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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

5.3. Commodity and power

Vlastivostі goods that yogo superachnostі. Vartіst і price: alternative theories.

5.3.1. Vlastivostі goods that yogo superachnostі.

In the minds of marketable goods, it’s good to be like goods. Vin is an economic key to commodity trade. Yak Klitinka є a warehouse of all the elements of a living organism, so that a commodity presentation permeates the sound of a special commodity gratitude. The exchange of goods is a foldable term of economic life, the very same in exchange for the convention and the average economy. The analysis of the daily nature of the product is an important aspect of the subject of political economy.

Goods є as a successor of the most important economical categories of the economy - pennies, capital, rented goods, capitalism and capital. Moreover, for the benefit of the global economy, it is important that you know the product and the security of the goods.

The American economist P. Samuelson is respectful, the product is economically beneficial, as it is very good (div.: Samuelson P. Economics. Introductory course: Translated from English. - M.: Progress, 1964. - P. 35). Such visibility is sooner agreed upon by one authority of a commodity, and not by any one day. The goods are the first and foremost product of the viadnost, which will satisfy the needs of yaku-nebyud need and signs for exchange. Far more often than not, goods can be both good and good, and resources are not the result of virobnitz (land, cinnamon kopalini, natural products of nature).

Leather goods are a little power. Following K. Marx, we have traditionally named two products in our literature: I have good faith and goodness (div., For example: Bamnelin G. І., Lazur P. Yu., Medvedev V. S. Political education: student. - K .: Nika-Center: Elga, 2000 .-- S. 139). Greater nutritional aspect of the authors є here ша дум дум ка:: товар товар товар товар товар товар: goods, except for the power, one more power, and the same - for the good.

The term “lively wart” is identical to the term “corinth”, the day we have looked at in the same way. 2. The power of the good-will-yack product will require people to call themselves “corinth”. Insha is the power of the goods - the price is the highest. All those that are for sale, may be confused, but so on. Do you know how to know what to eat? it is impossible to vidpovidati "insult". The purpose of the law is to extend the law of developing consumers to the law of the intercourse of viral resources. Yakbi all the blessings, shch viroblyayutsya, not blasphemy for our needs is clearly r_dkіsnimi, as well as not bully bomkonomichnyh goods, goods and pennies. All the benefits of boules would be free, like it is.

There is power over a product - price wart. A product, a kind of suspension of viroblya in unavailable quantity, cannot be a commodity, it cannot be a product in itself is economical, as is a political economy. Vartity є categorical of a variety of blessings, as for their minds, I’m like a comrade of a specialized virobnitsv, from the side, and a є category of specialized viral and that vidnosin.

At the sphere, the exchange of goods with the winery and the function of the category of new features . Minor wartiness is characterized by a persh for all yak kіlkіsne spіvvіdnoshennya, proportion, in one yakіy goods exchanged for the last.

Thus, a product as a product of virobnostva is one of the three main authorities: corinosity, business quality and variability. Tsі authorities є spіlnimymi for all goods і, shcho viroblyayutsya. Minova vart є with a synthetic form I will manifest this form of dominance. From the side, the appearance of a trio of dominions of the product є svіdchenchenyam іsnuvannya super-expressions of the goods_.

So, the corinosity of the fouled singing product is to lie in the form of sub-active likenesses of skin and environment people. For the great science writer Naukova, literature is not of any significance - it’s unimportant. Navpaki, for the scientist naukova literature є most need. From the side, Velmi Korisna Rich, we can see the wart, yak, for example, the wart of the dearest. Rich corisna, ale varty наст наст nastilki visoka, schaw not available. I am trampling and protivopodnee vipadki, if even a little more corisna rich low. For example, the need for our everyday life of bread and butter is very good.