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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

2. Early Institutionalism

Within the framework of the early institutionalism, three main strains were put together: 1) socially-psychological, 2) socially-legal, 3) empirical (market-statistical).

Social Psychology Institutionalism

Thorsten Veblen (1857-1929). Sin of the Norwegian villager-emigrant, Veblen zdobuv step of the Doctor of Science in Yulsky University, prepared a dissertation on Kant's poetry. 1899 roku Veblen published his first character “The Theory of the Classless Class”, in which he gave criticism to the capitalism of the cult of pennies. These problems were attributed to the offensive: “Privileged groups and industrial technology” (1919), “Engineers and system of prices” (1921), “Absentee power” * 3 (1924) and that.

* 3: {Absentee power - power quality.}

At the philanthropists ’philosophy of winners’ ideals, rіshuchu vistupav proti materіalіzmu i, Zokrem, the Marxist philosophical materіalіzmu.

Yak Idealist at the Philosophy of Veblen giving his knowledge of the subject of economic science. At the center dosledzhinnya vin, put the idea of ​​development, the dynamics and the people of the whole world. The very same attitude of criticism of the utilitarians and especially of the relative of the utilitarianism I. Bentama, a kind of slurry, having looked at the look of кори нь мож кори с с,,,,,, мож мож мож мож об об об об для, для мож об для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для роз роз роз роз ав ав ав роз ав роз роз роз роз роз роз ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента ента. Veblen vimagaє, so that economical science rang out as a rational psychological psychologist, and I took psychology realistically for the sake of it, which, as a result, is due to the lack of humanity. Win criticism of orthodox economists for those who want to build economical interests to the point of pennies and ignore people, having turned them off from an economic analysis.

Knowing such an approach to the analysis of economical manifestations, Veblen put the task - to expand the scope of the business for the round of vivchenny suspension of psychology, instinct, skill and preferences of people. Tim himself win the foundations of the foundation of a new direct idea in the history of economic thought, social protection, social and psychological psychology - institutionalism.

Veblen, having come across gostroi with criticism of capitalism, gave scholarship to his coles called "American Marx." Veblen and justice for the good of Kapitalom K. Marx, calling Marx the great biblical scholar, a kind of development of a classical school. Ale Veblen himself standing in his poses. He won’t be an adversary of capitalism, having barred the revolution and rebuilding and having lost for the most important changes in radical reforms. The whole assembly listened obediently to the French docile of the history and economic thought Jams wrote: “Don't be ignorant of the shutter to capitalism, Veblen is not socially and socially different. Correctly bulo would be more difficult with Proudhon, and not with Karl Marx ”* 4.

* 4: {Zhams E. History of economic thought of the twentieth century. - M., 1959. - S. 87.}

A more critical beginning, with the pretext of institutionalism and the development of economic development, was initiated into Marxism. Protect institute as a whole, for all of these steps, bring about the development of a capitalist yak of the exploiting suspension fret, and combat the Marxist theory of historical progress through the socialist struggle.

Criticism of capitalism by Veblen became the fundamental foundation of institutional theory. She didn’t get the result, the bows are up to the mark, but they were separated by more short, judgmental judges, who signified the pid before the resolution of the quietest problems. Veblen of the authorities of the social pidkhid before the analysis of economic processes. Vin rozglyadє suspension as a system, analysis of the behavior of social groups of people, amused with social motives, “social psychology”.

Veblen vistupaє as a henchman of evolutiónalizmu, scho yogo vin, odnak, єdnuє iz social social-darvinizmom, broadly understanding the natural good, to fight for the exhortation to the sphere of suspension of life ("Theory of lack of blessing". Social Veblen’s socialism is characterized by singularity: the laws of suspension development in a new psychology, the constitutional, the very stink, the thought, and the laws of the biology.

Buduyuch their concept on the ambushes of European evolution, Veblen formula де the idea of ​​super-transcendence of European evolution. For a new concept, institute, in the process of developing suspension we join superachnity with new minds of life, with a new suspension medium. But fragments of normal development of suspension are less likely to be needed for higher structure of the constitutional structure, then the institute, if you do not stick to it, should be a “conservative factor”, it will change the rate.

With the rush of strengths, in order to spool people to productive and economical activities, Veblen’s: fathers of the little ones, instinct of mastery, so that even more efficient work can be done better. Zrozumіlo, such as the recognition of the rushinnyh forces of suspension development is not possible to listen and listen to. There’s something to say about those who are Veblen more socialist, less economist.

At the development of human suspension Veblen vidіlya kіlka stadiy. The viaduct stage of the Evolution of Europe; savagery, allegedly collective practices of the institute, the presence of private power, exchange. The further evolution of the suspension to go through barbarism to an ordinary machine system.

Capitalism Veblen visnachak yak "machine process and investment to please profit." Head superechnost capitalism vvazha є superechnost mіzh "іndustrієyu" and "business". “Industry” is a non-stop process of virobnost, which can be grounded on machine technology. “Business” is a chain-of-institute system, including such institutions, as monopoly, competition, and credit. Superechnost between them manifests itself in tim, shcho "business" ("psychology business") pereshkodzha rozvitkovі machine technology. The sphere of industry, behind Veblen’s concept, is based on increased productivity and higher efficiency on the basis of the sphere of business, which can be achieved through a large loan.

Veblen is not a к є орно орно орно фар фар би би би,,,,, об об об, щ з м негатив негатив негатив рис рис рис рис кап. Win criticism of the tycoons of financial capital for nonsense, calling them a “lack of class”, because the class is conservative, it’s a kind of reluctance to save the old institute (zvicha, way of living so thin). The basis of the present class before the economic process is laid not on the principle of virobnitztva, but on a penniless principle, not above-mentioned servants, but litigation. Otzhe, “the function of the class is parasitic” * 5.

* 5: {Veblen T. Theory of the idle class. - M., 1984. - S. 216.}

Veblen rozrіznyaє "early business" and "current business." “Early Business” - a “groshova ekonomika”, which is now a period of pre-dominant capitalism. “Accidental business” - is “credit economy”, because it is the economy of monopolistic capitalism. Gostro criticizing monopolies, Veblen’s essence will confine the essence to them of the assimilation of “material bagatism” - fictitious capital.

Veblen rozrіznya promislovі i fіnsansovyy kapital. The first function in virobnitsvі, ale for the minds of monopolistic capitalism, viduvayutsya piddrokennya, disgruntled by the owners of just bogatyva, tobto productive elements of suspension, the owners of non-material assets - financials.

Institutional explanation clarified Veblen as well as economic crises. The prelude process itself will not create a crisis. The reason for such a demand is shukati from the “psychology of business,” as it were, and because of the industrial process and the living.

As a rule, there are all superfluities, a few shortcomings in the sphere of business, then you can take such negatives into account when you are encouraged to enter the industry in need of business. Veblen vistupaє for reforming capitalism, I recommend that deputy businessmen have industrial and technological interactions. The industrial ma keruvati was not business, but the engineers and technologists. Stinks, having kept Veblen, are taking care of the general headquarters of the industrial system, which is in full control of the suspension.

A panel of technostructures to ensure efficient and rational distribution of resources, an efficient function of economy, directly related to the satisfaction of human consumers. For these minds to creep into the new institute, the new instinct. Veblen became the founder of the industrial-technological concept, and she gained the development of neo-institutional schools. From now on, Maybut’s suspension of Veblen is being recognized as a pan of the “Industry”, a Kerovan technocracy. Veblen doesn’t give specific recipes, encourage Maybut suspension. Vin zmalovuyogo such a kind of hot_v bi bachiti. For the support of the Engineering Revolution Veblen, she was reluctant to reform the suspension. Tse Bula is madly utopian idea. Having acted like a critic of capitalism, wine, prote, without giving you an alternative, and without writing that way, obviously, the next hour will obviously be followed by the "business principle."