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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

French socialist

For the development of social-democratic theories in France, the great floods were celebrated, ideally promoted by the Communist International. One of the special economic theories of the French Social-Democratic Bula is that they are pro-communal.

The Socialist Party of France , which has vinedicles on the cob of the 20th century, has written to the Communist Party, only a part of the Social Democratic Party has been granted, and the majority of them have been fully committed.

The majority of social democrats (the right of krilo - P. Renaudel, M. Dea, J. Mock) reprimanded the extremist ideas of the Russian revolution, although I wanted to respect the social reform of the suspension. Live Krilo (Zh. Zhiromsky ) recognized the need for revolutionary upheaval, the formation of suspended moisture in the place of virobnitztva, the establishment of the Timothy’s dictatorship of the proletariat, the advancing transition to the sovereign government. Centrists (L. Blum, L. Laura, A. Filіpp) described the need for revolutionary re-enactment, the advancement of reform of the power, the establishment of the sovereign sector in the economy, the transition to the sovereign regulation of the economy, and the absence of any significant problems. proletariat, fragments of a be-a-yak dictatorship — see the lawlessness, violence and chaos.

With such benefits, I formulated and models of reforming the suspension. The model of social democracy, which has little to do with the international community, has transferred the establishment of suspension power to the needs of the government, the state regulation system through the state. The order of radical recipes for the extremes of capitalist economy was taken, however, the saving of commodity and groshyni ideas, as well as the protection of internal economy was safe. The dictatorship of the proletariat was unheard of in a quiet hourly tidy to restore order.

J. Mock , in front of the “Great Depression”, having scattered the social-democratic strategy of the progressive transition to socialism, the Yak was grounded on a thought-out theoretical-economic concept. The essence of алаІ was felt in the dark, especially with the development of capitalism, by entering the monopoly stage, without interruption, there can be no need for the achievement of science-and-technology revolution, and the increase in the productivity of goods and services in the country. Moreover, in the center of respect for suspension for an hour, you don’t rely on the proposition of goods, but rather drink on them, to tempt the imbalance of the suspension of the crisis, to remember the crisis. Broken capitals, wait for money to pay for a better job, you won’t be in a bad mood (more secure and more competitive) to increase your income, more money, more money , then the power will take over the power. Sovereign regulation of the suspension and economic sphere of thorns of the social and socialization. The main strains of handing over the power in the process of economical rebuilding J. Mock respecting the establishment of the major sovereign sector in the economy; stimulation of the rationalization of virology, to speed up the processes of success; regulation of the groshovo-financial sphere; protectionism and accumulation of foreign markets for national virology companies.

M. Dea, having recognized that the foundations of social capitalization are pledged through the winnings of the fixed capital, if they are repaired by the class of the owner, are interested in the development of the viroznits. For these minds of private interests, they can reunite in one suspension interest, with the top of a kind of power. The monopolization of the law enforcement leads to the fading of the competitive struggle, the successful state cooperation and the laying of the foundation of the sovereign regulation.

At the thought of the representative of the right krill of social democracy, handing over the power to the economy, you need to take care of the old global mechanisms, an advanced groshny sphere and progressive politic policy.

“Great Depression” introduced the song corrections to the economic program of the legal social democracy, look at the hats of the reform of the economy, it was more concrete and more detailed on the basis of the key to the current state of economic independence. Schopravda, nagoloshuyuchi on osoblivo rozvitku kapіtalіstichnoї Economy Frantsії, pravі sotsіal Democrats have svoї dopovnennya in qiu teorіyu: stink vvazhali for neobhіdne zaprovadzhennya іndikativnogo planuvannya i subsiduvannya (sovereign іnvestuvannya) rozvitku Galuzo natsіonalnogo virobnitstva, SSMSC zabezpechuyut structural perebudovu Economy, vplivayut on zrostannya ekonomіchnogo potentsіalu suspensions. At my cherku, an indicative plan, you can do less for your understanding of protection, if the power to control the new factors is right for the economy.

The idea of ​​a sovereign and indicative plan, which I will rely on is coordinating plans for private enterprises (for the vignette of the sovereign sector of the economy, de-plan, zrozum_lo, may be directive), rights have been put in the center.

The economies of the centrist orien tation have changed the concept of the progressive transition to socialism, since I often synthesized the programs of the right and the right social democracies in these parts, and I used to regulate the economy. The authors of the concept (L. Blum, L. Laura) came up with different ideas, which monopolized the goal of changing the mindset for suspension control of the job. Bring globalization management processes to the highest standards, you can get more, more active partnerships, and diversification of the legal requirements will require due control of the highest level of planning between the monopolistic parties. Handing the power to the economy, to thinking about it, you should take care of the form of planning, as it would be safe to coordinate the second of these monopolistic measures, because of the necessary, the amount of demand is enriched. Planuvannya first and foremost is indicative, and by the year - directive. To go to the planned economy, you need to remember the goal of securing the sovereign sector in the economy, in a step forward to expand throughout the economy and gain a successful form.

Planning for suspension of violence, at the thought of a representative of centrism, I want to make sure that I switch to socialism, how much control over virality will change my mind for a fair socialism.

Crisis 1929-1930 pp. I took a radical view of the centrists, we felt that we were in charge of non-governmental national gaolies for frequent compensation, plan for the development of the economy, control over the distribution of the income and the rest of the economy A. Philip and L. Laura navigated on behalf of the party of right-wing social democrats, as well as on the program of a marked reform of the economy by the method of indirect sovereign involvement.

The discussion of a socially democratic reform of the economy of France in the middle of rocky earned special hospitality through the separation of social democracies, the marriage of single programs, the broader view of the essence of socially important. The door of the United Popular Front, threatening to endanger fascism, was consolidated by all political power in the country, and ale was called up to a significant relaxation of social democracy. Uryadov sotsіalіstіv, ocholyuvany L. Blum, zamіst ekonomіchnih radically reform zmusheny CCB obmezhitisya Carrying devalvatsії, subsiduvannyam pіdpriєmnitskoї dіyalnostі novih in that unpromising Galuzo, nadannyam pіdpriєmtsyam pіlgovoї pozichki, skorochennyam vitrat sotsіalnu on the scope of actions odnochasnimi profspіlkam (skorochennya trivalostі robochem tizhnya, pіdvischennya zarobіtnoї pay ), who didn’t argue with the radical policy of the economic situation, and called before the detachment.