Історія економічних учень - Korniychuk L.Ya.

6. Keynesian Theory and Economical Policies

Keynesianism yak strains ekonomichnoi dumki vidrigalo important role in rozvitku zahіdnoy ekonomichnoy teorii. Vaughn zrobilo demand for a number of vospitalivshih pity, sho vinikli y zvyazku z krizoyu in the 30's. Keynes pointing to a number of weak points of the bourgeois economics of his time, zvernuvshi respect for both sides of the capitalistic disinfection, were previously ignored by economists; Zrobiv demand to introduce new elements into the analysis of capitalist economics, bringing economics to science to the needs of gospodarsky rozvitku; Pomitiv novy tendentsii u rozvitku kapitalizmu te obpruntuvav neobhіdnіst part of the state in ekonomichnomu zhitti.

The concept of Keynes has made the value of the vlyav into a further development of economical theory and economics. Ідеї ​​Keynes took on ozbroєnnya kerіvnі org kapіtalіistichnyh kraїn. Especially for the purposes of the theory of national income, the theory of the cycle, the theories of the macroeconomic aspects. The theory of Keynes has pierced the ears of a wide branch in the life of the sovereign economy, oprazhentsyu specific methods and methods of such regulation.

Osobli ve msnce Kainesianism posilo v ekonomichny teorii ta praktichesi US. It's on the cob of the 30's. Keynes arrived in the United States to read this with his own ideas of President F. Roosevelt. ALE Todi Roosevelt yogo not piddtriv. Prote nevdovzi stanovische zmіnilosya і bagatok zahodіv, yakі were held at the end of the New Deal, the boule was directly "pawned" in Keynes: organisatsiya gromadskikh robot, fіnansuvannya sovremennogo budіvnitvva vzaimolivih gospodarskih ob'ektiv, course on the defensive fіnansuvannya tochno. In 1946, the United States got a "law about hiring," which was ordered by a boule to be vvovaty zahodіv for zabezpechennya planned rozvitku ekonomiki. Bulo pobobacheno of such economic authorities, Yak Rada ekonomichnyh consultants at the presidents of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Economic Council of the Republic of Komi.

To the top of the 60's. The main motive for doing business in the quietest stages of economic policy, they piled on the economy in bulk, the booze crisis abo crisis. І хоч у своїй основній праці та наступних статтях Keynes does not respect the problems of the cycle, the yogo concept has mastered the singing on the set of theoretical food and on the spontaneity so zvanyh antikitsiknih zahodiv. Metoyu zh ostannnyh bula yakshcho not likvidatsya cyclical character kapitalistichnoi ekonomiki, then prinaymnny slablennya yogo ruinnіvnih naslіdkіv.

The American Economy and the Policies in the Borotby with the Crises are rozrachovuvali, peredovsim, on the vishegaduvanni "vbudovanі stabilizatori", tobto on the automatized fiscal system for the regularity of the cycle.

Prote dosvid another half of the 50's. Showing, but anti-crisis, do not enter the trivial pidnessnenya, high-tem of the strict tempos of economical zhostaniya. The American economy has gone to the door, but it is necessary not to concentrate on anti-krizovyh calls, but on calls to stimulate zrostan'ya, yakі vodnochas zapobigatimut i krizam. This is the rank, the main motive of the spontaneous approach of the state economy has changed. Economize, yakі posidali komandiri positsії in derzhavnyh ekonomichnyh bodies at tsey period, buli perekonaniem kejnsіiantsyami. Have a look Keynesa subscribe і niblizhchі економічні радники J. Kennedy t L. Johnson. President Kennedy is the basis for his own economic policy of nainivshi dosyagnenya suhasno yomu ekonomichnoy science. Stronger in the United States of America, the president was amazed by the demand of Urukhomiti for the whole arsenal of possessions, the economics of science has always been there. President Johnson and Nixon widely wore the visors of economics. About tse svidchat vislovlyuvannya kolyshnogo golovy for the sake of ekonomichnyh consultants Walter Heller. Він стверджує, scho economical science of the United States, vkidnuvshy postulate self-regulation, sprinkneya keynsіanskogo ідеї sovereign vtruchannya, and the economist of the USA has recognized "beneficial vplyvu Keynesian ekonomichnoy terapii". The urgency of stimulating economists was beginning to vysnachati, vyhodyachi from the actual distribution of money potentials, that real valovim national product, and not from the clutter of a possible economic crisis. Qiu Policiku Navit was called the "new economy". Characteristic її singularity of the bula statement before the economical half of the concrete of concrete wanderings. So, ekonomichnu polity in the first half of the 60's. The boule has been straightened to the level of the earthquake to the level of 4% of the robochoy, the lack of a real real economic growth is not less than 4% of the gross domestic product of GNP approximately 50 billion dolar (in the prices of that period).

Scho stoosuesya advancing desyatirichchya, then at the inter-70's. Importantly in the economical half-day the problem of control over inflation was dealt with. In President Nixon's applications, he was repeatedly dismissed, but by the method of the series in the economy's economy, the average rate of real economic growth was 4-4.5 percent, the rate of unemployment in the borders was 4 percent, the rate of growth was not more than 2-3 percent in the middle For the рік.

Keynesian ідеї були are more popular in Nimecchini, especially in the middle of the 60's, when here you have become familiar with the signs of economical crisis. Underscore Kizinger raskobiv antikrizov come in with the Keynesian recipes, tobto vikoristivuvav defitsitne fіnansuvannya, pomrnu іnflyatsіyu, maneuvered by the rate vidsotka tochno. With a straightforward straightforward economy, Nimeccini became a synthesis of neoliberalism with Keynesianism, and obviously visibly foreseeing the need for a sovereign economy.

Keynesian concepts were tormented by the sixties і іn the other zahіdnih kraїnakh, zokrema na batkіvschinі їхнього автора - the Great Britain. Here іще 1944 р. Bulo published by the Ministry of Education. The book "Politics in the Sphere of Occupation", with respect to the subordinates of the Udarovo militia, is given to the maximum of the working people's resources, and so is the admission to the high-rises in the grades of the vitruments with the help of the pope. Bulo has been transferred to the control of the state low in the gaols of the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Ale on the inter-70-80's. Кейнсіанська теорія і concept of the state regulation of economics has recognized serious viprobuvan. Глибока світова криза 1974-1975 рр. Showed weakness and disparity of practical recommendations of Keynesianism. The crisis has survived the concept of "power good", which is based on social priorities and spiriatsya on the important sector of the state budget, on the direct regulation of the private sector of private interest and the redistribution of income on the corridor of power.

Keynesianism і yogo modifikovanі verсії (неоейнсіанство та посткейнсіанство) did not give any chance of settling. Come in power, crocheted at the trouble-free time, busy at those harmonic tempos, and you do not bother.

Ninі Keynesianism yak theoretical system і як концепція економічної політики has consumed the quantity of the balloon role and perebuvaє in opozitsії to the widened list of conservative orthodoxy. Able is alive, modern, rozvivaet. Keynesian school created a system of categories that vazemozv'yaziv, scho without them, you can hardly afford to economize the economy and economical politics to the West.