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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.



8.1. Rinkovі vіdnosini, ikh of sub'єkti and ob'єkti

Institutional foundations of the market economy. Rin-kovі vidnosini, ikh of sub'єkti and ob'єkti.

8.1.1. Institutional foundations of the market economy.

Rinkova ekonomіka for svoїm sotsіalno-ekonomіchnim zmіstom Je kapіtalіstichnoyu ekonomіkoyu; won’t be based on the capitalistic way of working out. Capitalism is economical formality is so institute and principle:

private power;

class kapitalіvіv, vlasnikі zobobіv virobnitstva;

class naimanikh pracіvnikіv - robіtnikіv, engineers and technicians, manager, science;

freedom pіdpriєmnitstva i vibor;

specialties interest yak the head motive of vibor;


reliance on the system of prices;

I will take off the role of power.

In detail, the greater institutional foundations of the market economy will be covered in the main topics. The subject of prices is those of the кова rinkov system.

Rinkova ekonomika chitko viyavlyaє value of freedom, pіdpriєmnitstva і vibration. Well, buy those you want to be like; pіdpriimstva - viroblyati and sell those who stink vstvayut dotsіlnim; the postochalki of resources can know beyond the vibratory vibe of the mother of the material and human resources.

Warehouse market economy є market system. Rinkova system - is the system of market , price and competition. The system of rinks itself, in order to compete, will coordinate the organisation mechanisms, which will exclude capitalistic chaos in the economy, which will give rise to freedom of vibration and vibration. The system of links, the reason for my initiative to be at the same time, is the mechanism, right now there are two functions: first, second, first and second resource, second, second, second, second, and second hand scho zpezpechuє Uzzhenzhennya virobornichnyh tsley.

Specific lanka of the market system є such categories, yak drinks, proponuvannya, rivnovazna price, competition, market.

8.1.2. Rinkovі vіdnosini, ikh of sub'єkti and ob'єkti.

Rinkovi vidnosini - the whole vidnosini і zv'yazki, yakі stocked up by sellers and buyers in the process of buying and selling goods.

Sub'єktami rinkovih vіdnosin є spozhivachі, virobniki and postochalki resources_v.

With our help, you can understand that they are subtle, like a penny: p_dpriymtsi, hired goods, other goods workers, pensioners, students and students. Thus, the sub'kt of the rinkovskih vidnosin vistupa may all the population of the country. For the minds of the market economy, there’s a good chance to buy, you’ll need to buy a rush for the market.

Violiers of products to buy goods - capitalistic and simple goods and equipment. Stink viroblyad comrades and servants, as much as you please, please consume well - a buyer.

The postochalki of resources, such as land, pracica, capital and capital, histories, є heralds of these resources. Earth as a virologic resource is given by land shakers, praciu - її nosії - robots, engineering-technical pracіvniki, managers, advanced specialties. The capitals are posted by the attendees of the interrogation of virology - capitalization, and by the way of health - by the time.

When analyzing the marketplace vidnosin, two such basic sub'єkti were accepted as well: housekeeping and pidprimstvo. The number of sub-powers for the model of purely market economy, for the role of the state in the economic processes is minimal.

Domestic homogeneities have two main functions in the market economy : stinks are the main posters of all economic resources and the water hour of the main group in the national statehood.

Private enterprises are another major component of the private sector. Pridnepromstva - tse is the main lanka of the state gospodarnosti, as a matter of safety I will provide violated goods and services and health services with the help of a gain from a rent. Firms, such as housekeeping vraka rіznomіnіtnі - vіd gіgantіv, such yak holdingovanіya company "Luganskvugіllya", yak maє 35 pіdpriimstv iz zagalnoy kіlkіstyu 29 yew. pracіvnikіv * 1, up to the crusty minstreet and grocery crotch - with one or two princes.

* 1: {What is the pain of the heart of the general? // Voice of Ukraine. - 2001. - 18 hearts. - S. 6.}

We have a significant economic and economic importance for the sub-sector of the market economy (the order is for those who are in charge of the economy). Power and Rinkov’s system to extend between itself the main fundamental problems of the market economy. The managers of the private sector, based on the market system, are modifiable by the dominant sector in different ways, such as, for example, because it has redistributed income and baggage; Corrosion of the resource distribution, control over the busy period and the inflation rate.

The main objects of rinkovykh vidnosin є :

comrades and servants, as much as possible on the market; otherwise, as much as possible for the singing performance. Prior to goods, including including capital goods, so as to pick up the virobnitz;

timid strength, but pratsya;

land and natural resources;

indiscretion: budіvlі, equip, vein.

At the 9th day, the day-to-day aspects of the particular characteristics of the goods, viral resources, and natural resources will be examined.

Rinkovny vnidnosini to find one in such a category, as a rinok.