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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

10.2.3. Sutnost posichkovogo percent.

Pozichkovsky interest - the whole number of servants, as if you were to be credited to the clerk (klintov), ​​at the person who saw you, you paid a sum of pennies for line marking. I shall calculate the interest rate for the sum of the loan, moreover, intellectually, once a week with the loan of a loan with a long stretch of credit. Riven of interest to lay down in the form of poses, lines, security, forms of credit and the level of credit risks.

Nagada, the economical nature of interest rates is covered in topic 9.

The rate of interest is a total amount of interest up to the interest rate of capital. The rate of interest in the minds of thoroughly competitive competition cannot be seen as the norm for the benefit, as it would be safe for the residents of Pozichkovy capital. Percentage of the payment for the corridor by the postal capital є yoy value, and to the fact that the price of the be-made goods to the market, to pay the indemnity and the admission to the postal capital.

Bank system є Warehouse credit and banking system and Wikonє main credit function.

10.2.4. Credit, function and form.

A loan is a form of ruch of a posichkovy capital, that is a penny capital, which is likely to be posed. For its sutnistyu vin є pozichku in a penny as a commodity form on the minds of turning around with a percentage of the interest and the characterization of the one-and-one creditor and the principal.

Loan, virazhayuchi v_dnosini mzhzh creditor and clerk, I will save you with the whole transformation of a big penny capital into a coffin.

The need for a loan in the economy is enriched by the very nature of capital and the laws of circulation and the process of production. In the process of credit lending, you need to go by the hour to the greatest amount to the state sub-sites, so I need to. Credit is necessary as a rule of mecha- nism, designations for overflowing large capital from one of the galleys in the second and the middle norm are a little extra. In addition, a credit permit is allowed to extend the amount of individual capital to the hat of the warehouse as a warehouse suspension capital.

Credit for Visa Functions :

akumulyu i mobilizu groshovy capital;

pererospodіlya groshovy capital;

spriaє shortened vitrat obigu;

I will accelerate concentration and centralization of capital;

є a tool for regulating the economy.

The organization of credit loans will be based on the prevailing principles of attorneys, strings, material security, payment.

Credit існує in specific forms:

commercial - sales of goods at the Borg with a direct payment; znaryaddya - a bill payable through a bank;

Banking - replenish oneself with banks and credit institutions, have a license, open government sub-accounts at the form of a penny;

someone who is happy to rely on banks, financial and credit institutions and trading companies for private individuals to pay for goods in the pre-settlement corridor;

Ipotekhniy - pid outpost;

sovereign - steward - power; creditor - population and private business;

international - among the powers in a penny or commodity form.

The middle of the loan forms is central to the bank’s bank loan .

10.2.5. Bankivsky side.

The business of commercial banks is fixed on the removal of a profit. Banking income is an interest rate for interest on capital investments and interest for posting. The effectiveness of a commercial bank's robot is recognized as the norm for a bank payoff - to a pure net pay-off to a high-end bank (full capital bank).