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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

Theory of Transactional Vitrat

The economic theory of rights and і. Ronald Coase (1910) - American economist of English 1991 p. he won the Nobel Prize for pracis of the problems of transactional vitrates - “Nature of Firms” (1937), “Problems of Social Vitrats” (1960). Toddly, there were few people who saw the whole house. And in a zagod they were talked about yak about ecclesiastical praci, secrecy article "Problems of Social Vitrats" is made up of life for not the most achievable economic thoughts for other svitovo viniy.

One of the most important merits of Coase Polyagus in that time, having known and having reserved such a category from a science center, is a transaction * 14 vitrati (vitrati for informative information about prices, drinks, partnership partners, arrangement of contracts). This signaled the appearance in the institute of the so-called contractual approach to the theory of institutes, which was enlarged by the introduction of the new interdisciplinary science: the renewal of law, the economic theory and organization.

* 14: {Transaction (vid Latin transactio - completion) operation, pleasing (political, science, economical), which will be followed by reciprocal acts.}

Gospodarska system - the whole system is ordered in order to communicate between the companions of material and non-material goods and the service and friends. Coordination of the whole thing, that is, to learn more, like to learn, for whom you can, you can do this in two ways: spontaneously, but in a simple way and i_rarchіyu.

Spontaneous order - tserinok, a kind of winik with a natural gent, in the process of developing human civilization. For the minds of the market system and the information on the fact that the goods are on hand, the price on them, on the other hand, it is discharged. For this information, which is necessary for sub-grants of state donation, you can be transferred more through the mechanism of price appreciation. Poshuk іnformatsії (schodo tsin, у партнер і,, пош пош, пош партнер партнер о о партнер партнер партнер)))))) потреб)) I will need the great vitrati, called Yakov Kouz transact.

In your own way, gaining information about those who want to get help, for example, the system, because the system, if one center is even less punishable and handy to the wanderer (virobnik). By the order of the hierarchical order, social security, de-control of the command-administrative system, and all punishment of the power and distribution of resources were made through the system of sovereign bodies and party institutes.

Ієrarhіya maє mіsce in the be-yakі firm, de kerіvnik vіddaє punish your pidleglim. The company robots don’t get busy with information, they won the order. Tse zecpepechu оч hasty transactional vitrates. This is the very role of the vicon power. In general, hostility may arise, especially in the case of central hierarchy, as well as centralized efficiency and effectiveness, which will require more transactional vitrates. Rightly so, to get fair tilki schodo firmi. Well, to the state, then you can’t afford to effectively regulate all economical processes. In one center it’s not possible to concentrate all the necessary information about the availability of resources, they’re okay, drink, relish skinny. Otzhe, put food, and more beautifully - spontaneously regulate (rinok) chi ієrarkhіya (firm, power), but, as I often say, "rinok chi plan" is wrong. Virishuvati tse nourishment slіd z positsіy ekonomії transaktsіynyh vitrat. Schopravda, who is not the only criterion, but only from an economical look, is supernaturally important.

A shortened transaction window, the same, improved efficiency and economy are protected by the legal regulations and pre-trial laws. The sound of legal norms (rights of authority) and transactional vitrates was formulated by Coase at a famous theorem. Coase, which means that the recognition of power rights is an important forward intellectual marketplace. Yakbi spontaneous, new mechanism without transferring the cost of an hour to the information and the arrangement of contracts, it would not be necessary in the exercise of legal rights. Ale funktsionuvannya ekonomіki without transactional vitrates is immaterial. I not vipadkovo American economist J. Stigler writing, what with the new transaction windows is the same terrible, as a natural suite without rubbing.

Why is the essence of economic theory of power rights? Say, before, shcho, creme of Coase, rivals A. Alchian, and by the year J. Bartzel, D. North and Inshi. The independence of the theory of theory fell into the interpretation of the power and that of the Russian methodological theoretical basis of economic analysis. Understanding the “power”, the theillers of the theory have omitted the term “power of right”. Vlasnost є not a resource itself, but low rights; otherwise, take part of the right to vikoristannya resource.

The current part includes 11 elements: the right to freedom, the right to control, the right to manage, the right to income and under. Rights of power є not at all, as a song of "the rules of the gris", sanctioned by slavery. Another specialty is the theory of the right to power in the world, which is the category of power to be taken from the problems of resource sharing. These resources, the number of which are not disjointed, do not melt about moisture. With the drive ix of vikoristannya among people not vinikaє rinkovih vidnosin.

Rights of power may be clearly identified, and the very same can be found on purchase and sale. “As a matter of fact, the right to singing songs can be bought, but sold, - write to Coase, - they can be bought for granted, but they can be given the best price.” * 15. From now on, to read the rights of authority, to consolidate the best access to resources, we’ll have the right to conduct submission of state donations. For the sake of secrecy, try to create a mind for the dignity of the rights of authority, that’s the best price and the best way to see them. For the market, it’s not important, but personally a resource. Importantly, Schuv Buv such a hairline.

* 15: {Coase R. Firm, Market, and Law. - M., 1993. - S. 14.}

To Coase’s thought, for a successful function of the market, it’s more important to have the same kind of transaction as vitality, so the right to power. As a matter of fact, the transaction is small, and the rights of power are clearly identified and can be counted on as submissions of the state donation - the market is up to self-regulation, so you can improve socially significant (text). Zovnіshnі efekti - tse vitrati, but because you have to pay attention to the economical dyalnistyu, who are willing to stand back, but not є participants in the given market ogody. For example, the difficulty of getting rid of a mid-way medium is seemingly inimitable, the noise is aero-skinny. That one, because of the reason for the “efekti”, often is the worst of the population to come to the defense, come on, but far from waiting for compensation.

Doslіdzhuvatiu qiu the problem is why there is another English economist A. Pigu. Winning the way, the rinkov system is unprecedented, it’s impossible to separate, the fragments of the most effective can not be evaluated. Tom win obgruntuv neobhodnіst sovereign hand in hand and reserve a special surcharge for the winners. R. Coase granted pardon of theoretical ideas A. Pigu and showing the possibility of transforming the internal effects of the participation in the market without the need for a hand in power. I will call the chain of hangings Coase's theorems. Sovereignly do not wait for the bazhans. It will be more effective, however, if the vitrati of the sovereign hand are less than the vitrati, because they are connected with an unstable market.

The ministry’s transacted state powers have a singing role: they accept the most appropriate laws and cares, provide free access to defense, state property, infrastructure, social welfare.