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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

6.2.2. Functions of pennies.

Have literary gifts come to the attention of the functions of pennies. K. Marx signifying the five functions of pennies: Miri Wartosti, I want to take advantage, I want to pay money, I want to pay money and pennies (div .: Marx K., Engels. F. Tvory. - T. 23. - P. 101-146. ) L. Harris has three main functions: one for one, one for one and one for saving (div .: Harris L. Money theory. - M .: Progress, 1990. - P. 75). K.R. McConnell and S.L. Brue call functions a misfortune, peace and warmth (a div: McConnell K.R., Bru S. L. Economics. Principles, problems and politics. - T. 1. - S. 264).

Usa is said to be the vimaga’s food of the most varied vivchenny nutrition. From now on, being an equivalent of vartost, we are penniless ourselves with a hassle of vimir vartostі of our goods in exchange. To this, before the stench, you can understand the functions of the world. Здї zdііsnenny dіstє manifest at the category of prices as a penny bend vartostі goods_v. And the wart itself, is represented in the groshyny odinitsі, which is the scale for price. If the role of the pennies was passed away noble, the scale of price was identified as a power through the golden chi, the time was the same as the penny, and the number of metal was the basis of the metal. For example, the Russian ruble 1897 p. vmіshchuv 0.774234 g of gold, American dollar 1973 p. - 0.736736 g of gold skinny. And the price of a commodity was identified with the singing number of the minimum minimum wage metal. For the courage of the price of different goods, the total number of vagov groshovs could be one of the most numerous parts. So, the ruble has risen by 100 kopecks, the dollar - by 100 cents, etc.

Pochatkovo pennies and names that are called, as a rule, boules due to the singing carriage of noble metals. For example, the pound sterling means the pound of the word (eng. Sterling - reevaluation, reference, clean, revaluation). However, with an hourly scale, the price has been greater than that of seeing the help of a noble metal in a penny alone. For one reason, becoming a transition from gold to gold as the basis of the penny system. During the whole process, the old name for the penny was lost, prote, now it doesn’t mean a pound of gold, but significantly less gold, as a result of the wartime I appreciated the pound of gold. Before the change of the vagi of a groshyno odinitsa, the same power and power came, as the carbival of a penny denied the appearance of the change of the vagi of profit. Zokrem, in England there is a penny coin in 1300 p. important 22 g, and in 1364 p. - less than 12. In France, with the same number of years in 1309 p. 2 livres were carboiled, and in 1720 p. - 98. At Nіmechchinі in 1326 p. Of 234 g of medium, 2 brands were sold, in 1378 p. - 4, and in 1506 p. - 12 marks.

At present, minds of the golden world of the penny alone can’t get stuck, but they symbolize the residual transition of the metal-penny stage to form the card to the sign-penny one.

In the process of exchanging goods, turn goods have their own pennies. From now on, pennies are seen in a hassle of a twist of a vartost. Ale stink viraziti її zmozhut tіlki in addition razі, Yakscho samі yavlyatimut him odinitsyu vartostі through yak Mauger virazitisya vartіst product. Tobto groshova odinitsya, in order to turn around the sale of the latest goods, she is guilty of securing one unit of war. In the middle of a penny є in a row with a single row of cards.

In addition, it seems that the functions of the world are divided into two functions : the need for the highest number of goods and the need for the separate goods, the same as the price for the goods.

Proteins are not just to incentivize the interest, but to represent Russia in Russia, to switch from one sub-account of economic activity to the next, to pay for goods and for servants, for fee-based payments, it’ll be easy to pay. Paying a deposit in such a way is worthwhile and selling, and buying. Ale for a staying wine є also with a purchase catch (a catch for a necessary product). The functions of the purchase and payment services are integrated with the functions of the service. Adje through tsі funktsії comrade brought into real ruh.

K. Marx has the function of payment arrears (the need to repay borgs and give loans without a distinctive commodity rush), they are very special, because they are in order to function and sell goods, they’ll need to buy zastobu assimilation skarbіv. Logic, the foundation of K. Marx’s approach, was based on the fact that all the pennies, on the other hand, retargeting on the scarby, and on request, I could be able to pay for the new function Oskіlki it is not serviced rukh goods_v.

At the same time, the fact that in the process of the function the payment for the payment in the unbroken, non-self-evident view is insignificant is lost because of the fact that, in the process, the function is offended. For a hair trimmer, an act of exchanging “goods — pennies” є is for sale, and for a hairbrush a penny, I will buy it. The whole act is penniless and I’m buying and selling, and I’m paying for it. The very heads of such a one-dollar penniless are interchangeable with the product and the product is available. As a rule, you don’t have to discern the function of the purchase hassle, then you will get paid for the function, and the credit cards themselves, with such an order, will act in such a way that you can exchange goods. Here, in principle, we are important that those who pay the function are not sold only, if they pay for the goods in the store directly, but for everyone they buy and sell, they can buy them for free, but they can buy the goods. talk about the awesomeness of the revolving rukh goods. To this very thing є is unacceptable piece of video functions of pennies as I want to pay for all of the wide functions - I want to pay attention to these separate accounts.

Prior to the supremely important functions of pennies, there is also a function of concern for the protection of warts . I want to give the author a different name at the time of rezin - rejoicing, rewarding, rewarding, rewarding. But the essence of the function is one and the same - saving at a single unit of purchase power, in terms of characterization of one unit, even if it is penniless, it takes about an hour to lose money.

K. Marx write about one more function of pennies, they can fix the stink of vikonuvati if they enter the international arena. The whole function of sweet pennies. If I tell him the function of the new pennies, we cannot put them in the same row as the ones already named, the fragments of the superelevation do not help to realize the daily value of the pennies, but the sphere of their health. At the top class, you need to talk about such areas of function of pennies, like social, national and private, dear to realize your daily life, I want to keep you safe.

Zagagalnuyuchi all brought home, the main functions and the pennies of pennies are possible in the following way:

1. World vartosti:

a) zasib bend vartostі;

b) a separate location of one card (scale).

2. Засіб обігу:

a) buying and selling;

b) payment for payment.

3. Zasib zaberezhennya vartostі chi zasib nagromadzhennya.