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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

10.2. Pozichkovy capital and percentage. Banks

Sutnost posichkovy capital. Banks and banking system. Sutnost posichkovogo percent. Credit, function and form. Bankivsky side.

10.2.1. Sutnost posichkovy capital.

The store is located in an infrastructure-free security market where you can set up a capital for the exchange and establish what you need to do.

Pozichkovy capital spherical exchange - that’s a pretty penny capital, so you can put your hair on the pose of a new hairline to your new hairline-pidpriєmtsyu at the hour of worship, turn around on your mind, for a fee at the percentage of wiggly.

On the presentation of the likhvarsky poses, a penny capital є we’ll pose at the hands of a creditor (a penny hairman) and trade and trade - at the hands of trade and merchant. The formula of the rukh pozichichny capital G - G1 is ignored. Pozichkovy capital in the form of penniless servants ’promises and trade capital, popuchnyuchi penniless resources, not a whistle. Zbіlshennya masi capitalu for a rachunka kapitalizatsії a little bit to look at the sphere of virobnitztva. On a regular basis, the spheres of virobnitsva "last" often in excess with a creditor, a victorious penny, like a viral resource-capital.

In the case of a process of pennies, a resource is available in the form of capital in the form of capital, in-process and in-service functions, and it is profitable to generate income from the form of percentage interest and income.

From now on, an allowance for a positential capital, which is fixed at the sphere of virobnitsva, can be divided into two parts: by a percentage, right at the form of fixed capital, and the whole part will be denied capitalist; to the pidpriєmnitsky lodge, which I’ll deny the capitalist-funktsioner for the virological work of the resource.

10.2.2. Banks and banking system.

The intermediary is a bank-whistle-whistle-bank, a kind of security and form of a penny capital.

The Bank has a whole financial commitment, akumulyє timisho hourly groshny koshti (deposits), a loan from a timochyu a loan from a form loan (poses), an intermediary at a time of recurring payments and additional payments, I’m inclined to accept additional payments VIP start (emisyu) of new pennies.

Use banks to establish financial institutions and functionally organize them into a bank system - purchase of different types of national banks and credit facilities, which can be used at the boundaries of a penny-credit mechanism.

Bank system of the country including:

1) the central bank;

2) commercial banks, including: saving, investing, mortgage and special banking.

The leather element of the banking system is important. The role in the security system is important. Basically, designated bank - in the middle in the transfer of small loans to the creditors to the bank and the seller to purchasers of grocery resources.

Meta of commercial banks - gained a profit. It’s possible to stink, as a rule, of a universal nature, they are shaped by the form of shares or joint-stock companies. Aktsіonernі can be booty and closed type. More details can be reached at 12.

Commercial banks successfully praise for the complementary principles of:

a robot between real resources;

povna ekonomіchna self-independence and vіdpovіdalnіst;

interaction with customers on the market ambushes;

regulation of dyalnosti by economical methods and within the law.

Commercial banks can understand the following functions:

penny sticking;

middleware on credit;

stimulation of the nomad gospodarskimi sub'єktami;

middleware in payments and security of rozrahunkovo-payment mechanism;

middleware in operations іz with valuable folders.

In addition to the infrastructure of the functions of the investment funds, insurance companies and pension funds are included, as well as all investments, financial companies, special funds, and their funds are fully funded.

It’s okay to stink with the whole world to get a dzherel of a pre-contract credit, joining the competition to the capital market. Improve your financial and credit institute to have a commercial character, so as to have your own business with the help of a gain.

A side street is an excess above the advanced advancement rate at the area of ​​interest. Ale oskilki, a penny posichkovy capital, take care of the target surplus, then the third person will gain a part in the percentage form.