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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

7.3.2. Normy a little.

Waiting for a visit is based on a profit - healthy shut-off. The profitability of a business is absolutely identical to that of a penny, which has a lot of money, and so it seems to be normal to a profit. The rate of return for insurance is like an indemnity in penniless turnaround to the entire advance capital, turnaround at loans.

Normal to a profit = Norm a little

The norm for a little profit is about the level of profitability in a particular sphere of zastosuvannya. Factors are being poured into Masuk, in order to recognize the oath of virobnitz, and price, for such products are realized. The main and the most significant factor is the lower profit - the lower vitrate of virobnost.

Sami vitrati virobi ntyvuyut on the other hand, in fact, the factors are low, the main thing is that they are more accessible to science and technology, and they need to have more to do with the greater number of viola

It’s independent on the basis of the more complete, more thorough factors in the case of greater vitrates, which is more effective in giving a change to the vitality. The main factor is the lower vitality і, відповідно, збілшення back-off є the lower price on economic resources. All in all, a wider range of virology with the financial resources themselves.

At the rate of surplus, the economy’s power politics is economical. The state through its fiscal policy can choose the right way to function in the singing sphere.

Terminologichny vocabulary

The accounting side is a small business with a vital vitorg (income) of an enterprise and accounting vitrates (sob_art_styu).

Valovitrati - the sum of permanent and permanent vitrati on the skin specific rivni virobnitstva.

Boundary Vitrati Virobnitztva - supplementary vitrati for virobnitstvo odnі dodatkovo odinitsy oath product liability.

An economical way - a small business with a vital vitorg (gross income) and economic vitrates.

Economy Vitrati - viplati, yakі pіdprimstvo do not want to be ruined, but you earn, yakі pіdpriєmstvo guilty to protect the poster of the resources in order to ensure that you have the opportunity to see the rest of the world in alternative virobnitsvah.

The law of slowdowns is a product of the skin-related single factor of the factor of virobnitsva to be changed, but in general the factors become oversized by steel.

Zmіnnі vitrati - vitrati, the size of which is short in the short-term period of time is fallow in the future.

The norm for a payoff is an indemnity to a penny in total amount up to the entire advance capital paid, in turn at the checkpoints.

The normal way is to get quiet, because I want to save the economy with good health.

Permanent vitrati - vitrati, the size of which the short-term periodi does not lie in the form of product liability.

Middle Vitrati - Vitrati for a single product launch, as a result of the gross vitrats, dividing a product into a viroblen.

Control and power supply

Why is there a lack of methodological approach to vitro virobnitz?

Yak rіznitsya mіzh postііnymi і zmіnnymi vitrates?

Yakі vitrati priynyatіshі for state practice - ekonomichny chi accounting (sobvartіst)?

By what method are borderline vitrati?

Victory table 7.1, incline graph crooked border vitrates.

Yaka, in your opinion, the theory of vitality virobnitz and vartosti є naybіlsh accepted?

Yak accounting structure?

A certain kind of sidetracking with purely new law of guilty deduction of business in Ukraine - an accountant who is the last?

Yaka meta obechennya normi a little income?

Behind the statistics of the Ukrainian Shchorichnik Ukraine, illustrate the dynamics of normi by a margin in the industrial words of Ukraine.