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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

10.4. Priced paper as an essential capital of the sphere. Funds

Functional capital. The price list is a form of functional capital. The stock exchange і rinok of valuable folders. Currency Exchange.

10.4.1. Functional capital.

Akcii, oblastatsii іnshі іnshі іnnі іnnі іnі papery, yakі wrapped up іn stocks іn bіrzhі, approve іtіktivny capital. Thanks to the capital є capital, therefore, you can give your mother and son the power to their songs, and also they can sell them. At the very hour of the most valuable thing - the most effective capital, because I don’t have to worry about it, I want to sell and bathe on the barges. Rinkova, I’m redefining the potential of active capital for the size of real capital.

The price list is a form of functional capital . Rosvinnі commodity virobnitstvo і commodity obіg ungodly without a wide variety of valuable folders. It’s okay to stink like a credit, so pay a loan, effectively replace the loan. One of the most important needs is the mobilization of large grocery resources, the price of the menu and the functions, the “knowing” on the last lines, the majority of the goods are available. The price of the most valuable festivities will inevitably lead to the Great Great Rise in commerce. To this end, the valuable folders and funds as a source of money are more important in the economy of the capital.

Our ekonomіtsі vikoristovuvalis deyakі see the valuable folders (region, checks, bills for foreign exchange), before that from suvoro omezhzhenich framework. In the 90's pp. We have found funds and with us, we want to ask you to complete a quick process of formulating the market of valuable folders. Adopt the laws “On privatization of the lane of powerful enterprises”, “On valuable shares and stock exchange” and low documents have lowered the mind for the first form and development. The Law “On Valuable Shares and Stock Exchange” is a right to see the valued greenhouses, so that you can run out of time, and the rules governing them.

Valuable documents are free of charge, you must have the right to be free to pay attention, I want to give you one more credit, I have to let me know that I want to transfer more money, as a rule, I owe you more money. cikh dokumentiv, іnshim persons.

From the Law on Procurement of Shares and Stock Exchange in Ukraine, you may be allowed to wrap up and wrap yourself up as you see the valuable folders: shares, state bonds, treasury shares, certificates of exchange, promissory notes. The essence is briefly brief.

Akcija - a price without a fixed line, that I owe my share in the statutory fund of the joint-stock partnership, my membership in the joint-stock partnership is the right to take part in it, and I have the right to pay them a separate contribution Rospodilna Mayna in times of limited partnership. Aktsії may be but with the name of the predecessor, privileged and simple. Crowds may have the right to be volsniks, as a rule, imennyh aktsіy.

Privileged shares give the owners the right to gain dividends, as well as the priority share in the distribution of shares of the limited partnership in different times. Vlasniks privileged shares do not have the right to take a share in the management of the shareholder association, which is not previously transferred to it by statute.

Price, for which I sell and buy shares, be called the course of shares. The course of sound promotions seamlessly lay down for the benefit of shareholdings: better winnings, better offer rates. Another factor is that you’ll be impressed by the stock price, ич the rate of the percentage of interest: it’s mostly higher, then the lower rate is stock, and it’s not enough. Tobto the stock price is directly proportional to income, it’s a stink to bring, and the proportional rate of the interest rate is wrapped, to

Course of action = urc akcії

In addition, there is also a separate offer for the course of discounts, which can be stored together with discounts and I will be able to keep up with the right, the profitability of the legal partnership. As a rule, it’s steadily developing, as a matter of fact, a profit and profitability of the first temple, that’s all for the most recent minds before the increased course of action.

Rzrіznyayut the nominee price and share and the exchange rate. The nominal price will be recorded at the promo hour. The course of action is ц, market value, for such a stink I’m sold and bathed in Denmark.

Obligations - a whole valuable papier, which is due to be entered by a new representative of pennies and pajamas, to issue a nominee price to a certain percentage of the transmission of a certain amount

The treasury of the goats of Ukraine is a view of the old houses for the predecessor, who want to be exceptionally on voluntary ambushes in the middle of the population, to pay the budget for the income and give them the right to receive the budget.

Vipuskayutsya so see the treasury goiter'yazan: dovgostrokov_ - type 5 to 10 rock_v; middle lines - type 1 to 5 lines; short lines - up to one rock.

Certificate of success - a letter to the bank about the deposit of pennies, yak zv_dchuє the right of the valsnik to get a written message on the fixed line of deposit and interest for him.

A bill of exchange - a valuable note, insane money, madly groshov zobov'yazannya promissory note to pay back the line marked the sum of pennies to the promissory note.