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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

Theory of suspension vibor

Qia theory formed in the 60s pp. Авї the author recognizes the prominent American economist James M. Bükenen (1919). Win publication of bagato prats on the subject, secrecy: “The formula of good” (1962) * 16, “Drink and the proposition of suspension goods” (1968), “Theory of suspension vibration” (1972), “Freedom, market and power” (1986) that іn. 1986 p. B'yukenen Zdobuv Nobel Prize for "the achievement of constitutional and contract principles in theory accepted by the economy."

* 16: {At once with G. Tullock.}

Thanks to G. Tallock in organizing the state institute of Virginia “The Committee for the Adoption of the Non-Market Decision”, which was converted into the Center for the Suspension of Vibrator. In the United States, there is a special magazine, Public choice (Suspension Vibir), which shows the significant role of theory.

The appearance of the theory of the bull was prepared by the princes K. Errow, A. Bergson, D. Black. B'yukenen himself, meaning that the great influx of Mali praz. F. Knight and especially Swedish economist K. Vicksel (1851-1926), who called him “the founder of the popular theory of suspension vibor ” * 17, has a glimpse of the form of his vision *.

* 17: {Buchanan J. Constitution of economic policy (Nobel lecture, read December 8, 1986) // Vopr. economics. - 1994. - No. 6. - S. 105.}

The theory of suspension vibora is based on the idea of ​​changing the independence of the political and economic manifestations, of securing the most economical methods before the restoration of the political processes. B'yukenen should introduce more permissive principle of the principle of rational and economical behavior of people, which can be used for acquisitions in the pre-existing sphere of activity, for people to be vibrated, and in this case there are several political factors.

Politics B'yukenen tract трак yak exchange. “Politics, - writing win, - є with a folding system of exchanging money between individs, who should remain collectively rewarded with access to their private mark, fragments can’t realize it with the help of a viable 18-minute exchange” Proteins of analogy between political and market systems cannot be carried out. They have a structure. As long as voluntary exchange of goods is on the market, then polite people are interested in paying surcharges in exchange for an optional suspension of goods. Let us have this benefit є suspension in the whole. Rіznitsya mid-rim and political policeman of the pole і in tm, which participants can be re-meta. At the market there’s a higher exchange rate. Have a good look at the polity, and people who want to hold power do not wait for the cherubility to be completely circled by the suspension of good, in vain of good and justice. Yak i zvichayniy spozhivach chi pid-primets, stink will domagatsya maximizatsіі vlasno vigody. The process of adopting a solution similar to that of a different kind of rinkovy ugody: in men - I to you. Vi meni - voices on vibrators, I’ll tell you the whole law, license is skinny.

* 18: {Buchanan J. Name. tv., p. 108. }

Otzhe, in polіtitsі not існє vzєєmovigіdnogo exchange. The hangers of the theory of suspension vibration to shackle the towers about the absence of political irregularities, which are clouded by economic reasons. The price is the lack of commitment to information, torsion, adopted by officials, parliamentarians, they helped us to select (populist) people, but we recommend that we have more information about them.

Urakhovuychi and super-hypersensitiveness, the henchmen of theory of suspension of vibra, will affect the reform of the political system. Ts reformuvannya transfer є broadening of rinkovyh vidnosin to the political sphere. Politics, they heard stinks, you can and I’ll be scumbagging about the very same mutually agreed minds, like a rink exchange.

"Efficiency" of political exchange, by giving B'yukenen, if you become familiar with it, if you become familiar with the principle of single-living. “Odnostaynіst,” wrote the letter, “is reached by the participants in collective vibration in politics, є in the same way as voluntary exchange of individual goods for the market” * 19.

* 19: {Buchanan J. Name. tv., p. 109. }

We have more time to think about those that do not have a theoretical foundation. Along the water hour, there may be more chimalo ripe rice.

The main characteristics of the Institute of Institutionalism :

  1. critical analysis of orthodox theories, incentives for alternative programs;
  2. a test of integrated economical theory with the most advanced sciences - social science, psychology, anthropology, and jurisprudence;
  3. magnetization of vivchati not a function of the system, the skills of the development (transformation of capitalism);
  4. analysis of economic vidnosin not with the position of the so-called economic people, of the different dіy, and with the position of organizational suspension, power;
  5. namagannya strengthen the suspension of control over business, during the day the necessary powers are brought into the economy.

It’s so important to critically criticize neoclassical neo-Keynesian theories. The stinks protected the “spirit of evil”, “rebellion,” which is a manifestation of common reformism. Їm on the other hand, there is also an extension of the traditional traditions of theoretical analysis for the breeches of new relevant food.