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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

9.2. The market for viral resources: drinks and proponuvannya

The main market for viral resources. Boundary product and boundary dokhd. Peculiarities of the factor virobnitstva. Proponuvanny factor_v virobnitstva.

9.2.1. The main market for viral resources.

For the purpose of public relations, there are public golodstva of the most generic resources of the world: resources, land, land virobnitsva, public health. At the market economy, ponad 90% of the viral resources are added to the market, for pennies. In this way, drink and proponuvannya, to pour in the confusion on the rue of viral resources and that they will borrow from the viral processes. In the minds of an expanded commodity virobnitz of housekeeping, directly chorus is interconnected with volodia of land, pracea, capital and resources and post-wrestlers through the market to viral structures.

The main market for viral resources is the price of land, prairies and interests of the virobiotic, which are for the purpose of satisfying virobiotic consumers.

As for the market for goods and the service of a special residency, for the market for viral resources, it is more important to change the law of formality of price.

Najvlivlishe in prices for resources, which stink є the main official, a certain amount of income to pennies. Vidatki pidprimstva on dandy virobnichih resources - in return (at the foreseeable salary, rent, interest) home grants, scho to understand the power of people and the main resources.

Virological resources are available in order to gain a gross income and such a warehouse, such as a sideway. Pіdpriєmets get maximized by the way vid vikoristannya virobnichih resources, add to the market.

It’s permissible that a farmer should be rewarded with state donations efficiently, such as with low wraps, and maximizing the oversight of products for the singing value of the factor witrates of virobnitz. And virshuyuchi, shcho viroblyati, a farmer maximizing economic benefits.

Yakshcho farmer adding a song kіlkіst land, pracі, machines and dobryv, then what is the oath of products іnim іnrima? Yak was included in topic 3, the sound was the same as the value of the Vitrat factor and the number of products, yak may be differentiated, called virobiotic function.

9.2.2. Boundary product and boundary dokhd.

The theory of virology is limited to three indicators of the results of virology: the igneous product, the middle product and the border product. Ignition product showing a rosemary of a charred product in physical units (tons of wheat, meters of fabric, pieces of costume).

Let us see the problems of the igneous, middle and boundary product for an additional tribute to the table. 9.1 that graph in fig. 9.2.

Table 9.1


zagalny, middle and border product

At the table. 9.1 stovpec 1 show є к пра пра пра пра ц в в од од од,,,,,,,,, 1 1 1 1 1 до 1 1 1 до до до 1 до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до до кап кап кап кап кап кап кап кап кап кап кап кап кап кап кап кап к к к к к к к к к. Zastosuvannya all odnits pratsі zabecpechuє oath of the igneous product 3900. On the basis of the igneous product countable boundary and middle products. My bachimo, right now there is only one unit of the boundary product, while yak p'yat is less than 100 units. Zagalny product is expensive to zero for zero costs. Vin zrostaє, as a rule zatosovut dodatkovі odnitsі pratsі. The water hour is limited by the productivity of the pre-adolescent ones. The whole law of declining productivity of the viral resource . In fig. 9.2 is shown graphically by the law.

Graph in fig. 9.2 and showing, what the inbound product will be better, more likely to be more than one factor of the factor. Graph in fig. 9.2 b showing a lower boundary product. Zgladzhuyuchi shіzhі, let’s let’s decline the curve of the boundary product. The area under the curved boundary product (Fig. 9.1 b ) is even dark-fronted, finish up with the igneous product (Fig. 9.1 a ).

Fig. 9.2. Introduction of the boundary product iz from the inferior:

a - the igniter product (RFP); b - boundary product (GP)

Yakshko vіdomiy igneous product, it is easy to matrimonize the boundary product.

The boundary product of the factor of the factor is the pre-product of the product, the abbreviation of the benefits is greater than the factor of one additional factor for the steel of the largest factors of the factor.

It is a matter of memory, which is probably due to the law of declining output of the boundary product of the skin single factor of the factor, if you change, the magnitude of this factor will be limited, and the factor will become overstated by steels.

Recession and productivity of products are limited by reacting to product liability for higher vitality of the environmental factor for the most important factor factors (div .: McConnell K. R., Bru S. L. Economics: principles, problems and politics. - P. 47-50, 143 -144). Along with the practical practice of one factor of virology, as a rule, it is supervised by the singing of the most important factors of virology and polarity, of which they are, and so on.

Virobnichto demonstrate, I’m losing it, but I began to give in to it all the more so that I’m superconducting more balanced factors, more than proportional, but less proportional.

Groshov’s affirmation that a pre-rattled product is violated by a pretatal unit of the viral factor is called income from the boundary product . For the mind of thorough competition, the price of marginal revenue, the profit of the boundary product, the price multiplied by the border product:

МРРі = МРі x Р for the dermal factor of virobnosis * 1,

* 1: {Behind the Ukrainian spelling, the formula is as follows: ГПЦі = ГПі (C, de ГП - boundary product; C - price; ГПі - garrison product of the factor I. (Note. Aut.)}

de MR - marginal product (marginal produkt); R - price in the minds of thoroughly competitive; MRi is a boundary product of the factor і .

Skin factor virobnitstva є more productive: land, pracia, capital. Rіznі virobnichі factors factor to recover one kind of one. For the sake of interdependence of land productivity, praxis and capital, the reason why income has been raised is to add food. Significant peace of mind to enter the market - through a drink on the factor virobnitstva that x proponuvannya.