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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

French version of "economy"

The French version of the "economy" is basically seen in the past, and not only conceptually. French socialism , the way to play the most important role in the form of the “left” is the direct social-democratic ruch, respect, the national independence, the process is indifferent.

As an important change of mind for the thorough transformation of the stench of suspensions, we took a look at the implementation of the policy of "socially-economical modernization", which most often knew the picture in the doctrine of the "Third Whore". Її storage boules:

- nationalization of key enterprises, banking and financial institutions and strengthening the role of the sovereign sector;

- Strengthening of conducting: the sovereign and indicative plan of the suspended economy and the directive plan of the economy of the national sector, the pre-state, mid-line and in-line plans and programs;

- the fate of the working people at the side;

- the list of the working people in management (the cooperation of government structures in all regions), regulated by suspension of funds, the development of self-government in the state and territorial plans;

- control of security;

- control of resource resources

- protectionism of completely national virobnikov;

- the state regulation of traditional economic activity;

- sovereign control over foreign investments;

- Development of the social assistance system, providing a wide range of social programs;

- control of cultural development and education.

The program “socially-economical modernization” has sprung up the entry of France from the economy-wide crisis.

In the winter season, I was indebted to the Republic of Moldova (1974) to get more frequent quotes, clarifications, picking up neoliberal rice (the system was overgrown with incomes), and only the main warehouses were replaced by such ones. The singing Korean learned and socialist program, since 1971 p. overwhelmed by vibrators. Socialism does not impose greater national alternative to market economy. Rinkovanie mechanics like I think the form of the "healthy" economy, ale the "global regulator" vomit plan, a certain sign-up card, I want to keep social, I’m able to economically and economically. Planning is a directive, but without interruption and excitement, we need to be fully required on the basis of democratic centralism (the sovereign plan is formed, while we have lower planes), we cannot pay for it. The main object of the plan is to have a booty investment.

Viddak French "zmіshana ekonomіka", I want to be stored in a few sectors - sovereign, collective and private, but can be controlled by the socialist principle.

Zakhidnonimetsky "etatistic (sovereign) socialist society", the Scandinavian model of "socialist socialism", the labor model of "corporate socialism" the French socialist model was built up.

For example, in the 1970s, a system of social guarantees in industrialized and ruinous countries has made it possible for Zmog to speak about the “social-democratic consensus” in these countries.

From further suspension development of a model of a healthy economy mode, they transform. To clarify the need to overcome the need for more conservative (neoconservative) and social reform reforms in economic theory. We recognized the special number of models in the 1980s, as long as the economy, the call came before the need for structural re-awarding and returning to the concept of a regulated economy of prizes, monetarism, a lack of direct recognition.