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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

6. Keynesian theory and economic policy

Keynesianism, like a straightforward economic thought, played an important role in the development of economic theory. Vono zrobiroval test vіdpovіsti for a number of important food, schi winkled at the sound of a crisis in the 30's pp. Keynes, pointing out a number of weak sides of bourgeois economic science at one’s time, having curtailed respect on such sides of capitalist interests, were previously ignored by economists; Having tested the need to introduce new elements into the analysis of capitalist economics, having brought economical science closer to the consumer’s demand for development; Having supported new trends in developing capitalism and having encumbered the necessary participation of the state in economic life.

Keynes’s concept celebrated a significant impact on the further development of economic theory and economic policy. Keynes ’ideas were taken at the organization of capital organizations of the capital. Especially, the theory of national income, the theory cycle, theories of growth and the most important aspects of macroeconomics are valuable. Keynes’s theory itself has laid the cob for a wide involvement in the life of the sovereign regulation of the economy, the practice of specific methods and methods of such regulation.

Especially Myse Keynesianism has been established in the US economic theory and practice. Shche on an ear of the 30th river. Keynes came to the United States and recognized President F. Roosevelt’s ideas. Ale Todi Roosevelt didn’t mean anything. Proteus lacked visibility of the campus and bagato calling, were conducted at the period of the “New Deal”, the bulo was directly “written” to Keynes: organization of huge robots, financial support of the sovereign weekly education, the course is based on the current. 1946 “The Law on Employment” was adopted in the USA at the side of the rock; in some cases, the Bulo Party was encouraged to live in to secure the planned development of the economy. Bulo has been transferred to the establishment of such economic bodies as the Council of Economic Consultants to the President and the Oblast Economic Commission to the Congress.

To the ear of the 60's pp. The main motive for the quietest of the most recent economic policies was that they used the crisis, but the threat of crisis. I want Keynes’s upcoming articles and upcoming articles to pay little respect to the problems, the concept was helped by singing on the theory of nutrition and on direct calling of the so-called anticyclic calls. By the method of the remaining boulder, it’s not the liquidity of the cyclical nature of the economy, that’s when we take advantage of the rush of historical knowledge.

American economy and political downtime have crushed and rewarded with crises, foremost, in the hope of getting “stabilized”, so as to automatically fix the same amount of budgetary policies for the regular cycle.

Protezvid of the other half of the 50s rr. Having shown that you must not come in to anticrisis trivial days, high and low rates of economic growth. American economy save a visny, so you need to concentrate respect not on anti-crisis visits, but on visits with stimulating growth, and soak up time and crisis. Thus, the main motive is expressed in the direct approach of the sovereign economic policy. To save, as a result, we took command positions in the sovereign economic bodies at all periods, we lost keynesians. Keynes’s look and the most economical and joyful John F. Kennedy and L. Johnson’s lovers. President Kennedy has bent on the basis of his economic policy for the attainment of ordinary economic science. Reaching the American president, having tested the uruhomity’s test, the entire arsenal of concerns, Yakim Volodya’s most economical science. Presidents Johnson and Nixon widely spread their eyes on the bows of economic science. About the idea of ​​hanging the head of a colossal head for the sake of economical consultants Walter Heller. Winnings, which is the economical science of the USA, having promoted the postulate of self-regulation, has coined Keynesian ideas of sovereign handwriting, and the US economy has recognized the “beneficial effects of Keynesian economics”. The need for stimulation of the economy seemed to come in handy, as long as the actual price is between the potential and the real gross national product, and not threaten the economic crisis. The whole policy was called the “new economy”. A characteristic особ особ special feature of the Bula is staging before the economic policy a set of specific zavdan. So, economic policy in the first half of the 60s pp. 4% of labor force is fixed for change of unemployment until rivie, protection of generous real economic growth is not less than 4% lower than that of generous GNP by approximately 50 billion dollars (at the price of that period).

Shchosutsya offensive tenfold, then between the 70's rr. more important is the issue of economic control in the economic policeman. President Nixon’s announcements have repeatedly indicated that by my order in the economy club there are 4–4.5% average monthly rates of real economic growth, 4% less timelessness of the average rate, 2% less than the average for rіk.

Keynesian Ideas were popular in Nimechchin, especially in the mid-60s, since here they became significant signs of economic crisis. The Kizinger’s squad after scattering anticrisis come in with Keynesian recipes, so that you can save money, save money, and maneuver at a rate so much. By carrying out the direct thought of economic thought, Nimechchini has become a unique synthesis of neoliberalism with Keynesianism, and clearly reflects the current needs of the sovereign regulation of the economy.

Keynesian concepts stole their hands and feet in the most recent lands, secreted by the fathers of a new author - Great Britain. Here is another 1944 p. Bulo was published to Uryadov’s Bilu book “Politics at the Sphere of Employment” with the aim of increasing the number of waivers of maximum labor resources, as well as paying attention to the highest number of times. Bulo has also been transferred pid control powers to the low gallows of the statehood of Great Britain.

Ale on between the 70-80s pp. Keynesian theory and the concept of sovereign regulation of the economy recognized the serious viprobuvan. Gliboka Svitova crisis 1974-1975 pp. showed weakness and ralizability practical recommendations Keynesianism. Crisis survived the concept of “good fortune”, which is based on social priorities and scrambled over the significant sector of the sovereign government, the direct regulation of the baggage of the spheres of private government and redistribution of income to gain power.

Keynesianism and the modification of versions (neo-Keynesianism and post-Keynesianism) did not give any opportunity to learn more. Come on in, powers that are secured for secure employment and harmonious pace of development, in bagatokh vipadok not a little time.

Nine Keynesianism is a theoretical system and the concept of economic policy has lost the role and role in opposition to the expanded concealment of conservative orthodoxy. Ale vono live, modernize, develop. Keynesian school has put in place a system of categories and vzamozv'yazkіv, but without them, they can hardly be economical theory and economic policy Sunset.