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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

13.4.2. Nominal and real pay.

Viznazhennya rozmіru salary maє two ways: from the side of the hired staff and from the side of the robot.

The robot teacher will not only account for that part of the vitrate, which will be denoted by salary pay rates, and the first one will be paid for the rented price. Hiring staff with a payable salary, vajazha that salary, a kind of winding hands on hand in cash. In fig. 13.2 shows the structure of the payroll from the point of dawning and practical, characteristic of Nimechchini.

As can be seen from the figure, at the enterprises of N_mechchini, the robot will have less than 35% of the number of cases the robot is directly assigned to work in hired labor (div .: Human resources management in a social market economy / Ed. R. Mar. Schmidt. - M.: Publishing House of Moscow State University, 1997. - S. 254).


Valovi vitrati robodovodtsya na naymanih pracіvnikіv


Clean dokhd naimanikh prazіvnikіv pіslya vsіkh v_drakhuvan

Of the whole

Of the whole

Inshit Vitrati on staff

Vidrakhuvannya on the social insurance


Vitrati on the services of the social character of the requirements established by the legislation of minimum


Side tack

Vіdrakhuvannya on social insurance fear robot

Chistaya zarobіtna payment hired

Valova zarobіtna payment naimanikh pracіvnikіv

Fig. 13.2. Valovitrata robodovodtsya on the hired prazivnik_v and vidpov_dna the net pay of the hired praz_vnik is pure

Nominal salary - a total of pennies, I won a pracivnik for a year, day, time, month at the cash desk. Includes self-insurance on the social insurance and income tax. There’s a characterization of the payroll indefinitely paid for comrades and servants, one of which is the factor of good living and the livelihood of working people. On the basis of the nominal salary, the mother-in-law payed to pay for the products of grubbing, dress, make up, pay for communal servants and those comrades, which are necessary for the recognition of that very same SIM. Suttєvo to lower the nominal payroll fee and payment. Until then, comrade and servant did not є constantly, stink, as a rule, grow up. Do not give a real payment for the real salary about the real life of the worker. On the other hand, a real pay is real.

The real salary is real - all the goods and services are available, as a standard can be paid to your nominal salary, I’ve cleared the payment for the surcharge.

I see such factors, as I mean the payroll rate : 1) the payment of the nominal pay pay; 2) Riven price for comrade and servant; 3) rozmіr slochuvanih podkіv. The real wages and salaries paid are as follows:

Ірзп = Інзп / Іц,

de Ірзп - ін lies real pay; INZP - Yandex nominal pay; IC - Yandex price for comrade and service.

For the sake of showing the formula, which is nominal and real, the pay is required to vary in one and the same directly. So, the nominal salary can be increased, but the real salary is lowered, but you can get it unchanged. I am waging vipadki, as long as the nominal fee is paid at a slower pace, lower prices are lower. This time has a real pay for zrosta, which is more than the nominal pay.