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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


9.1. Principles of Classification of Market. Rinok subject

9.1.1. Principles of Classification of Market.

Today’s rhino пол folding, polysystemic assertions. Knowing the market is impotent without a flexible analysis of the structure, because of the elements, of which there are two types of interchangeable ones. The market is interleaved on the market of elements (sectors or segments) for the following criteria: economical designation of market links; the stage of maturity of vnidosin; vіdpovіdnіst okremikh rinkіv in the state legislation; territorially-administrative sign. At the same time, the main class of rinkov, with the leading rank, for the earmarked designations of the rinkovnyh vindosin.

For this criterion of warehouse items, the market є : 1) the market is subject to residency; 2) the market for viral resources - land, industrial power, and environmental protection; 3) rinok capіtalіv (capital goods); 4) the market of financial and credit resources; 5) stock market; 6) the market for science and technology research and information. There are three named segments at the first and last, with the primary, the stench becoming the material base of the market vidnosin.

9.1.2. Rinok subjectivv living.

One of the most important components of the suspended market is the market of living things , signs for satisfying different special needs of people.

At the moment, the character of interchangeably characterizing the interdependence of virology and especially well-being, the orientation of virology at the maximum satisfaction of the physiological, social and spiritual needs of the members of suspension. Leather economy maє vibrati cat living goods, such as buti viroblenі. Without any interruptions, comrades and servants of viroblac have the same ranks as a different name for suspension virobnitz, and in promoslost - galuzi of group “B”. To the galleys, I always enjoy the good things, to have the easiest and the most keen business, the significant part is the mechanical, agricultural, public transport, and the public health, health and safety.

On the market of living goods, a comrade of special residency will function. They stink at two great groups: material goods and services. Material goods satisfy the particular needs of people with their physical, chemical and biological powers. Corrosion of the bagatoch of material benefits of interruption in direct bedding of natural powers of speech. So, bread, oil, fruits and food products to eat, therefore, take revenge from our customers, fat, carbohydrates and vegetables, which are necessary for the human body. Nafta є corinthian yell is hot, but in the process of looking at the view, there is a great amount of heat energy.

With the development of virology, all the greater number of material benefits of a special living will be formed in the process of virobility. All of these economic benefits, such as utensils, furniture, refrigerators, televisions, clothes, wardrobes, etc., are praised. Praciata and people’s intellect are in high tech to give you the opportunity to enjoy the best of your life. It is easy to prostrate on generations of refrigerators, passenger cars, televisions, computers, and baggage of the last items.

I increase the role of the surviving goods in the market to discern the servants.

Servants - vіdpovіdna dyalnіst people, scho is tied to the satisfaction of special consumers, but not nabuva є recycle-material form. Vіdmіnnіst corinosti servant vіd corinosity speech speech benefits in:

  • physical nevidchutnosti, that is why it is impotent to vidchuti by organs of sympathy;
  • nevid'nosti vid of the Dzherela (labor activity), as a product of the vision and speech, it is irrelevant to the appearance of the present and the absence of dzherela yogo wikinenny;
  • immateriality and accumulation of zberigannya; the servant isnuє immediately at the time of “virobnitztva” and “living”;
  • INDIVIDUALITY AND FREQUENCY ANALYSIS: the same product and speech may be the same and the same service, and the same service can be pressed on a higher or lower low level.

Servants, like to shape a market of living goods, to consider a set of bazhanih characteristics. The very same set of differentiation is the same as the blessing and the mental form of the opening of the galaxy at the sphere of special services. Tse takі galuzі:

  • wholesale and retail trading;
  • transport and sound;
  • sanctuary, culture and mystery;
  • credit and financial sphere in the third part, as well as special services for people;
  • communal servants;
  • consume food: hotel and restaurant services, tourism is skinny.

A special element is the market for goods of a special life є spiritual blessings: books, magazines, newspapers, science and technology, and a lot of goods that are special for a living that are especially healthy. ”

Justify the market for well-being, to lay down the viral abilities of the skin and skin galus.

We need more space, more space, more space for life (living, dressing, living, cars, furniture, more technology and more speech and more), more and more business. Ukrainian viral trials spent an hour at the station of stumbling crisis and non-West, that’s why the market of live goods from 1999 p. Buv utrichim less than 1990 p. Із 2000 p. the situation on the national market for well-being goods is beginning to improve on the spot, the fragments of the now-sensitive and viral goods are good.

At present, Ukraine will take advantage of the most important decisions that need to be especially experienced when you need to be in touch with the system of markets and prices. At the rink system you’ve got your own pennies, so that you can want the ones you want the most, like the vibrators, so that you can vote on the vibrators. Well, let me make the most of pennies, spend the most of my time on the one who wants to get the best out of it.

From now on, there’s a possibility to interact with people with special needs through such key categories as proprietary, productive, productive, productive, similar.

On the oath of proponuvannya hobbies to life, the factor is an hour (div. Fig. 9.1).

It is permissible that sch_ goluzi girozi viroblyayut and post on the market virobi z m'yasa, for example, a shred.

At the intervals between the shortest periods in the virological order, there is not much time, so that you can go on a winter meal, and a better time on a winter meal. I don’t have to give an hour, so that you can win a positive sermon from the lawmaker, or take the law of the lawmaker. Moreover, it can be seen in Fig. 9.1 a , I would like to pay less than P 0 to Pm less than the norm for living out a fixed tire, but I don’t bring an oath to virology. Moreover, the curve of the shredding of the tire S M Q 0 will be absolutely unelastic, if vertical.

Fig. 9.1. The factor of the hour, the oath and the elasticity of food intake:

a - the shortest period; b - short period; in - trivaly perіod

At the intervals of the short period of virological need, the environment of the virobnik and all galuses is indemnified. Ale in the business є to finish the hour, so that, by the way, for the most part, his work is more intensive. So, at the intersection of the given period of business, there is no need for any significant changes, but they can be more intensively praised, and thus the technology and technology can be violated. The result will be the increase of virobnitstva food product as a reaction to zbіlshennya popita. Such a reaction on the side of the galobic galus means a greater likelihood of exposing the shank, which shows the direct Ss in Fig. 9.1 b To extend my respect for the fact that I have a great deal of food in this time is significantly lower than the gap between the shortest period of time, winter number of products is from Q 0 to Qs and the average price is P 0 to P. The price, in such a rank, is to appear lower in the application with the shortest market period.

At the trivial period, there is enough time for those who want to get their hands on the chance to take all their resources to the best possible situation. The surroundings can extend the workload; new business can go to the storehouse galuzi (and old - leave її). In addition, the product can offer productive and low-cost products to the price of propelling the tire.

In fig. 9.1 c shows that the result will be a lower price - from Ps to Pi і to P 0 і a large range of delivered products (from Q 0 to Qi і to Q ? I ) as a reaction to increased consumption. Once you have stopped, you have to spend money and vitality of virobnosti to a point like Yakim P 0, although the scale of virobnostva is to be reduced and consumed.

The virobility of living blessings for people may be adequate for the platitude-poor population of the population. As a matter of fact, there is a disproportion in the suspension of the winery: there is no increase in the singularity of the goods in the same group and winnings of the prevailing goods. The binocular, as it is, is shown in topic 8, through competition, price, interaction with the consumer, and the promotion of the latest technology, the most important structure, and the lack of cost-related function.

Thus, a schob zbіlshiti oath virobnitstva i proponuvannya galuzі, need to:

  • pіdnіmati productive pracі;
  • Decrease the variety of products and prices;
  • pay money, pay money, and get money.

For such minds, the curve of dropping the tire will be absolutely elastic, the price can not be diminished through a tweezer of paying for the price; on the basis of this, the population will grow in income, which means that I’ll drink a shred. I’ll be eloquent, but I want to read about increasing the number of viral obligations before life and the large number of purchases for the market for the population.