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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

18.3.3. Change your mind (cause) to the cycle.

In order to have a better look at the minds of the middle economic cycles. Among them, on the respect of merit:

1) the cycle of engaging in zooming in on the specifics of the sphere of business - distribution at the time of sale of goods, services and payments for them (more likely, the reason is formal, but not the real reason);

2) the main reason for the recession is that it’s super-sensitive by the slavish character of virobnost and the private form of personalization of their results (K. Marx, F. Engels and the last posters). Close to Marx, close to the point of view, there was an economic recession explaining to the undeveloped people of significant number of people, like Bulo Wiklika was short-lived (J. Hobson, G. Malthus);

3) the cycle of zumovlyuetsya іnvіdnoshennyam optimizm і pesimіzmu in the economic dіyalnostі people (V. Pareto, A. Pigu);

4) the cycle is the result of technical innovation, which will help us to invest, and the rest of them will have to pay a new day (J. Schumpeter);

5) the cycle of zooming is oversensitive and unstable investment in virobnitstvo (J. Keynes);

6) the reason for the cycle є unavailability is obvious by a penny capital and the need for propulsion (I. Fisher).

Independent of the approach to income, practically all of the concepts and concepts are considered, and the economic cycle is one of the root causes. Tse - so the title of the international theory .

I also explain theories, in order to explain the emergence of economic cycles due to various reasons, for example, to increase the number of sleepy activities, to bring them to neurosis in the city thanks to the greatest economic decline, and to increase their long-term growth. external.

The characteristic features of the middle cycle, the message of the Other World War II: in the first place, the speed of the trials, which are effectively related to the dynamism (change of periods) of the main capital in the mind; in another way, there is a need for a last-minute traversal of the traditional phases of the cycle, a phase of the phase of the day. Race cycles, as long as the phase is reappeared without the onset of a new crisis; in the third, the change of the ruinous nature of the crisis. Tsomu spriyu і dosvіd sovereign anticyclical regulation, piling up of lands with a broken ekonomikoy.

For short cycles in the middle cycle of the middle triviality (the main way of functioning of the main capital), the material basis is the process of working in the sphere of small business. The stinks are characterized by a special intensive and warm welcome and they can either overlap with the promises (middle) crises, or else they will behave for their complete absence.

18.3.4. Dovgy cycles (havil).

Dovgostrokovі cycle rivivaniya in ekonomіtsi vcheni-ekonomіsti viyavili shche in the other half of the XIX century. One of the first дос б л дос л ник ник ник ник ник б ув ув English economist U.S. Dzhevons. Surround the aspects of the cycle, but do the same thing, even to the extent that it is necessary to consider.

A special role is played by the Russian scientist M.D. Kondratyev in the theory of theory. Vin sh at the 20-rr. XX century Publishing low analytic pracs, in some practical ways you can get a bag-factor analysis of economical development of England, France and the USA for a period of 100-150 rock. Theory of the Conquest of Kondratyev’s Mala isn’t enough to add to the furthest development of the science of science.

For the sake of theory, in the first place, scientific and technical progress develops apace with cycles of 50-60 rock. In a different way, the material basis is the economic improvement in the structure of the technical and technological improvement of the capital goods and the professional and quantitative public relations. In the third place, in the structure of pre-gostrokovyh cycles M. Kondratyev, I’ve got two steps, but two phases of development — the base and the bottom.

The highest phase of the cycle is the period of the first hour of the scientific and technical and economic development of suspension, a kind of three to twenty rock. In Denmark, a period of non-inclusive cycle economy and crisis, as if you are tearing up, speak on the level of the trivial, pagan day of the weekly market.

The lower (lower) phase of the cycle — the period of the basic technical and technological ambushes of the virological system, is a certain amount of 20–25 rock. For a new character, conversion processes of an economic structure that are adequate to a technological update. Thus, the theory of cycles is to emphasize the explanation of who, in economics, buys trivial periods of high economic activity. The tendency toward economical growth is obscured by the possibility of counter-tendency in the foreseeable recession in the mid-cycle intervals, in addition to that in the middle in the middle. Vіdpovіdno, and the tendency to lower on the lower stage of the cycle is not closed on average during the middle cycle.

Further development of the economy of the economy showing that the theory of success is quite predictable ; the development of suspension of education. For the righteous minds of good fortune, you can’t help but to have a real taste for the traditional industrial cycles. Mostly the crisis of vibuh during the period of the lower concessions of the great cycle, that is the reason for the greater and more protracted character, so the very same of the great praise of the great cycle can be positively extended to the greater dynamism.

It’s economical science and not without success shuka huts and methods of neutralizing negative negative influences in the cycle of social and economic development of suspension.