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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

4. The current social reformism

The phenomenon of neo-conservatism and the bad luck that they recognized the social democratic parties on the vibrators before the parliament, put them before the necessary adaptation of the social reform reform models to new minds. The two remaining ten years became for the Social Democracy a period of reinterpreting changes in the economy and suspension.

By pushing at the grip of the monetarist trends, the Swedish social democrats vaguely reacted. At 80 years old, since they were very popular, they gained monetarist methods of managing the economy, the Swedish social democrats more precisely clarified the idea of ​​the monetarist doctrines. The stinks meant that the politics and practice of managing the national economy can be socially straightened out, with more extensive control and control over yakroshuyu masu, so it’s profitable, they don’t have to spend on money. However, if, through your credit, the Swedish economy has come to recognize a strong grip, the detachment of buzzing buv reaguvati is at the center of acceptance of singing monetary visits. Bulo visunuto faded "zashist" of the economy by economic methods.

Through vimushene, the monetarist tendencies in the economic polity of the social-democratic party were strengthened, the Edgren – Faxen – Odner model was scattered. Authors, as of their own time, were praised by the up-to-date groups of the Central Department of Services, the Department of Public Relations and the Central Department of Education, were reckoned with the idea of ​​being able to come to school in Sweden. A new model of the image of the dynamics of the economy and pay by the market of the external market.

The economy was divided into two sectors - “seizures of international competition” and “economic identity for foreign competition”. The state was entrusted with the task of controlling the growth of the payroll at the “safe” sector, the remuneration of the payoff on the increase of the payoff, the investment and the productivity of the economy, ”said.

We are very important for the new minds of the Swedish Social Democrats who have respected the technology of modernization and virology through the method of competitive competitiveness in the global market. The call system has been broken down, and the principle of “solidarity pay” has been numbered, which will stimulate customers to modernization with the help of improved productivity; State Planning and Regulatory Investments; Changing the revenue tax for companies, income taxes for quiet companies, as well as new technologies.

France has an hour at the time of the social services program, the large-scale national and social programs, modernization, the planned regulation of the process of redistribution of income are large-scaled.

To the country, de naybilsh in the distance, the sovereignty of economic regulation and control of the social sphere with market freedom, which secured a sufficient level of efficiency of economic growth, came to an end and unleashed social shocks.

The policy is neo-conservative, aimed at loosening the regulatory role of the state, shortening the deficit of the sovereign budget for a small change of vitrats in the social sphere, and dividing the number of job opportunities to bring unhappiness to the broad population of the population. For these minds there is a problem of the renewal of social-democratic economic doctrines.

1989 p. in Stockholm, I’ve seen the congress, the 18th Congress of Socialist International, a kind of hardening of the low program documents, fragmented by the Swedish Social Democracy. Among them, the “Declaration of Principles” took on a special note, as I imagined the European vision of a socially-democratic, broad spectrum of food, the most advanced international news. Vidimoy rice rice booed up to the consolidation of social-democratic ruches and respect for the global issues of complicity, which can be further reduced by full effort. There is emphasis and more interpretation of the understanding of "democratic socialism": you should become aware of the international ruin for freedom, social justice and solidarity.

The solution to global problems calls for the establishment of a “new international economic order”, such as the calls for reconciliation and interest in the prosperous country of Kazakhstan, which are developing. For the whole, reform of international financial institutions is envisioned so that you can fully understand the international economic standard.

A fair international economic order is not outnumbered for the implementation of the principle of solidarity, and for the development of more productive and balanced economies, for giving the chance of a weakly excluded mainstream.

The concept of "democratic socialism" in the new program documents was unchanged, but it was clarified that they were either private (private) forms of power due to the urgent wisdom of internationally and exclusively In order to protect yourself only by the process of the sovereign handing over in the economy, because of the increased control over the economy, there are some reasonable access to the system of different access to the cities: suspension control over investment; zahist suspіlnih and social interests; the fate of the working people and the city will take the decision at the company and the company; the fate of the trade union at the Russian national economic policy; destruction of self-governing cooperative forms; the democratization of financial and financial institutions and economic systems, which made it possible for them to share their interests in all of Ukraine; the establishment of a system of international control and the remuneration of the activities of transnational corporations; nadannya of international law to trade union representatives of the control of transnational corporations.

Foreign economic models, which would have implemented the principle of social democracy, were not lost, Alena Golovna idea lied in time, but economically democracy couldn’t be separated by legal control from the side of the state, and you didn’t have to pay too much.

Suspension, encouraged by the ideas of economic and social social security, has the advantage of being more dynamic as a result of the new consumption and economy. The principle of demand is not to expand to the national, but to the national level.

During his hope stolіtnyu dіyalnіst sotsіal-demokratіya dosyagla suttєvih uspіhіv: skorochennya robochem day zrostannya zarobіtnoї pay that rіvnya Zhittya, difuzіya vlasnostі i stvorennya іnstitutu spіvvlasnostі on pіdpriєmstvah, dosvіd sovereign regulyuvannya Economy, sotsіalіzatsіya funktsіy powers, predstavnitska polіtichna demokratіya, Ekonomichna demokratіya in virobnitstvі that control over economic power. In general, expanding to international economy, having wins and development of international institutes, control the processes of international economies, in order to control the development of international economies.