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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

Theme 6. Pennies

6.1. Winnings of pennies. Evolution and tipi pennies

Vinnyaknennya zagalii, chi groshovoї, form vartostі. Evolution and tipi pennies.

6.1.1. Winery, cheesy, form of wartosti.

A penny є a category of commodity gratitude, і історія їх appear implicitly tied up with a commodity exchange. At an early stage, the development of human suspension, if the suspension has been praised, there is no need to exchange the goods for the goods. On the other hand, there is a surplus of products for unstable ones, which made up the need for exchange for a larger number of people in the group of people who owned singing songs. Such an exchange can be made using the following formula: x product A = product B. The whole offer is singular. One product is exchangeable for the product price. The basis for lying is the fact that the interior is suspended in the power of the product, which is manifested in the most significant number of new proportions.

Dalі, to simplify the analysis, we must respect that the goods are more productive than the price, and the rest, as I respect it, K. Marx, in the minds of the commodity distribution, the water hour is concrete and abstract.

In the process of exchanging comrade to play a different role. The first (at our application, product A) has a vikon’s active function, it’s supremely versatile in goods (commodity B), a little more than a hassle for a supreme commodity, and its role is played. Vidpovidno to completely open up the form of Vartosti, in some of them interchange Comrade A and B. Commodity, a kind of supreme turnaround in the West, interchange with the standard form of Vartost. The goods, a kind of servant, are a hassle for bending the cards of the old, relocating to the third-form form. It is one of the most equivalent forms of vartosti є н н є one of simplicity, so that you can transfer and replace one and the other. It’s possible to transfer more and more, the fragments of the ideal form of vartosti є such tilki are absolutely equivalent, and in advance. At the same time, it’s possible to exclude, because if the goods are sold at the official form of vartosti, then you can’t immediately change to the equivalent, and at the same time.

Equivalent form of wartosti singing singularities. The first thing is that the principle of corroboration (good wart) is the product-equivalent of uncontrolled superelevation - its wartness. Vlasna korisnіst that product, a kind of interchange in the eq_valentnіy form_ (commodity B) is not important, oskilki tsey commodity is less than the supreme quality of goods (product A). Another particularity is the equivalent form of cartography, in particular, the specificity of goods and equipment (product B), the number of their protections is abstract, the cost of goods and services, and specifically, By using the form of the abstract methodology, the Yula Bula was spent on the production of goods.

Fragments on the cob for increasing the suspension of mutual love are irregular and irregular in nature, but they are not proportional, they are not tired, we have just the same form of goods , for one product, which requires interchange with the standard form of payment, one with only one item, which is interchangeable with the standard form. At the same time, just remember the comrade ABC, the essence of the simple form of vartosti is not to remember, to remember less than the role of goods.

Farther away, the suspension of the suspension of praxis, the cream, the belly and the reminder of the remnants, and then the merchants, sprinkled the development of marketable goods. Vidbuvsya transition vid vipadkovogo, epizodichnoe exchange to regular. Vin znamenovuv takozh transition to simple, single and vipadkovo form vartosti until again, but even broken. The formula is possible in such a way: x product A = product B = z product B = q product G = w product D. Otzhe, on the form of simple form of design with the form of standard form of product (product A) in large the majority of the goods, and the proportions are even more apparent to abate the tiredness, which is due to the regularity of the exchange.

Povna, but it’s broken, the form of bartosti is such a form, for a single product, which is necessary for changing the form of bartosti, for which there are no more goods, for which you have to change the form of bartost.

In the process, the form of discontinuation of goods, shortcomings, power and prejudice exchange and incurred difficulties in goods and services was broken up. Prior to them, in the first place, the incompleteness of the equivalent form of wartosty, through yakkilst of goods and equivalents with a little bit of swindling, could infinitely grow. In a different way, the great number of such equivalents zoomed out to the great number of different new proportions, which slowed down the execution of the exchange operations. In the third place - it’s not possible to have a lot of problems without a foregone exchange of goods in a well-known way to drink goods for a specific market. In the fourth quarter - the proportionality of the amount of exchange with a significant amount of living power of goods. For example, it’s possible to exchange goods on hand for grain of the world, but it’s not possible to exchange goods for half of the mountainer, or to convert sokiri through business in the remaining goods.

To that very fact, in the minds of the fallen-up suspension of the suspension of praxis of praise of the vision of foreign goods and such, they can repair the role of the main subjects of fraud. Such goods in some brands of thinness, in the last - grain, and in the third - skinny skinny. In one and the same people in the separate parts of the world and in the separate markets and in the common people, in the same hour, the most important partners were recognized, the role of the main items for the exchange of the most important goods was recognized. However, the belt itself is such a product, akin to having seen the functions of the foreign equivalent, є law. Won about the change of direction, the parting, the form of vartosti to the world, the part is penniless. Hereinafter, it’s ignorant, it’s a penny form - this is the same form, for any unlimited goods, it’s necessary to change from the original form, there’s more than one item is licensed, it’s more than always available.

The formula of zagalii, chi groshovo, form of vartosti can be viraziti such order: x product A; at product B; z product B; q product Г = w product D. At the same time, it’s important to note that the sale of a volatile product is not only for the fact that you need to buy the last goods for the bald one, but for the reason that you just want to reject the equivalent, for which you can in the foolish satisfaction of your own consumption at any time. That is because the managers of such an operation vidbuvatsya likvidatsіya quiet nezruchnosti, such as wikklana іsnuvannyam barter obmіnu. The closure of the function of the foreign equivalent for okremim goods meant, by the day, the appearance of pennies. In this way, it’s irrelevant, what’s groshov, the form of wartost’s performance is repeated, so that in it, the num- ber of numbered equivalents are declared alone, for a certain number of commodity merchants to exchange their goods, and even to share their goods. Itself through the price of exchange will be redirected to the permanent need of life.

From that moment, if the singing goods, having come to know the role of the igneous equivalent, win, and then grow groshy vidnosini. Commodity vidnosini, yakі vstanovlyuyutsya between the goods and the merchants, dopovnivaetsya folding system of pennies vidnosin. A penny is one of the most respectable winemakers of humanity for the entire period of history and history.