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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

4. Neoliberalism: London, Freiburg, Paris, Chikaz school

Neoliberalism - straightforward in economic theory, which is based on neoclassical methodology and seizure, the principle of self-regulation of economy, free competition and economic freedom. The rinok is looked at as an efficient system, which is generally more economical and non-existent. The sub-community is economically important. The role of the state of neo-liberalism is separated by the organization and the protection that was imposed on the classic ambushes of the economy. Power to save your thoughts for competition and health control there, competition of marriage. Functions of power in the social sphere of neo-liberalism are important because of the possibility of redistributing suspension of income, which can be placed in the reserve of economic and social development.

The neoliberalism of representations of bugs by schools, including schools in London (F. Khayk), chikazka (M. Fridman), freiburzka (V. Oyken and L. Erhard), pariska (M. Alla).