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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

The concept of "post-industrial suspension"

The methodological basis of the concept of “post-industrial suspension” (as well as the concept of “industrial suspension”) is evolving to historical development and the principle of technological determinism. Schopravda, remaining augmented by our principles. The term "postindustrialism" itself was banned from the scientific community by the English sociologist A. Pentis on the cob of the 20th century. Vin dav і yogo pereshche voznachennya: "the camp of suspension, as I did after the dismissal of industrialism." Winning by dropping it for the time being, the term is for rozdumіv about maybutn in zvyazku zim, "what industrial industry is seasoned" * 43.

* 43: {Penty A. Post-industrialism. - London, 1922. - P. 14.}

Yak formed the concept of "post-industrialism" famous in the 70's pp. I’m talking with the professor of social sciences at Harvard University of Daniel Bell. Ще з кінця 50-х рр. vin actively promoting this concept. 1967 Rock at a conference of American futurologists Bell formulating having filled up the social forecast. And 1970 p. at the VII International Sociological Congress by voting its concept of "post-industrial suspension". 1973 p. Bell published the praciu “The Advent of the Post-Industrial Suspension”, which, in the first place, has introduced the most recent variation of the concept.

The concept of " post-industrial suspension" with its own design of "industrial suspension". In the background, theorists of “post-industrialism” could see it as a response to the “industrialism” option, and the concept of the concept has become significantly critical. The stinks reckoned criticism of "Industrialism" for the lack of valuable information, for technocratism.

Bell, having tested the date, on one side, the social forecast for the development of bourgeois slurry, and on the other, approve the new conceptual piddid to the full analysis, having overlooked K. Marx’s bi monistic theory of suspension. Win the great role of Marx in the development of social science, a strong desire for social scientists, they dealt with the problems of prospects for the development of capitalism, and declare the promise of “all the post-Marxist”.

Bell is to be informed about the Marxian logic of social analysis and at once with strict adherence to categorically the approach to complete regularities of suspension, as in the case of the Marxist to be fully recognized. Bell declares, with a few Marxist words about deputy formations, those with a conceptual scheme of suspension development will be on the same level as the source, and for characterizing capitalism this is not acceptable. Best of all, scho "power is legal fiktsiya" * 44. In addition, to Bell’s thought, the transition from “industrial” to “post-industrial suspension” is not at all obsessed with material factors, social science institutes. Vin visuvaє an idea about those who want to get any kind of suspension vidbuva за at once for a group of “axis lines”, which means to recognize economic, political and cultural evolution. Falling into view of the “axis”, the history of suspension can be seen in different ways: as evolutions of the forms of moisture, of political organization, and of cultural traditions. Bell himself will take as a basis the scheme of incentive suspension along with the “axis and type of knowledge”. At the beginning of the traditional role of science and technology, it’s up to you to learn more about your concept and experience of the “industrial engineering”, as well as all the more advanced technology.

* 44: {Bell D. The Coming Post-industrial Society. - N.-Y., 1973. - P. 294.}

Bell’s system of “post-industrialism” is characterized by five signs: 1) change of goods and services to services; 2) interchange of middle class “class” of professional faculty and technicians; 3) the main role of theoretical knowledge is, as the basis for innovation in economy, politics and social structure of suspensility; 4) organization in Maybuty on the method of control and assessment of the ability to develop technology; 5) take the decision on the ambushes of the new “intellectual technology”. Process, at the thought of an American social scientist, you are already gaining real life forms, so you can begin to understand the traditional capitalism.

The thesis about the “economy of services”, as one iz of the initial rice “postindustrializm” is not a wiki of special lists. I respect the proto warto, the nature of the suspension of vidnosin does not lie there, in addition, in a certain sphere of statehood, it’s possible to presume a little. The basis of the classroom advantage of the Bell Bell is the principle of knowledge and qualifications and views of the four most basic classes: scientists (scientists, engineers, economies), technical and working people, employees and employees. Panuє in the "post-industrial suspension" - "meritocracy" (Gelbraith has a "technostructure") - the price is "new elita", as it were stored because of the best of social beliefs. Tsya elita is old no less than virobnitstv, and th at the polity.

Zmіna of the social structure of the suspension of zmіnyu і the nature of super-transcendence. Bell wrote: “As a rule, for industrial suspension there is a characteristic struggle between the capital and the labor market, then in the industrial suspension the conflict is manifested in the majority of the population.” Central sign of "post-industrial suspension", behind Bell - the pan of the science, science knowledge. Bell vidrivaє science of economics, I vouch for autonomy, attention to the development of new organizational structures and suspensions. The main elements of the structure will become universities, science and institutes, and science-related organizations. Oskilki “great science” interchanges the position of ideology, then Bell will be reluctant to resist the “great business”.

* 45: {Bell D. Op.cit., P. 129.}

Yasna rich, Bella’s conception, as well as концепinshiny ’conception of“ transformational capitalism ”, spiraling over the real facts, the trend towards capitalistic development. Protea won’t look better than the above about the process. Just, in the process of science and technology revolution, the role of science is consumed by qualified work, strength is improved. But science is not a Bula and cannot be an independent type of social minds, self-sufficient power in suspension.