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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

English neoliberalism

One of the founders and leading theorists of neo-liberalism is to respect Frederick von Hajk (1899-1992), the Nobel Prize winner for the most small pennies and competitive interests, as well as for the possibility of completing their research. Avstrі зts z pogodzhennya, at the 20th rr. to win at the Vidensky University, to write a lawyer, having deceived the diplomas of a lawyer and an economist, I will imprison the director of the Austrian Center for Economic Revenues. 1931 p. all the way to London, most of which is economical school, straightforward to anti-statism (the idea of ​​the state, the sovereign hand-in-hand). Yogo Persians Prairie virobnitstvo (1929), Groshova Theory and the Economic Cycle (1933) recognized impoverished critics from Keynes and Sraffi's side, fraudsters promoted monetary methods that were completely ruled out. For the sake of yogo pratsakh problems ekonomichnogo development virіshyutsya from neoklassichnyh and іinstitutionalііnalistskih positsіy. The most popular ones are the books “The Road to Slavery” (1944), “Independence and Suspension” (1948), “Laterality, Percentage and Investment” (1949), “Constitution of Freedom” (1960), “Law, Legislation and Freedom” (1973-1979), "The Power of Pennies" (1976) and the bagato іnshikh. Vin buv human vysoko_inteligentnoy, illuminated - economist, philosopher, psychologist, lawyer. We emphasized the aspects of yoga and imagination in the theory of economics, and we saved the hour.

Provided by the warehouse methodology of Hayk є Idea of ​​“spontaneous order”. Khayk actually denotes the neoclassical doctrine of econo- mous rivnovagi, I’m surely I don’t really have such a thing. Hayk deputy of the theory of “spontaneous order”, based on individual freedom. Win in order to ensure a social order, organization, interaction in suspension are formed remotely, verbatim, and at the same time, according to the peculiarities, the development of this suspension between the lines and the strains. History of civilization - a spontaneous winnings (within the boundaries of traditional traditions, morality and rights) of singing assertion - a complete oracle of gospodarskie odnits to the former statehoods. Їkhnі form does not lie in people, and є on the back of the house is furnished. To Haiєka’s thought, a spontaneous order of graves for two minds - vidovi vid vodnennennya stranger and vikonannya voluntarily taking on themselves goiters.

In their own praises of the Khayak Zakashchies, the right to maximize the freedom of people is like the main warehouse of a spontaneous economic order. Behavior of environmentally friendly people, business, company are represented by their own economical interests with the drive of specific economic ones, so you can give them a present. There’s no need to change the rules and regulations, which can’t be clarified with traditionally different positions. Aly zіtknennya tsikh іnterestіv, іkhnє rozma іtty people, rational social order, basically I should always lay the principle of indivisible freedom.

Hiєk is negatively put to macroeconomic analysis, knowingly less than microeconomic performance, the results may be more intricate for specific furnishings. You can often come to know the sounds between the apparitions, but it’s not possible to control them. More economical science will describe the types of apparitions, trends, trends, but we cannot give accurate pre-forecast forecasts. Laws, which are characteristic for the development of environmentally friendly government units, can be intelligently expanded on all suspensions, explaining the functionalities of the economy as a whole, but it is not possible by the way, formatively economical policies.

It’s not necessary to put negative pressure on the economy in the process of monopolization of the lawsuit. At first thought, competition is a bagate-faceted show, which is the most beautiful. Economy and economy, I will protect you from the competition of any form of private economy, among which there are monopolies. Monopolization does not span economic information and give new ideas for new forms of economic behavior within the market, creating competitive competition.

Privatnoї vlasnostі system - headache Umov ekonomіchnoї konkurentsії Svobody st. Docs control over power is more than one thing, one is one, one’s sub, no one’s power, one has no power, no one has absolute power over them. The struggle of the state with monopoly assertions is all the more important, since the future is not deprived of the competitive form of organization of government, and the right of authority.

The functions of the state, beyond Hayk, are a pole in the natural social order - freedom of competition, freedom of monopoly, freedom of vibration, freedom of development. I am able to function through lawmaking, formulating suspension moral standards, ideologically identifying, protecting the tired tradition.

Haiєk will forbidє be-a-kind primus, one-of-a-kind hand in the side of the state. Allow me to redeploy income, how much income is lost in income with an effective form of primus to prac, and from now on, to development of suspension virobnitz.

Social justice, to the thought of Hayk, is essentially a moral category. There you can find out more for the minds of primus economics, "administrative despotism", which will effectively destroy the natural social order. I will take a look at the market economy, the protection of social justice and social security, the block of economic freedom, and the creation of market signals.

The state is not guilty of taking care of social insurance, sanctifying, protecting health, recognizing the rent rate of social security, not guilty of guaranteeing social security (the maximum, if you can, because I can help you get old.) Lyudina herself to dabati about dvati about her economic and social good.

Coordination of economic activity, on the thought of Hajik, is the whole problem of violated information, and the need for information through coordination, coordination of the state’s independence,

Hajik means that more regulation of suspension is possible, more people are less likely to be guilty of income, and moreover, they must bring up the status of people to recognize their good health. Stimuli of active and economical dіalnostі will be pіdіrvanі.

Thus, the economic concept of Hajk was inspired on the basis of economic freedom and the uncontrolled power in the economy. The role of the state is economical, after Hayk, the pole in the redeployment is quiet, as it was in the order. Win rіshuche vistupaє against budgetary methods in hand, scho lead up to deficit, against widespread penny policies with the help of financing of sovereign vitrats.

Moreover, Hayk napolyagaє for the confiscated power flow to the groshova sphere, and as a result of the need for energy to save money, the private monopoly of the power to issue pennies was saved. The oddities from the classic visualization of the function of pennies, the quick notice and the idea of ​​how to look at the commercial goods in competitive ambushes, which, for the sake of thinking, make it easier to regulate the related pennies and the commodity, the large amount of money. Currency compete for purchase and parity, which is the sign of the commitment of the public.

Competition to protect the camp, for a penny to be a real measure of the value of goods, and the law of a penny not to ruin. There is less currency on the penny market, like the currency of the whole year of all pennies.

Heyk to settle, but in a big-currency currency system isn’t just such an apparition, yak is drunk on pennies, fragments of currency will not be interchangeable, and н н н си си не ст ст ст ст ст ст ст ст. Кількісна theory of pennies lose their meaning, and pennies of regulation lose their ambush.

The theory of the business cycle is based on the postulate, that the price of the comrade in the period of economical payday is shorter, the pay is lower, the payout is real. For the sake of thinking, you should take into account the following: first and foremost, overtake the sub-active factor, and replace the machine with mechanical labor. Popit on investment resources to be reduced, scho to lead to a recession virobnitstva. On the contrary, for the minds of recession, the real pay and salary increase (the nominal pay is faster, the lower prices are lower), the recession power is at a loss, and the increase is active. I want the basis for the business cycle of investment, investment, respect and the penniless factor of investment policy. Bagatalyutnaya groshova system, at first thought, if you can become a natural regulator of investment activity, to preserve assistance in investing activity, so as to lay a significant amount of time for non-government officials - politicians.

Criticism of Keynes’s concept, Hi заk meaning, what policy of groshovy impulses (at Hayk rozshiryuvaln groshovy policy) can stimulate virobnitsvo, fragments for a share of a profit ств є люз ств ств є доход доход доход доход. Ale tse trivatime lishe doti, doki without interruption zrostannya zіn too much for all neochіkuvanim. However, it’s an hour іnflyatsіynі ochіkuvannya residual impair the stimulating role of penny shocks. For the whole time, the power is bestowed upon us to build up the pace of inflation with negative neglects of the rest.

Hiєk nakoloshuє, since if you want to have an effective economy, you can just rub your fingers and fingers together with a fiscal and penniless budget, make sure that you spend your money on a big budget, and save the right to save money.

From now on, the neo-liberal directivity of the theory of the High Commissioner in Poland, in order to protect the role of the power of the Institutional (Legislative, Violent Skinny) and the protection of the function of the Government, is necessary. Social problems and the current power are allowed to be allowed to be quietly within the limits, which can be identified as rozmіrami vitratno parts of the budget. The members of the suspension may be less willing to earn more than the help of helping the suspension. Social nerve, to the thought of Hajka, є lawful apparition, like a spree ’development of suspension. In suspension there is a spontaneous response for the signs of living. Be-yak form of income distribution є fair, yakshko won spriya є development of virobnitstva.

Absolutization of high-tech aspects of liberalism is a manifest manifestation of neoclassical tendencies in economic theory.