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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


10.1. Rinkova infrastructure

Understanding the market infrastructure. The main elements of market infrastructure.

10.1.1. Understanding the market infrastructure.

One of the most important minds is the func- tioning of the market є revelation of the goodness of a well-developed market infrastructure. In addition, thanks to the good fortune, it’s not allowed to lie at the Kintsev’s school bag and the effectiveness of the function of the market economy. You can judge at your hometown beyond the level of development of the market infrastructure and about the development of the market and market visibility in Ukraine. That is why the necessary mental and dual market intelligence is the goal of an innovative infrastructure market.

Infrastructure - the supply of galleys and consumer goods, occupied by the servants of the suspended virobnitz. Razrіznyayut virobnichu, social and rinkovu (spheres obigu) infrastructure.

Infrastructure market - the whole system of organization and organization, so as to secure a lot of goods, services, pennies, valuables, robots.

Rinkova infrastructure through its own elements, as well as the main functions: health and legal advice and economic advice and interest in state and private structures; zabepechuє financial support, credit, including leasing, audit, insurance of new state gifts formuously; spriya materielno-tekhnichesky care and realizatsii products pіdpriypremstv; regulation of the work force; the doorway necessary for contact for business contacts; Zdіsnyuє marketing, information and advertising service and commerce, so as the last result, I would like to save you more goods and I’m ready to help you.

10.1.2. The main elements of market infrastructure.

The elements of market infrastructure , through which there are realizable functions, can be grouped into three blocks: organizational and technical infrastructure, part of the commodity market, commercial center, business center, holding company, inspectors, a different family of associates and employees, transport commissions and co-operative calls; financial and credit infrastructure, market, including banks, funds and foreign exchange, insurance and investment companies, professional funds and large organizations, all of which need to be borrowed ; Organizational and information infrastructure including scientific and institutional issues, information and consultancy companies, auditing organizations, special depositary mortgages. Іnstituti that organіzatsії scho incoming from Qiu іnfrastrukturu, vivchayut dinamіku rinkovoї situatsії, rozroblyayut strategіyu i tactics povedіnki pіdpriєmtsіv on market analysis, rozroblyayut outlook for Uryadov i pіdpriєmtsіv, modelyuyut naslіdki quiet chi іnshih rіshen, konsultuyut, zalagodzhuyut konflіkti mіzh partners gotuyut ekonomіstіv, menedzherіv i Specialists for marketing.

Apart from the infrastructural infrastructure, as well as the service staff, the entire oversight of the market intelligence, the special infrastructure , and the efficient functioning of the security market: goods, capital, praxis. Thus, the market for capital servicing of stock exchanges, insurance and auditing companies, brokers, commercial banks, innovative funds, investment funds of regional regulation, insurance viewers, general monitoring, and other financial monitoring; market of goods - commodity exchanges, trading houses and trading and intermediary companies, brokerage houses, commercial centers, leasing companies, auctions, fairs, state reserves and insurance funds, state standards; rinok pracі - bіrzhі pracі, training center staff, state funds for borrowing, pension funds, pension funds, borrowing funds.