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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


Only the monetarist doctrine in the United States was realizable, the freeman’s program of trials didn’t know the hour of demeanor.

Fridman as the gladnik of President Nixon, having denounced the draft reform plan “Help the SIM” for the years 1969-1971, a kind, prote, was not hardened by the congress. In addition to the principle, it’s important for realizing the recommendation of monetarists that there is little idea of ​​control over the penny, which was the beginning of the concrete steps of the pennile-credit regulation sphere. That through difficulties, due to the peculiarities of the US credit and pennies system and obmezhennymi impetus to the Fed (to impose on the proposition of pennies the Fed can be done indirectly), direct control over the penny mass will be significantly accelerated.

In addition, it came to fruition that the regulation of the groshovo masi is more impotent without the control of interest rates. Tse often overshadowed monetarist principles.

Difficult practical implementation of the idea of ​​monetarism fell, as well as the unpopularity of its social policy. This has demanded that the principles and principles of the monetarist doctrine be established.

The deacon’s monetary recipes of Freidman were often tried out by the Nixon’s detachment, but they didn’t get enough success, because I’m more likely to save money from the economical camp. Fridman himself explaining the lack of success and the need for an hour of realizing the program.

Pislya krizi 1974—1975 pp., US detachment was introduced to the Keynesian concept of global regulation of the economy. Recommendations of Freedman to repair the effect. Tsilkovitogo triumph yogo economical theory was recognized for the president R. Reagan, if the bullet was reached in the longest tide of stability, the American economy was relaxed, inflation was appreciated, the dollar was appreciated.

His economic program, the main points of a kind of bully streaming information and that stimulation of economic development, R. Reagan opriyudniv 1981 p.

The program rereads the policy of redistribution of income, as it is small in the way of social and social work and stimulation of food by way of securing an economical way of life and unemployment.

Reach at the same time, the system of backtracking is progressive in the USA, which has transferred redistributed parts of revenues to the base of the most valuable ones, has lost its positive value and has redirected to the system of ignorant redistribution, which has been significantly and economically controlled. The unit, having started to get involved in the sphere of suspension life, led to the galvanicity of the market forces.

The program of R. Reagan is driven by a strong influx of economic doctrines of monetarism and the “economy of propositions”; overwhelming powers, quickly surcharges with me by way of deficit to the federal budget, as an important factor I am pouring on vitrati.

Such a method has a mav detachment on meti: overcome the inflation, having taken a look at the politics of priesthood before it; the character of the rational ochkuvan; podolati with a psychological psychology, the yak hid in the period of stimulating nutrition; form the basis of the fact that the suspension is worth the trouble, save the life on credit, the shared cost of the loan is necessary for the restoration of the unbalanced financial system.

The Reagan program included a number of components: reform of the tax system with the method of stimulation and the expansion of investment funds; change of sovereign vitrates (except for defense) with the help of a quick budget deficit; sharing the regulation of economic activity with the help of regulation and the regulation of market mechanisms; Monetarist policies carried out to control the penny.

The program was sold out on 5 rock.

Zdіysnennya programs, it seemed a bit wrong because the Fed froze rapedly with the growth of the groshovy mas, difflaciently sinking into the syrovini and capital markets.

An ambush and new economic policy would be better for those who are willing to pay more attention to investment and more. Podatkov’s reform, the yak was disbursed from the United States in 1981, has improved the rate of income tax on special income. Zgodom Bulo has been providirovanny ув Yandexuvanny otodatkuvannya with a method to save inflatsatsiynuyu fuel for income and that likviduvati zv'yazok mzhzh rozvitkom іnflyatsії і zrostannyam to the state budget.

At the same time, corporations introduced new quick rules for accelerated depreciation and an increase in investment loans, which allowed them to increase their interest rates and increase their interest rate. For low-income corporations, the surcharge rate was reduced.

An important part of the project is the creation of positive incentives in the form of promotion and investment. Tsomu, zrozumіlo, spryaet itself the same tіlki znizhennya tax. The new incentives were new, unaddressed, certified certificates and personal pension plans. They didn’t make any money, contributed to the certificate, but paid for such rakhunki, didn’t pay any interest on them, so you can get enough money on the rakhuns by stretching the song string. Tse became a possible incentive to help, and later, to investment.
The bullet was also provided with a new system of invested income tax, which has been changed from one type to another investment (stimulated capital investment).

Come on, come on, however, have been rubbing on a strong opportunity, and in the first lines of your presidency, Reagan has realized that you need to take part in programs for reforming fiscal policies, but there has been a chance of recession of special incomes. Ale 1986 p. congress nareshti adopting the law on tax reform, vyknigni yak ії the main meta - increase efficiency of the economy for the role of strengthening the role of market mechanisms and the separation of the financial policy of the principle that

Another strand of Reagan economic reform is the struggle for speedy sovereign vitrats and the elimination of budget deficit, which are more clearly reflected in the importance of more information, and more importantly, more and more important I respected the policy of the future, but I’ve got a quick increase in the price of the defect, until a new round of inflation. Tom was inclined to distribute the tax reform of tilka pislya hardened sovereign vitrates.

For example, 1981 p. congress having approved the program of fast-track vitrat (except for defense, social insurance and medical services), please follow all articles. Bulo was closed for social assistance programs, low subsidies and subsidies were liquidated. Without looking at the criticism of that growth on the first of these budget deficits, Reagan and Nadal spent the last few days conducting a policy of speedy vitrat.

The president’s order was set up to control the budget vidatka services, which prepared the program for fast turnaround, the basis for which the principle of financial self-sufficiency of the state services and sovereign services was laid (based on the principle: “you must pay all the costs, not a payee ").

However, the congress without approving the program is a fast-track subsidy that is unpopular. Mimzh Tim horror of the Fed’s position, formulated a penny policy, encouraged compromises between the Congress and the Administrative Committee, do not wait for the inflation of pennies in the economy.

The president of the economy, the new neoclassics, the secrets of Lucas, Sargent, Townsend, Wallace, and Yak on the cob of the 80s p. they criticized the inflation-penny policy "vbudovanih stabilizatorіv" vigorously; they urged new approaches to the recognition of the inter-state involvement in the economy. The stench took on the pursuit of a stable, pre-state economic policy, as it turned out to solve the problems of the hour and to engage in the mechanisms of self-regulation. Tim himself formulated a positive positivnennosti suspension for reform.

As a whole, a significant intellectual and anti-inflationary policy, fragments, by P. Volker, the president for the sake of Fed directors, must have brought a stereotype of a clear-cut behavior, interest rates, and a fixed rate of interest. At first thought, the necessary boole "shock therapy", yak zmіnil b suspension installation.

Streaming the groshovy masi, changing the budget and the budget adjusted the situation, if the priority of the groshy cares, we felt that it was financial and real economy. Priinilosya stable growth of pay, bully frozen Ії мінімальний рівень. On the whole, there was a rumbling of sounds between the payroll and the inflation rate, which, until now, have been taken into consideration.

Z 1983 p. repair economically for the one-time decline in the inflation rate. Although the state subsidies have changed, the oath of investment has grown even more than twice, so that I transferred the author of the theory of “economy of proposition”. Real incomes have matured, but have grown stronger and better than others.

Another one stable economic situation was the increase in the dollar exchange rate, which, I won’t leave the cherries, was noticeable of the lack of confidence in an economic policy.

Turning to a normal, non-inflationary economic growth would be a big process, a kind of superconducting with massive bankruptcies, non-inflationary unemployment. Along with the year of inflation, they got an instrument, they’ll take care of the city.

Immediately liberalized economic awareness, which allowed the country to take part in the international cooperation, simplified the process of transferring investment and guaranteeing access to competitive prices.

The incentive system of direct private investments was scattered, which made it possible to conquer the international markets without the extra cost of the sovereign budget. Our stability has ensured the stability of a penny alone, the development of market forces in all economic space.

A water hour of success in realizing the neoclassical doctrines of today is not concealed and do not wait. For what is needed, the will of power is not less than political, and you should know how to economize, improve the development of the country, the historical, national, and the traditional economy.

New neoclassical doctrines were formulated in specific countries, and they won’t find any problems in the country itself. You shouldn’t superimpose theses about the great role of economic and theoretical achievements, but rather less about the impossibility of a standard approach to the new economic manifestations.