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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

10.3. Capital at the sphere of trade. Trading side

The essence of trading capital. Trading sidetrack. Wholesale and retail trade.

10.3.1. The essence of trading capital.

The result of a suspension of praxis of trade is the cause of self-reliance on self-sustaining func- tions of livelihood of suspension through the giving of singing servants of a living and viral nature, which will require demanding resources. The whole form is є bargaining as a self-contained sphere of business.

The capital is a resource for forming a trading capital, as a rule, you will need to secure the product to the virobnik before you live. Functions of trading capital є servicing the process of buying and selling goods. The trading capital is historically transferred to the capitalistic method of dealing. Vіn іsnuvav at the slavaslitsnitsky and feudal formatsі i vistupav yak is irreplaceable and self-form in the form of capital.

Trading capital is progressively more significant in pre-capital formations. Vin buv tіyu lankoyu, scho secured an economical sound between the violinists and the living. Trading capital having distributed in kind the statehood of feudal slurry, having accelerated the reincarnation of natural statehood in the commodity, actively sprinkling the developmental market. Trading capital, concentrating penniless resources in the hands of private individuals and companies, having obtained one mind of winnings of industrial capital.

With the expanded list of products for the sale of goods, it is now necessary to complete the development of market. Promislovets was guilty of a clear need to learn more about collapsible machinery, to insure the market and the dynamics of prices, the trimmati of trading agents in total. Whisker vimagaє dodatsky vitrates. There is a need to take advantage of the special group capital, as well as they have used their capital exclusively for servicing the benefits of industrial capital - in merchants. Promislovets now can no longer be engaged in realizatsii, brought the goods to live. The price is right for the merchant. Vinikaє forged praise for trading and trading capital, for trading and trading. Functions of trading trading in vimaga acquiring resources in the form of capital, praxis, and trading talent, so that in the field of trade do not have the principle of trading in the field of business.

Vitrati enterprises of the sphere of obigu, due to the realization of products, are called vitrats of obigu. Vitrati obyguyutsya on postіnі і zmіnnі, zovnіshnі і internal, ekonomіchnі і accounting.

10.3.2. Trading sidetrack.

Підприємницька діяльність transfer transfer є a gain to a surplus, a bit like that at a form і a trading surplus. The trade side is worth the price, which means to acquire wholesale and retail trade. You can see it in two ways:

1) as a source of sales by the vital Vitorg sale of goods and accounting vitrums. At all times I trade, I will hold an accounting margin;

2) as a sacrificer between the afterburner and the economical vitrates. In the case of commercial trading, you can gain an economical (net) income and also warehouses and income for your income, a normal income, a percentage of the current capital, and a higher rent on the basis of the commercial income.

With the development of the trading capital of the trade, it has become fully silicon-based on the basis of the suspension of the right price and the economy, which is the reason for the sale of goods and the sale of the goods.

Dependently of the sphere of the function of the trading capital all the market is divided into internal and external; one at a time to the full internal and external trading. The internal trading of economic services and services for the national (internal) market.

10.3.3. Wholesale and retail trade.

Behind the stages of the rukhu of goods in wholesale distribution and wholesale trade. Wholesale trade in the middle of the middle functions of industrial and retail traders. There are different types of goods and services, organization and sales of goods, goods and services, forms of cooperation and free shipping.

The specialty of wholesale trading is that those who are a wholesale dealer can not help out with any good living, but with promises and distribution of merchants. In addition, because of the large scale of commercial lands, to comrades are not sold in units, but in great lots. The wholesaler is a vede, with the leading rank, special sales, sale is one kind of product: vugіllam, zalіzom, hlіb, fіsom.

By the type of wholesale trading є commodity exchange . On bіrzhі nemaє goodsіv. It’s good for you to follow standard standards and product standards. On the basis of commercial trading, you can’t get a good deal with different indi- vidual specialties, and more than one time for your dominance there are lots of comrades, such as wheat, alcohol, cava, all over the world. So, on London birzhі can be buti sold American bavovna, Canadian wheat, Brazilian cava skinny. At tsomu, buti may not be sold commercially, for example, grain, but bavovna maybutnogo I digest. Concentration of wholesale trading on stock exchanges ир high prices on retail markets.

Rozdrіbna bargaining - the sale of goods to the immediate residents. Razdrіbna torgіvlya vіdrіznyaetsya vіd wholesale goods, but through the rozdrіbne trade pіdprimstvo realize a comrade in a different assortment, as well as small parties.

Razdrіbna bargaining at the early stages of development of capitalism was recognized by the leading order of other traders, and she began to grow larger. There is a large number of traders at the same time, there is a large capital.

In the minds of today in the sphere of commodity production, there is a great deal of great capitalism. Stink to keep your hands on hand I will re-distribute the part of the sale of goods, which will come from the other and average trading companies. So, in Great Britain there is less than half of the distribution of food products in the country, only at some trading companies.

Great trade, which wins through the concentration of centralized trading capital, penetrates the sphere of material virobnitz.

In the USA, for example, a large company, yakі trade in foodstuffs, got involved in the sphere of virobnitsva, 15-20% of the stinky goods are held in the dominant enterprises. The order of this is actively developing and the first process: the penetration of the company in the field of trade. In the United States, approximately one-third of industrial products are acquired through wholesale and retail sales.

In this way, in the minds of real people, the sale of goods is carried out by special-purpose industrial companies. Please note that I’m required to buy more money from trading and industrial capital: trading in a passive middleman is less important and I have to sign up for an active license, but it’s important.