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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

18.3. Economic cycles: daily, see. ECONOMIC CRISIS

Sutnost economic cycle. The economic cycle of this phase. Change your mind (cause) to the cycle. Dovgy cycles (havil). Etapi nature of economic cycles.

18.3.1. Sutnost economic cycle.

Functionality of the market economy, as if it were an economical system, not constant and uninterrupted. Saving for hours at a glance with the processes of stagnation and recession of obyavіv virobnitstva, tbto lower to lower economic (business) activity. So periodichny colibri to talk about the cyclical nature of ekonomichnogo development.

Cyclicity - the form of development of the national economy and the holy statehood is one form. In all, it seems, the rule of law is one of the macroeconomic rivals in the scale of the economy as a whole.

Behind the serpent cycle to finish the bagatostructure. From the point of view of triviality, we can decile the type of economic cycles: short (2-3 rocky), medium (about 10 rocky) and low (40-60 rocky).

Oskilki is characterized by rice cyclicity - the economy is not by stake, but by spiral, then it’s in the form of progressive розї development. For ordinary minds, cycling can be considered as one way and in self-regulation of the market economy.

18.3.2. The economic cycle of this phase.

In theory, the cycle is interpreted as a period of development of economy and the cob of one crisis before offensive. Particularly relief in the structure of function and development of economy is manifested in the middle cycles, which are also called industrial. The economic cycle (in the classic interpretation) includes the following phases: crisis, depression, reprisal and last day, so that you can remain reminiscent of the new crisis. Demonstrate economic cycles, you can beat for a number of signs of indicators of economic activity, the main ones are: є revening of virological needs; succumbing oaths of virobnitstva; Zagalny Rіven Tsіn; occupy the population (unemployment) and income; profits and currencies of shares of the most profitable corporations; dinamika pititu at the comrade trivial coristuvannya; Investment and contracting in a new way is lean.

The smazy phase is the smallest phase of crises, and the cause is repair and I will complete the cycle. The main signs of the super-hypersurface cyclic process of creation are advanced.

Crisis - in general, in the process of disruption, the process is imperfect in the process of development, but it’s quick to grow. To lower the price for companion and winnings surplus of exposing them. It’s difficult to bring up the virology and the unemployment without speed. Reduced platform costs and population. Usі іkonomіchnі indicators are lost. The payment shall be paid in advance, investment, investment, price. Through the “dead” capital for the non-realized goods sold by the company, the marriage of pennies for overdue payments is due to the fact that the loan fee is payable at the highest rate - interest rate. Courses of valuable folders are falling, the insolation of bankruptcy and mass closing. The crisis will end with the cob of depression.

Depression is the phase of the cycle, which seems to occur in the stagnation of virobnosis. At this stage, it’s easier to do it, not to be violated, prote, and not to change. Actually, commodity stocks are available, like winnings for an hour of crisis through the opening of a consumer-friendly meal. Riven of unemployment is too high, ale stable. For the minds of a fast-moving virobnitz, the rate of the interest on interest falls to its minimum value. Protee progressively grows more comfortable and ready to think for the offensive addition of viral and commercial commerce.

Compensation - the whole phase of reproach, a little need to be taken out with an insignificant increase in the oath of virobnost (for repayment of indemnity) and a commemorative speed of unemployment. First of all, we’ll get to know more about the benefits, increase investment in a new, productive technology, I’ll get it right now, and I need more money for it, but I’m better off. I am setting up new businesses, growing prices and interest rates. Acting oath virobnitsva dostaє anterior forward rivnivnogo rivnya, and the economy of the entry at the phase of the day.

Pіdnesennya (zrostannya) - this is the phase of the cycle, if I take the oath of virobnost, I take the oath of the anterior cycle and zrosta at a high rate. I’ll be in new business, take interest, take advantage of capital benefits, earn income, increase interest rates, increase interest rates, and get more activity. In this way, a justified economic boom is required, a shvidka is an economical boom, a yak, a prote, has already laid the foundation for an offensive new crisis.

First-hand (postal) new periodic crises оч fast-paced eating habits, and now I’m all turning to my own circles: there’s a decrease in virobnitsva, lowered workloads, a decrease in incomes, fastened vitrates.

The ч ґ н ту ту ч ч ч ири ири ири ири ири ири струк струк тури тури тури тури цик цик цик цик цик ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири ири . Graphically presented in Fig. 18.2, de OA - the line of development of virology for the significant period is ignored; Q - oath of virobnitstva; t is the hour; Sun - laman of the line of phases of the cycle.

Organizational value of the cycle manifests itself in the fact that in the first phase of the skin, form the mind for the transition to the current. When this is the case, such a transition is mainly based on the ambushes of the market regulators. Otzhe, as a rule, is automatic. Slіd zaznachiti scho crisis vіdrіznyaєtsya od torn down rіvnovagi mіzh popitom i proponuvannya on whether yaky product chi in okremіy the Branch tim, scho Won vinikaє in klasichnomu rozumіnnі yak zagalne nadvirobnitstvo, yak suprovodzhuєtsya strіmkim padіnnyam tsіn, bankrutstvom bankіv i Masov zupinkoyu that rozorennyam of companies, zrostannyam unemployment is skinny. I see two types of crisis: crisis of supranational and crisis of unsubstantiated. So, the remaining boules are characteristic of the 90s pp. for all of the Krai SND, including the number for Ukraine, a shortened oath of virobnost for the whole year became 3/5 ponad.

Phases of an Economic Cycle

Fig. 18.2. Phases of an Economic Cycle

The middle cycles are different for the clay of the economy and for the term, a stretch of which you can turn into an overcrisis camp.