi, umozhlivlyuvali vsebіchne visvіtlennya zakonomіrnostey suspіlno-ekonomіchnogo rozvitku.

The neoclassical school of political economy celebrated a non-affectionate influx of energy directly. The neoclassical theories themselves were formulated by methodological ambushes of economical manifestations of the past in the political economy: neoclassical analysis was based on the ideas of the skin of them. Even more economical doctrines of a straightforward straightforwardness came from the fact that the hand of power in the economy is less likely to be found between those who are privilized by power on the basis of virodnosis, because of the fact that they are based on the most varied functions elements of an economical system in order to maintain an integrated system.

In the context of the penny-credit doctrine, the neoclassics themselves formulate the monetary theory of the economic cycle, apparently, the economical cycle is essentially penniless, amidst the unstable credit for pennies and loans. The stench of the Persians curtailed respect for the need for an active pursuit by the power of active credit and penny policies. In the year I want to see the thesis (I want something different) to develop monetarism and Keynesianism.

Keynesian method of regulating economics also happened to know the laws of development of the market mechanism. The very interpretation of the language is “the theory of innovation for the minds of the busy,” because it is one aspect of the problem of the global inefficiency of the system, which prevents the inconsistency of the neoclassical ideas.

The whisker gave the zmogu to the henchmen of the neo-classical ideas of Sturjuvati, who, theoretically postulate, having scrapped another Marshall, are overwhelmed by the actual ones, the fragments of the sovereign regulation лю by the way, I blame them for a great deal of amusement. ” The stinks declared that the all-time crisis є as a henchman’s hand in the power (as a monopoly hairline) in the economy; due to the fact that there is a negative influx of profits for the process of formulating a salary and income, as well as the control of great monopolies for value, I was amused by the economics of being able to react to market conditions.

Water hours at the boundaries of the neoclassical tradition cinemas okremiy straight forward, representatives of a kind are pretending to bring, that the competition is tamed and also monopolistic stage of economic development. D. Robinson, E. Chamberlain, J. Schumpeter redefine the neoclassical conceptual market, formulate theories of monopolistic competition, for some reason to fine-tune them to the extent of self-regulating self-regulation.

INSHI neoklasiki zaklikaet to vіdnovlennya ekonomіchnih minds for yakih znovu zapratsyuє mehanіzm vіlnoї konkurentsії to rozrobki models vihodu of ekonomіchnoї Creasy that ekonomіchnogo zrostannya, team itself rozshiryuyuchi subject neoklasichnih doslіdzhen: strіmko zrostaє rіznomanіtnіst ob'єktіv doslіdzhennya, zmіnyuyutsya pіdhodi to їh vivchennya. At the neoclassical boundaries, I can directly formulate a different conceptual suspension and economic development, an understanding of the protection of the student, so you can talk about the new school. The main principle is the link to the potential of the market system and the link mechanism - all straight schools.

It’s neoclassical theory to enter a new phase, picking new rice, clearly looking at functions; it’s normative (being formulated by programs, first and foremost, practicing, and often progress of suspension). Widely vikoristovuyutsya economic and mathematical, statistical methods of modeling of economic processes, system and factor analysis.

The rozgortannya of all-day crisis to zoom in on the winnings of new priorities in the science of science - the problems of the renewal of the economical differences, the cycle of the economical growth. Representatives of a neoclassical school communicate differently, but between the neoclassical methodologies. Then bring a new representative of a neoclassical school to a new level of knowledge (direct).

So, directly, to absolutize the self-regulating potential of the market, to prevent the need to bring the country into the economy, I will reject the name of a conservative (orthodox) current neoclassical school. The very leaders of the current process are thoroughly updated with the methods of the process, and they have to establish priorities in the galaxy of functional analysis of the problems of economic growth.

Ale, on the other hand, representatives of the mainstream are widely browed at the same time as the macro-economic ones: a bag-factor analysis of the economical cycle is carried out, the model of economic factors is modeled .

As a matter of fact, the problem of penniless was looked at first and foremost because of emphasis, now emphasis is reflected in the greater amount of energy (as a factor of economic growth) during the process of investment, investment. Winery is low in new theories, as many times as possible, there were more than one theory of pennies, but they didn’t lose more than the same amount of pennies, and they didn’t need to remind them of Become aware of the fact that investment is an automatic regulator of the market economy, the head mind of economic growth, and market mechanism is the head mind efficient regulator.

Yourselves have an hour to form and neoliberalism - a flow in the neoclassical generalities, which means that there is a possibility of a private, dashed confluence of power for the economy. All the information about the preoccupation of the idea of ​​liberalism to the new age, and from the beginning, about the cob of a new stage of development.

1938 p. in Paris, the conference is held at the International Conference (the Walter Lipman's Column);

Predkreslyuvalos, scho need for regulating the flow of power to become more deprived of the rest, as they can squeeze on economic stability and bring to negative insistence on social life. If there is a lack of food and any other reasons for shifting to a shorter view of the market, handing over to the sphere of securing є bazhanim і can walk through the immediate regulation of the rozmіvіzі. From now on, the powers began to play the role of defending the market principles in organizing the economy.

On the basis of the conservative, neoliberalism є straightforwardly, I pretend to be the creation of a new social picture of the suspension, the recognition of the basic principles of the functional function. The order of declaring the principle of economic freedom and non-handicap power in the economy, valid neoliberalism will uphold the principle of social justice, so that I will not interfere with the role of the power of the functional protection of the government, but the right to For the power to close the function of protection of social stability in suspension, so as to understand the normal development of the economy. The Political Doctrine of the Neoliberal Theory of the Idea of ​​a Strong Power - an Organizer of Competitive-Market Videnosin and Municipal Economy.

Theoretically, the interpretation of the price doctrine was differently expressed by the representatives of the German, English, French neoliberal schools. Among the most obvious nowadays, the reach of the neo-liberal directly - the doctrine of monetarism, is formulated by American students M. Fridman and is intricately represented by representatives of the Chikaz school. It’s typical for the country of neoclassical approaches to analysis, the revival of the initial role of penniless factors, the renewal of two functional economics and the solution of macroeconomic problems on the basis of the lack of power in the country. Suchasna monetary theory was the result of integrated neoliberal doctrine and conservative neoclassical concepts of economic growth.

Integruvannya ekonomіchnykh uchen іdbuvaє not be more lonely between neoklassichnyh p_hodkhiv. To keep up the trend towards closer Keynesian and neoklassicheskie school, so neoklassichny synthesis. I will be able to synthesize those that are Keynesian theory and declare the principle of handing the power into the economy, ale rosumi handing the power as an impulse, transmitting more self-regulating power. In fact, all presently accepted doctrines do not exclude regulated power of the state, you can’t go to school more easily, as well as you can hand in that school, and there’s a valid international visa.

Otzhe, vzhe in the 30th pp. at the boundaries of the neoclassical method, the precondition is shaped by the straightforwardness: conservative, especially the traditional neoclassical schools and the analysis of the problems of economic development, cyclical development and economic growth; neoliberalism, representatives of a kind, fully committed to the principles of self-regulation of the market economy, recognize the boundaries, the level and the direct energy supply to the suspension-economic development; neoklassichny synthesis, scho grabs є neobhodimost gnuchnogo adhere to the principle of nevtruchannya in the economy of Keynesian methods of sovereign regulation is rooted in all kinds of specific economic situations.

For all straightforwardness, it is characteristic of such approaches to economical analysis, which earned money from the economy by extending the history of development. The main ones are the principle of freedom of economic activity and the sharing of power in the economy.

Recovering from the 70s pp. neoclassical theory of the experience of classical traditions, turning around until the beginning of the initial role of the economical sub-project and the market mechanism of self-regulation for the establishment of the international economical rvnovagi. The development of the neoclassical theory is called upon to reach the highest levels: from the theoretical values ​​of the noblemen to the crisis cranes in the marketplace; From forecasting economic behavior of sub-sectors of market activity in a dynamic environment; In the form of principles of economic policy, straightforward to capture and pay attention to competitive market economy for the mind of monopoly; Because of the most important methods of social problems, the related strength of the market, up to the very last hour the pose has gone awry by respect of an unclassified analysis. The new theory is known, which forbid the need for any kind of hand-in-hand power in the economy. In the center of respect, you can play like an economical way, as well as not an economic factor in developing that market self-regulation. I’m straightforwardly denying Tsey to call “schools of the New Classics”, or “the New Classical Economy” and the sign of the neoclassical Renaissance.

The characteristic rice of the new neoclassical theories є those that need to get rid of ideas of ideas, to insure themselves, to formalize, and to mathematize are all appearances of economic life, of which, I am motivated to have a more secure model. At the representatives of the presently conservative, I directly deal with problems, due to the fact that the mechanisms are functional in the economy on the macro level of the economy. The theory is represented by the doctrines of the rational ochikuvan and the economics of the proposition.

In the most popular academic colleges, new neoclassics are being dominated by a promising and promising direct. That slіd zaznachiti scho pobudovany on osnovі іdeї tsіnovoї rіvnovagi that teorії granichnoї korisnostі on vikoristannі principle system analіzu Suchasnyj neoklasitsizm vpritul pіdhodit to viznannya neobhіdnostі vplivu powers on okremі PARTIES ekonomіchnoї sistemi s metoyu sprichiniti "lantsyugovu reaktsіyu" i zabezpechiti Minds for dії rinkovih forces. Settle on those that have new organizational structures to demand new approaches to the problem of self-regulation, neoclassics are required to keep up with the need for better attendance and see if they are able to stay in good condition.