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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


Institutionalism is a straightforward way to economical science. Yoga is a priority for us, so that the instigators of institutionalism should not take as a basis for analysis not only economic problems, but sound them with social, political, ethical, legal problems.

Institutionalists did not align the abstract method of classics. The stench was criticized by the classics for those who stayed to see the analysis of the behavior of people, as if they were special, who got into a singing suspension medium. The stinks were criticized by neo-classics for schematism and vіdіrvanіst vіd reality. Institutionalism, having become one of the opposition's most direct opposition to economic economics, wants a significant impact on economic policy. Win vynik as an American yavische and Dovgo lost such. Evolutionary and institutional, collecting new rice, good winter, among the national and international institutes, they appeared in the eyes of the economy. It’s possible that the very same way to finish the “pure institutes” to fold is easy.

Oskilki yogo adherents of pretense of pragmatism and realistic pidkhid to the analysis of economic dysnosti, the value of the institute of constant zrosta.