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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

6.4. The laws of a penny

The essence of the law of a penny obigu. Peculiarities of legal laws for repeated and non-reckoned pennies.

6.4.1. The essence of the law of a penny obigu.

Vikonuyuchi function I want to insult, pennilessly and continuously moving from one sub-economy to the last. Such a pile of pennies is directly chained to the service and purchase and sale of goods and services, so that the sale of the product is suspended. The process of ruffling pennies, which is about servicing realizing a slurry product, is called a penny obig.

Among the processes of realizing a suspension of a product and a good deal, there is an internal sound, and I will call the laws of a penny. Be sure to recognize the number of pennies necessary for the realization of a suspension product for open minds. So, for the reason that credit is irrelevant, the law of penniless laws is due to the fact that there are fewer pennies, there are fewer pennies to signify, due to this, there are more goods and services that are needed to be sold. Tsey zvyazok can be viraziti formula:

the number of pennies, yaki interchange in obigu ,

de Mgr - the number of pennies; T - the quantity of goods; C - prices of goods; W - shvidkost obigu groshovo odinitsі * 2.

* 2: {The formula of the law is the following for the zakhidny economical literature:

the number of pennies, yaki interchange in obigu

de M - the number of pennies of any kind of proponuvannya; Q - physical oath of goods and services; R - middle price, for which leather goods are sold; V - shvidkіst obigu pennies with a stretch of rock. (Note aut.)}

K. Marx, having analyzed the development of credit, cheaply modifying this formula, seeing new indicators: K - total price of goods, selling it to a credit of all kinds; P - the sum of the final payments for the front borg goiters; VV - the amount of mutual payments. The result is the formula nabula viglyadu:

the formula of kіlkostі pennies is modifiable; .

6.4.2. Peculiarities of legal laws for repeated and non-reckoned pennies.

Protein needs to be condemned to mean that the law of a penny is different for the function of reappearing and non-reckoning pennies. For the function of redeeming pennies, the wartiness of such pennies is signified as significant milestones for the purchase of material material, for the sake of singing an excess of such pennies, not only the cost of the irrelevant amount of goods is needed). So penniless at times, you should add a surplus to the bill just a moment and a half to blow it out, asserting the belongings for your owners. Oscillations of pennies can be lost for three hours without losing your purchasing power, then stink and lie down in stocks until the moment if pennies are defective, you can bring them back to nothing. The piling up of such repeated pennies (and in the ordinary minds of gold) has abolished the thesaurus. Too, in the minds of the functions of the reimbursable pennies, not the price of the goods is to fall off the most of the pennies, but on the other hand, the number of pennies is the same as the price of the pennies.

At that very hour, the transition to disproportionate pennies zumovlyu zovsіm іnshі naslіdki. Oskіlki vitrati virobnitstva for the purchase of material materials of non-unique pennies є insignificant, then VIPs for the sake of the pennies and the assimilation of the pennies for such pennies for the appearance of an extra charge not to be paid. Tobo, as a matter of fact, there’s an overwhelming number of disproportionate pennies, do not stop knowing about the rest, but sell them there. Then bring before, in minds, if I have fewer pennies, I’m going to consume them from the pennies, I’m guilty of the change of nominee price. That’s why you can talk about those with a transition to disproportionate pennies that saw a change in mechanics and economical parameters and more important things, because you don’t have to buy more groceries.