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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

13.4.3. Minimum pay.

In the minds of the sovereign regulation of the distribution of national income and income to the population even in most countries, it is legislative to establish a minimum salary. Vaughn natsіlena at lower life in the country.

The minimum salary is due to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, pay for simple, unqualified praci, lower than that we cannot pay for Viconana praznivnik milisnyu, the weather rate is normal (robotic oath).

At the thought of farmers, it’s worth littering buti with a living wage, for yak unqualified robots could use their own homeland. In Ukraine, the United States has won over 40 to 50% of the average pay, and become 5.15 dollars. for a year.

13.4.4. Productivity Pricing and Payments

As a rule, all, hto pratsyu, zaetsіkavlenі at zrostanny zarabotny pay. The material basis of such a process is the growth пра productivity of people on a human-year. In all countries of the world with unbroken market economy, there is a unique opportunity to speak between the dynamics of productivity and the cost of payment.

U rinkovіy ekonomіtsі drank on praciu (or even on the be the last resource) to lay down the productivity. At large we have the productiveness of the praxis, and Tim has the greatest drink on it. There is a low cost of product , including limited productivity, a lower cost and more, more and more factors, and more technical knowledge.

I have the opportunity to lay down my knowledge of literacy, literacy, fortune, and qualification of robots. The country with poorly performing robots is not able to master the most advanced technologies, which can help you win computer and folding technology.

The productive efficiency is also reduced by the factor and the factor factors, which can be modified. The rooted regions have piled up significant reserves of high productive interests and the standard in industrial facilities, in the alarm complex, in transport, in public and in the old galleries of virobility. Bіdnі kraїini tsyogo not toil.

Great value for productivity and dynamics of productivity and progressive technology, the formation of power and management methods. The country may have significant resources and high-tech robots, a weak management, low visibility and technological discipline. Remain factors to lower the level of productivity in Ukraine.

Zreshtoyu, the reunification of the purity of work and power, the increase in capital and the progress of science and technology lead to a significant increase in productivity of pracis. On the basis of material payroll pay.

13.4.5. Vіdmіnnostі in zarobіtnіy payі.

Finally, the weekend is for those who pay attention to the payroll and official bureaucrats. It is conceivable that the structure of the pay is in the winter gallows.

Table 13.1

Zarobitna pay for the economy galleys, 1999 p. * 1

* 1: {Statistical Shchorichnik of Ukraine for 1999 p. - K .: Tekhnika, 2000. - S. 413-414, 417-418.}


Average wage, UAH

Sylsk statehood

Atomic power plants

Gazova promislovіst

Chorna metallurgy

Machine blowing

Easy promislovіst

Lisokіmіchna promislovіst














As a rule, in the economy of Ukraine, for payments for 1999, the average salary is paid higher (633 UAH) in atomic energy to low (43 UAH) at the maximum rate.

Shchob explain vidmіnnostі rivnyh pay and pay less between gadgets and individami, slіd atrocious respect for the influx of such factors: compensation іnmіnnostі, vіdmіnnostі іnnostі pranitsі, іnіlіtsy іnіtsіnlno.

Acts of significant values ​​in paid employees, which є in everyday life, take into account the benefits of working hours. Risna pratsya maє rіznu privacy, complexity, wisdom, that pay can be paid, so that you can compensate for the additional vitality for working robustness.

Vidnomnosti zarobіtnіy pay , whichever is for compensation indemnity vnodnosnuvnosti, but non-material vndminnosti self praci call compensation vidmіnnimi.

Pratsya at nuclear power plants is not safe for health, that is why atomic power plants pay 500 UAH a day, so that you can hire people for safe work. Through the co-operation of robots, they are entering the market of atomic energy є the most high-tech. For one reason, in real life, wartime work may be more important than productive practices. In this way, praciu, scho ливо especially accepting and psychologically sleepy, pay modestly to finish. Factors to reduce the ability to work, and there are fewer possible changes to the border product.

One of the main reasons for the irregularities in the payroll of the great people is the great things in life, due to their natural and physical health, blessing, and preparation. People are more likely to be able to increase their income. An important factor is human capital, term, which means a supply of cinnamon and valuable knowledge, higher half hour, and higher rate of work. A part of the higher paid labor costs of specialists (lawyers, lawyers, specialists, managers, managers) should be considered for investing in people’s capital.

One of the reasons for irregularities in the payoffs is that you pay the payoff because of the fact that the market is divided into non-competitive groups. Instead of one thing, one more factor of working, working strength is the ability to work together, and there are working skills of other professions: metallurgists, machine workers, lawyers, agronomists. Agronomists and right-wingers є non-competing groups, osklyki important and overly expensive to replace one with the need to compete, so as to compete unnecessarily in the secret plan. An engineer-machine engineer is not possible in one night as a deputy engineer-metallurgist. Oskilka people specialize in singing activities, then stink to melt a part of the sub-working robots: atomic power plants, state gratitude, fiscal goluzi, bargaining too thin. Through those stinks, I’m going to sacrifice them for a long time, and that way I’ll get to work hard and fall off. I’ll fall right into Ukrainian machine-building, I’m characterized by a deep crisis; This is explained by the low payment of rights, as in the middle of the galaxy є high qualification. Otzhe, as a rule, specialties from computer technology to repair earn 30 000 UAH. for іk, then thoroughly vivchati tsyu profession, and do not rob the profession of a worker.

Terminologichny vocabulary

Wariness of work - wariness of summons of life, sufficient for skinny, so that people can work and have a good life at the station of normal life.

The salary is the price, why do you pay for the right price and how much the product is working, so pay for the results.

Capital - advances in goods from virobnitzto goods, including virobnetsva, penniless resources, zasob for payment of hired goods, as well as in the process of their productive vzєєmodiодy save in advance that you pay.

Compensation vіdmіnnostі - vіdmіnnostі, clicks to compensate vіdnosnu non-immobility ao non-material vіdmіnnostі self і pracі.

Minimum salary - the law governing the rosimary salary pay for simple, unqualified praci, lower than that you can not pay for Viconana praznivnik milisnyu, weather standards (praxis robots).

Naimannya pracі - a written letter of agreement between the representative of the government and the representative and the special representative about the work of the sub-department, who are guilty of acquaintance with the wine industry.

Nominal salary - a sum of pennies, I won a prazivnik for a year, a day, a week, a month.

First of all , a capital process is an economical process, I will rebuild it, from one side, pick up the wire and put it into the capital, and from the bottom, there are the uncontrolled list of employees.

Reintroduction of pennies at capital - the launch of pennies at obig for profit, but for the acquisition of pennies of sums is primarily invested.

The real pay is real - the goods and the service, as the price can be paid to your nominal pay.

Control and power supply

1. Analyze the mimicry between the formulas of the market economy T — G — T and G — T — G ?.

2. Explain who is under the suspicion of the particularities of the first capital investment in Ukraine?

3. What, in your thought, socially-economical services of the first capital investment in Ukraine?

4. Name the main power of the product as the working force and the power of the power of the product.

5. Familiarize yourself with the hint below the minimum criterion of minimum pay:

a) the reliability of the work of a non-qualified robotic worker;

b) the productivity of the product is limited;

c) the productivity of a non-qualified robot is limited.

6. In what kind of historical minds do the first and foremost capital investments come?

7. Show who has the advantage of the category “capital” - “Naiman prac” and supreme diversity among them.

8. Analyze the evolution of the business capital - Naiman prac.

9. Why is there a sound problem between productive and payable pay?

10. Who is the reason for the minimum and real wage?