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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


14.1. Agrarian virobnitstvo - special is the sphere of investment capital

Features sylskogospodarskogo virobnitstva. Agrarian vidnosini.

14.1.1. Features sylskogospodarskogo virobnitstva.

Sylskoye gratitude is one of the most important galluses of material virology, in which the material benefits of the original and the creature ’sake are reserved for the protection of the population with gruel products, and industry with the syrovin.

The economical process of being in the state thanks to the nature of being intertwined with nature. The same type of laws and regulations regulate the economic development of industry and state gifts, not including special features in the open galleries of high school, especially in such a state, thanks to the state.

Strength is low for the state thanks to the character of the first viobnosti, which is based on the health of the old and the created organisms until the natural establishment, which is necessary to keep the climate and nature. Sounds of love and honor of the state of honor of the greatest gals of virobility - at a new economic process, please be sure to relate naturally. For the sake of granting state gifts in the middle of a galaxy, lay down like a forecaster, a technologically advanced mindset, so like natural minds.

Prior to the peculiarities of the Sylsky statehood, it is necessary to establish the supranational role of the earth as a factor of virobnitstva. In the last galleys (at industrial sites, for transport), the land does not preserve the uninterrupted share of the target product. There’s no room for more, for some reason those are better. At the city government, the land is in large and small, the upper ball is used to serve for the growth of the process of living, to have water and that for the living, there is a need for water. For the sake of dominance назruntu is called family. From now on, on one side, the earth is the subject of praci, and on the other hand, it is pracis, oskilki family, people are victorious for the necessary products. The land doesn’t mean and doesn’t hinder the land. Moreover, for correct victorious род ю род род ю ю ю п п......

Now and then, from the present day, the development of productive forces in the future and the prospects for the progress of science can be sustained, but if you have the greatest gift in the closest way, you will be able to fill up with a small galaxy, as I will be satisfied with the main population of the products.

Іншюю special specialties of the state gratitude є rozbіzhnіst a working period with an hour of virobnitstva. It’s very special to zoom in. Seasonal virology is not out of place in the state thanks, but in the middle of them, there are special needs for recycling products. The seasonal nature of virobility in my clerk zumulyuє specific organization of prazі in the middle of the galaxy (the highest number of busy hours during the spring-summer season, less than the winter period). For this reason, special features and sales of products and the cost of grocery items.

The state thanks for the wide range of cooperation, the form of organization of virology, as well as the increase in the type of virology, which is traditionally known, the nature of the industry is known.

14.1.2. Agrarian vidnosini.

The specifics of the Silkospodarsk virobnitsva bend in agricultural agrarians. The word "agrarian" of the Latin resemblance and translated into Ukrainian language means the word "land".

Vidnosini in the city’s state thanks to the warehouse of economic vidnosin to win among people for all the drive of the earth and that of the earth as the main factor of virobility, from one side, and I’m from the government.

Ale land-vidnosini - only one more agrarian vidnosin. Another obligation is the agro-industrial integration process, as long as the most productive forces are regularly linked to the horizontal and vertical bindings of the most state-owned enterprises, so that we have the greatest gratitude to them. Now we are in charge of giving and receiving gifts, such as virobility for any need for virobnosti, you will get to know more about their products, take care of them for realizing and selling them. The agroindustrial complex is steadily developing for the sake of hat, which permits the promotion of the effectiveness of the viral products, the stable maintenance of the population by the products of grubbing, and the industry - by the syrovin. Tom agrarian vіdnosini slіd razligateli yak agrarian-industrial words.

Proceeding in the system of agricultural vidnosin to vidnosini vnosnosti , as well as to recognize the nature of the improvement of economic vidnosin. At the economic and economic agrarian business, it’s not the land that is the land, but the widest one is the economy and the economy. Tobto agrarnі vіdnosini - tse sukupnіst ekonomіchnih vіdnosin, SSMSC vinikayut mіzh vlasnikom zasobіv virobnitstva (in addition chislі i in osobі powers) i suspіlstvom in tsіlomu, sіlskogospodarskimi chi Promyslova orendnimi collectives, Reigning pіdpriєmstvami, okremimi pratsіvnikami th іnshimi zemlekoristuvachami s drive virobnitstva, rozpodіlu, obmіnu This is a product developed in the gallows of an agro-industrial complex.