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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

Social (industrial-technological) and institutional

John Kenneth Gelbraith (1909) - an ugly Canadi who had his first science step at the University of Toronto, and the most part of the second professional profession was in the USA - at the California State University, Win vіdіgrav active role in the political life of the United States. Pid hour of other private events in management with control over prices, since 1947 - in the Department of Economic Policy of the Sovereign Department. From 1961 - 1963 pp. Bouv Ambassador to India. Gelbraith at his first prazrash having scribbled the concept of “equal importance”, propagating “slavobstvu good”, gave the American historian a reasonable idea to the Seligmen not to insure that he didn’t have to go to university. Ale I in pratsakh, published at the 50s r., Gelbraith rozglyadє technics, as the basis of economic progress. And in the new “New Industrial Suspension” (1967) they found the most important picture of theorists of the “Industrial Institute” * 13.

* 12: {Div .: Seligman B. The main trends of modern economic thought. - M., 1968. - S. 137.}

* 13: {A detailed cycle of Gelbreit’s extraordinary visions was filed.}