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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

5.2.3. Sub'єkti and ob'єkti of commodity products.

In the case of the approved low-grade suspension and special-purpose commodity distribution, the product is practically leather-covered; the product is filled with such a suspension form, as I have named the product. At zvyazku zim vinikayut and develop product and economy vidnosini. You’ll stink of usability galuzy virobnitstva material goods and services.

Objects of commodity distribution - all those who want to play on it: different items (izhia, clothes, flat clothes, furniture, dishes); items pratsі (syrovina, materials, komplektuyuchi virobi); standard practice (tools, by the way, plowshares, get rid of transport), also good practice, like working and equipping. With the development of commodity gospodorodstva broadened mezhі ogo ob'єktіv, which is generally at the current course of sale.

Sub'єktami of commodity products є Persh for all merchandise merchants. That, who is a viroblade comrade, is automatically automatically subdivided by the commodity statehood and commodity vidnosin. The water hour, the merchandiser is open and the sub-item of the offer is on the market. In this wink the win is already a merchant.

With the development of commodity pennies, commodity exchange is progressively shifted to the regular trading system. In trade, there are individuals, as well as special in trading operations - merchants. The stench does not violate a comrade, but sell it, and not же commodity robbers. Protea они stink є sub'єkty commodity v_dnosin.

At the singing stage, the development of a commodity distribution system with an uncontrolled sub-account of a self-employed man is working out (div. Topic 13).

Sub'єktom of commodity wіdnosin vistupaє a buyer, one who bought a virobleni comrade. Merchandiser є water hour і the buyer of goods, yakі potrіbnі yomu for satisfying the consumer і yakі vіn kupuє on the market. And zagagіl buyer - a sub'томktom of commodity goods --be-yak fizichna chi yuridichna person, who are small and small kupuє goods. Acting economically, it’s important to buy the product itself є the head of the commodity-market commodity market.

Commodity form to the product.

In the minds of the hybrids of suspense, the manifestation of private power is implicitly vindicating and developing . Commodity vidnosini among economical agents of specialized virobniztva to actively materialize in products virobnitstva, on the basis of commodity form. Commodity є not be a specific product of the product, but one that specializes specifically for the consumer on the market for a penny.